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OhNut Penetration Buffers: Sex Toy Review

Published: DECEMBER 28, 2020
When the boat's too big but you still want the motion in the ocean. OhNut Penetration Buffers are great for getting (and giving) the shaft without the pain of a too-large tool.

The Product: OhNut Penetration Buffer

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Turns out, our penises (whether factory-installed or aftermarket) don't always mesh up perfectly with the size of your receptive partner's hole (whether vaginal, anal, or oral). In a perfect world, everybody's hole would be the exact same size as their partner's penis. In the real world, that just isn't realistic.

And if the penis is much larger than what the receptive partner's "hole" is comfortable with? That's at least uncomfortable - and realistically, it's usually painful and enough to avoid the sex act entirely.

Sure, you could ask your partner to penetrate gently - or not to go all of the way in - but that's an extra step your partner needs to keep in the back of their mind. And especially in the case of pegging where the giver has zero sensation in the "penis" they're using, it can be really hard to keep to the depth level that's pleasurable for the receiver - leading to lots of "Oops. Too far" moments when your partner grimaces.


OhNut Penetration Buffers: Sex Toy Review

Well, those days are over. I can not, can not, can not believe it took the sex industry so long, but the solution is here with the OhNut Penetration Buffer. These penis limiters are soft, squishy rings that slide around the base of the penis - providing the "buffer" that prevents that area of the penis from being inserted. With four interlocking rings that can be added (or subtracted) as needed, the OhNuts can specifically fit YOUR needs.

This is win-win for everyone involved. The penis-owner can enjoy penetration without worrying about depth - and focusing on connecting with their partner. The OhNuts don't have any effect on sensation (and do not provide cock-ring-like restriction either), so sex feels just as amazing for the giver. Only now, the receiver doesn't receive any too-deep thrusts, so sex feels more reliably pleasurable for them too.

Everybody wins!


How'd You Use It?

Let me get this out of the way before I gush onto every sentence I write: The OhNuts Buffers are absolutely amazing. Everything about them is absolutely amazing. They solve a need we had (with zero solution until OhNuts), and they make sex more pleasurable, worry-free, and orgasmic for both of us. I can't overstate how amazing they are.

Our biggest need was for pegging purposes. My partner enjoys thick toys - but thick toys tend to come with longer lengths - and I genuinely enjoy strapping on longer toys in general. So we regularly had to downgrade the length - or the thickness - in order to find a fit that was comfortable for him - but maybe not as pleasurable and might not have been what I wanted to strap on at all. It was always something we were compromising on.

The OhNuts really changed that. Instead of compromising on a different length or width, I could strap on the thick, very long dildos that I wanted to use, and we could slide OhNuts onto the dildo at the length that was comfortable for him to have inserted.

OhNut Penetration Buffers: Sex Toy Review

Mid-sex, the OhNuts would keep me from sliding past that point - even though I couldn't see or feel the dildo at all. It has drastically opened up our options for strap-on dildos, and when I want to play with longer toys, he doesn't grimace or feel bad telling me it's not a good fit for him. He just says "Let's get the OhNuts."

It really, really, really is a sexual game-changer.

With that in mind, I'm happy to report that mid-shaft use of the OhNuts works great - especially with thicker lengths. When it comes to a lot of fantasy dildos (or just big dildos in general, like the Tantus Amsterdam), taking 3" off the base isn't going to do a whole lot. With that in mind, we were able to use the OhNut penetration buffer rings at mid-shaft, and they stayed in place fantastically - and worked great too!


Even when I couldn't see the dildo, the sudden diameter change kept that lower portion of the dildo from sliding into the butt. He gets the width he loves, I get the length I love - and no one gets any pain. It's straight-up amazing!

While we don't need them for penis-in-vagina sex, we gave them a try anyway. He notes that they didn't really make much of a sensation difference for him - which we were surprised by. They feel a bit snug - but more like a cozy blanket burrito than any cock ring restriction.

He was most surprised by the fact that, despite the fact that the OhNuts were preventing him from getting all the way inside, he didn't notice too much of a difference during penetration, and when he felt like it had been a full thrust inside, it still felt like a full thrust for him, sensation-wise. I could definitely tell the difference, but he said the difference on his end was minimal - which is amazing if you're using the OhNuts for Penis-in-Vagina sex.

OhNut Penetration Buffers: Sex Toy Review


Pro tip: it's especially hard-to-notice if you've warmed up the penis limiters beforehand like in warm water or just using your own body heat.

The thicker the toy, the more stretched-out the OhNuts get and the less "thick" they get in how far they protrude from the shaft. This isn't a huge deal (at all) when using biological-penis-sized items (like the Wet for Her Fusion), but if you start to use the OhNuts for really large toys and fantasy dildos, it's something you'll want to pay attention to. That being said, even "stretched out", the OhNuts provide a noticeable "stopping point" on the dildo that makes it awkward to attempt to continue to push past that - which functions as a penetration buffer.

How Else Could It Be Used?

The OhNuts are super-freakin'-versatile. Honestly, I've been surprised by some of the uses I've found for them over the last couple of months.

When I wanted to add a cock ring to a dildo, the OhNuts were there. The aforementioned dildo was too slender for the cock ring to stretch out and grip the dildo properly, but two OhNuts on either side of the cock ring held it in place for easy usage.

The same can be said for when I wanted to add some swinging balls to one of my dildos. The dildo was too slender for the balls' loop, so they slipped right off - until I added OhNuts to either side of the swinging balls. Win-win.

The OhNuts Penetration Buffers have fantastic fetish possibilities, too, like if you want to limit how far a penis-owning partner is allowed to penetrate a toy (or you!) They offer a great visual and physical stopping point for whatever activity you're looking to enjoy.

OhNut Penetration Buffers: Sex Toy Review


Do you have a favorite dildo that you don't generally let your partner use on you because they accidentally push it too deeply? The OhNuts can be used on sex toys for hand-use too. Strap a few OhNuts onto that toy, and your partner can use the dildo on you with abandon - and you can get the pleasure you want without worrying about a too-deep poke!

While the OhNuts are pretty straight-forward, they're surprisingly functional, and I'm genuinely glad they're a part of my toybox.

Product Details

The OhNuts are super-duper stretchy. You could probably wrap them around your head if you wanted. (It'd be tight, but it'd be doable.) They're very, very stretchy - which makes them super easy to put on as well. The polymer blend offers a lot more stretch than a silicone ring would.

The polymer blend also offers a bit of "drag" on the skin if you drag it along the skin while putting it on, so I recommend two-handed application to keep the rings nice and huge until you get them into place - then gently lowering the tension to get them into the perfect spot on the penis. Alternatively, add some light lube to the OhNuts to reduce drag and hair tugging as well.

The OhNuts are compatible with condoms of any material - so they can be your safe-sex friend!

OhNuts Penetration Buffers stretch to a width of 8" - and all four rings stacked together will give you a buffer of 2.75".

How It Works

The OhNuts work so simply that you'll be astounded that it's taken the sex industry so long to come up with them! When wrapped around the penis, the OhNut literally forms a "barrier". This barrier prevents penetration beyond where the ring is placed.


Essentially, it shortens the length of the penis to wherever the OhNuts are placed on the penis - which shortens the length of the shaft that the receptive partner will receive.

The OhNuts come with four different rings. You can use all four rings - or you can just use one ring (or two, or three). This allows you to customize how much "buffer" you're using. Technically, if you're particularly lengthy or looking to reduce a lot of penetration, you could easily chain two or three OhNuts sets together to achieve the penetration buffer that you're looking for.

To make it easiest to use, I recommend interlocking the OhNuts together before you slide them onto the penis. Interlocking them while on the penis is a bit more difficult. If using a condom, put the condom on before you slide the OhNuts on.

OhNut Penetration Buffers: Sex Toy Review

The OhNuts do not require lube to slide them on, but if you have a lot of pubic hair and plan on putting the OhNuts near the base, I recommend a little bit of lube on the ring closest to your body to reduce the tugging on pubic hair.

Since the OhNuts DO NOT provide any restriction for the wearing partner, wearing the OhNuts doesn't change the sensation of penetration for the wearer at all. (As tested on my biological-penis-owning partner.)

When I've used them for pegging, it actually helps me drastically. I'm not worried about going "too deep", so I can effectively push in as far as feels natural, and the OhNuts keep me from going physically deeper than my partner wants me to go. I can let go and "drill" my partner - and we never have to worry that I'm going to hurt them.

If your partner is particularly thick, it may offer a bit of restriction, but it won't be much. OhNut also notes that you can gently "stretch" the rings temporarily by storing the rings wrapped around a bottle that's about 3" in diameter for a couple of hours. So if you find that the rings are a bit snug for you, store them wrapped around an old, sturdy bottle when you're not using them.

The OhNuts are also perfect for those who have had gender affirmation surgery and find deep penetration to be painful. This allows connection with your partner while making it impossible that your partner may be able to penetrate too deeply by accident.

Materials and Care

The OhNut penetration buffer is made with FDA-approved body-safe, skin-safe polymer. It's silicone-free and latex-free. The original OhNuts were made with silicone, but after receiving some feedback, OhNut chose to switch to a polymer blend.

Silicone-based lubricants are recommended by the pelvic health/medical community for people who are having discomfort during penetration. Since silicone material can break down from use with silicone-based lubricants, OhNut chose to switch to their polymer blend to ensure the product was compatible with any lube you chose to pull out.

OhNut Penetration Buffers: Sex Toy Review

Due to the polymer blend, instead of the silicone material, the manufacturers of OhNut recommend that these penis limiter rings be considered fluid-bonded. Don't share them with anyone you wouldn't exchange fluids with without protection.

OhNuts are safe for use with condoms - and water-based and silicone-based lubricant. Oil-based lubes (including coconut oil) can degrade the material, so those aren't recommended.

When you're done using your OhNuts, they can be handwashed with warm water and mild soap. The manufacturer recommends unlinking the rings to ensure each one gets as clean as possible. When all of the OhNuts are dry, they should be stored linked together in the drawstring bag that comes with them.

As a note, the OhNut Penetration Buffers also come with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer. With proper care, cleaning, and storage, the OhNuts should last about 2 years of constant use. If your OhNuts become dysfunctional within the first twelve months, though, you can contact the manufacturer.

The Packaging

The OhNuts come in a sturdy cardboard box. This cardboard box is strong enough to easily become long-term storage for the penis limiters - but it isn't a discreet box either. It looks more medicinal than "sex toy", though. I personally keep mine within the original packaging because I find it easier to locate the rings in this box rather than the generic drawstring pouch that gets lost in the sea of drawstring pouches I have.

Inside the box, you'll find the four OhNuts, a drawstring storage pouch, and a brief insert that explains how to use the OhNuts.

OhNut Penetration Buffers: Sex Toy Review

The Verdict: 5/5

I can't say enough good things about the OhNuts. Sometimes my reviews for Kinkly seem hit or miss, but the OhNuts go up there in "PLEASE ADD THEM TO YOUR CART THIS INSTANT" like other toys I've reviewed like the We-Vibe Nova 2, Nexus REVO Extreme, Tenga Spinner, and Crystal Delights My Lil Pony Tail.

The OhNuts are a literal game-changer. They're safe for use on dildos - along with human penises - so the use for them doesn't end if you and your partner are a perfect penetration fit with your bio parts. They can drastically change how deep something penetrates - and that's their entire purpose. Anal sex, vaginal sex, pegging: all of it can be made better by the OhNuts.

Before I had the OhNuts, there was a part of my pegging life that sucked for both of us - and I assumed that's the way it had to be. Dildo choice had to be compromised, and sex had to be measured to avoid hurting him. With the OhNuts, that isn't the case anymore. We can both use the toys we want, and I don't have to give a single thought to hurting him during sex. It is, absolutely, a gamechanger.

I don't have any complaints. I literally can't come up with a single downside to the OhNuts. They're simple, they're affordable, they do what they claim to do, and most of all - they make sex pleasurable for everyone while allowing both of you to focus on the connection instead of counting inches of depth.

Other Options

Normally I can offer some awesome, other options that might appeal to you if penis limiters were of interest.

But in this case, there really isn't a single thing. The OhNuts Penetration Buffers are stand-out products in their own right because they solve a need that has been entirely ignored by the sex industry for a long, long time.

I'm not aware of any other penetration buffers out there - especially not body-safe ones that are as modular as the OhNuts are. On this one, if you want a penis limiter, you're going to have to go with the OhNuts. (And you'll be happy you did!)

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