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OhMiBod Lumen: New Toy to Know

Published: MAY 3, 2021
The OhMiBod Lumen uses apps to control the vibrations and light display. The future is here...and up your butt.

Does your current buttplug offer an LED lightshow and long-distance control? No? Well, maybe it's time for an upgrade...


to the OhMiBod Lumen!

This interactive silicone butt plug is all about the special features! In fact, its special features are what make it such a fantastic butt plug!

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What are those special features? Well...


There's the ridged design: The Velvet Wave comfort technology offers a cushioned, ribbed silicone that's designed for both pleasure and comfort. That body-safe silicone makes everything feel even more luxurious - and you don't have to worry about irritating your body either!

There's the LED "lightshow": See that "gem" at the base of the OhMiBod Lumen? It's not a gem; it's actually a diamond-like LED light! This LED light lets any viewers (like your partner!) get in on the butt plug action. Instead of your partner "guessing" what sensations you're feeling, this LED light provides visual feedback - and lets them better understand the pleasurable intensities that are going on inside of you right now. (If you're into lightshows like this, we can't imagine how cool it would be to see this plug partnered with the Neon Wand sex toy!)

OhMiBod Lumen

There's the vibrations: Of course, this butt plug wouldn't be nearly as pleasurable if it didn't vibrate! Luckily for us, OhMiBod packed some good vibrations into this slim plug. While the vibrations were designed to primarily be used with the available apps, there's also a button at the base of the body safe sex toy that offers manual control - where you can enjoy the four pulsation modes at the (literal!) touch of a button.

There's the novice-friendly design: At a diameter of 1.3" and a length of 4", the OhMiBod Lumen is an approachable option sizewise. We wouldn't necessarily recommend it as most people's absolute-first butt plug, but it's very achievable if you've had even a bit of anal experience in the past.


Apps Really Make the Difference

The OhMiBod Lumen is pretty darn pleasurable all on its own, but where the Lumen really shines is through its Bluetooth-enabled design. This allows the Lumen to connect with not one - but TWO - different cell phone apps to really open up a whole world of online connectivity, pleasure, and ways to use the Lumen.

OhMiBod Lumen

The OhMiBod Remote App is your best option for controlling the Lumen with your cell phone. Especially designed to function as a wireless control for the Lumen, you can enjoy the pairing locally (in the same room!) or across the world (with your lover controlling the Lumen!) The OhMiBod Remote App even allows you to pop the Lumen into ClubVibe Mode - which lets the Lumen synchronize to any ambient noise.

That Ambient Mode means Lumen can vibrate to any surrounding noise including the:


  • Sound of your lover's voice as they describe one of your fantasies for you
  • Pulsating bass of your favorite club hotspot
  • Better yet - the custom, at-home playlist of your favorite music in your living room!
  • Words of your favorite erotic story - read by you or a partner - you can even set it to play from an audio recording in long-distance relationships!

That's all amazing already, right? But there's actually an entire SECOND app that the Lumen is compatible with too!

Like a few other OhMiBod toys (including the Esca 2), the OhMiBod Lumen is also powered by KIIROO's interactive sex toy system - including the FeelConnect app. This means that the Lumen's vibrations can synchronize with interactive videos and VR videos. Not only that, but it means that it's compatible with other KIIROO devices. If your partner has a KIIROO device (like the KIIROO Onyx+, KIIROO Pearl 2 or KIIROO Titan), you can set the Lumen to synchronize with their device - for a whole new way to experience intimacy when the two of you may not be physically close. (Remember the KIIROO KEON review from last month? The OhMiBod Lumen can connect with it too!)

The OhMiBod Lumen is a great plug all on its own, but whew! Those apps add some serious functionality! It's amazing where the world of teledildonics is going!

OhMiBod Lumen

Other Things You Should Know

  • Body-Safe Silicone
  • Waterproof
  • Compatible with FeelConnect (KIIROO) App and OhmiBod App
  • USB Rechargeable
  • 1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Length: 4" (101mm)
  • Insertable Diameter: 1.3" (33)


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