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nu Sensuelle Trinitii: Sex Toy Review

Published: JUNE 7, 2021 | Updated: JUNE 7, 2021
The nu Sensuelle Trinitii offers threefold delights with vibration, suction and a teen tiny mechanical tongue to lick all your cares away.

The Product: nu Sensuelle Trinitii

The Verdict: Kinkly logoKinkly logoKinkly logo (out of five)

As a lot of vulva-owners rate oral sex near the top of their "loves" list, it's literally no surprise that oral sex toys have really popped up - and become a constant staple in the sex toy industry. Designed to replicate the sensations of a tongue licking the clitoris (at least for vulva owners; penis owners have their own oral sex toys!), oral sex toys try to bring the sensations of partnered pleasure to a toy that can be used solo (or with a partner, too! Your choice!).

The nu Sensuelle Trinitii is one of those oral sex toys. At first glance, this pretty silicone sex toy might look like any standard air suction vibrator, but if you take a closer look, you'll see the mini "tongue" situated inside of the air suction tip hole. You might also see the three push buttons on the handle which hint at "something more" - and "something more" is exactly what the nu Sensuelle Trinitii offers.

In fact, the trinity in the name refers to three different sensations: air suction, tongue-flicking, AND vibration. While the tongue wagging design is there to replicate oral sex (and is definitely the star of this show!), the air suction sensations and vibrations are there to enhance the sensations even further - and add more versatility to this sex toy.

As most of the old-school oral sex toys in this genre are focused purely on the tactile sensation of a "tongue", the nu Sensuelle Trinitii attempts to go above-and-beyond the standard oral sex toy by offering a body safe vibrator that's equipped with three separate types of sensation - which adds more pleasure AND offers more uses within the bedroom. (Who doesn't like more value out of their toy?!)

So let's head into this nu Sensuelle Trinitii review and find out whether this clitoral vibrator lives up to its unique name!



How'd You Use It?

The idea of a "tongue on demand" sounded so amazing that I might have overlooked some things I might have thought about ahead of time if I'd had my sense about me. For one, despite the Trinitii having a tongue, in this case, it's all about the size- and in this case, bigger might be better - at least for me.

That's the thing about the human tongue - the vast majority of it is slick, soft, plushy, and wide. Not only that, but it's attached to a powerful muscle which can apply pressure - but unless your partner is specifically licking the clit with the very tip of the tongue (imagine trying to scoop ice cream off a cone with as little of your tongue touching the ice cream as possible), there's a lot more contact with the clitoris from the full tongue than this tongue that's 1/5th the size can provide.

Now, if you're someone who really, really loves that "tip of the tongue" sensation, you're going to fall in love with the Trinitii. I, however, was definitely a bit surprised (and disappointed) to find that it didn't feel much like oral sex, really - more like a finger pushing my clit back and forth instead of firm strokes of a tongue during oral sex.

That being said, the Trinitii tongue did not seem to jam up. With any type of toy that offers a back-and-forth motion, jamming is very much a possibility - but not a reality with the Trinitii. No matter what I put it against, it seems to keep going.

The suction functionality is something else too. Don't go into this expecting an air suction toy if you're familiar with air suction toys. The Trinitii is all-together something else (which, hey - is pretty cool). When the Trinitii says "suction" - it means SUCTION. As in, with this toy in place and the suction on, I can (and literally did) walk to the sink and back in a weird, squatted-waddle - and it will stay in place, hands-free.

That's just not something that the typical air suction toy does. While most air suction toys feels amazing through its suction capabilities, it doesn't literally latch onto the skin like the Trinitii does. And once the Trinitii latches on, you actually have to "break the seal" to pull it off too - like, full-on, suction-cup mode.

That being said, possibly due to the fact that there's a full-on suction that adheres itself to my body, I don't find much sensation from the suction functionality of the Trinitii. I can't tell you if that's my anatomy (having a "large" clitoris that seems to fill the mouth of the toy) or just the design of the suction (where it sucks on and doesn't let go unless you tug at it).


My guesstimation would be that so much skin/flesh has filled the tip of the Trinitii that there's not a lot of leftover air to pull through the Trinitii - which means there isn't any air to trigger the usual "sensations" of an air suction vibe. It's just so powerfully suctioned on that it's - quite literally - suctioned onto my body unlike any other air suction vibe I've ever played with.

The Trinitii doesn't seem to so much as "surround and gently tug" the clitoris like most air suction vibes; it feels like it more "surrounds, keeps tugging, and then eventually pulled so much skin that it feels up the tip chamber and makes it impossible for it to keep tugging".

That sounds like it should be painful, but it really isn't. It just feels really, really suction-y - but not in the usual air suction vibrator way. It leads to a relatively mild sensation that doesn't feel anything like other air suction toys - and air suction vibrators are my absolute go-to favorites, so I own a buttload of them to compare this to.

If you don't like the Trinitii, don't be shy about getting another air suction vibrator (like the Satisfyer Pro 2 or the Womanizer Premium) because they feel entirely different. (It goes the other way too. If you love the Trinitii's suction, don't expect most air suction vibrators to feel like that.)

The Trinitii also seems to have some issues if I fill "too much" of its tip with my body in a way that I haven't experienced with air suction vibes before. As far as I can tell, if there's no "room" left in the "tip" of the Trinitii, it turns off all of its functions.

When I'm trying to enjoy myself - and push the vibrator closer to my body - this tends to happen - which then shuts off the Trinitii's sensations. I had to be careful to keep the Trinitii slightly pulled away from my body - and not do my usual air suction vibrator habits which include pushing it into my body as I get closer to orgasm.

Finally, we have the vibrations. The vibrations are NOT really all that noticeable in the tip of the vibrator where the tongue and suction are located. I actually can't feel them much at all through the tip; this might be because of the super-soft, flexible silicone that the tip is made of.

However, if you flip the vibrator around and use the "handle" as the contact point for the vibrations, you actually get a pretty fantastic vibrator. Normally when an air suction vibrator packages vibrations with the air suction sensations, the vibrations tend to get the shaft. That isn't the case with the Trinitii. The vibrations, while not uber-powerful, are noticeably strong, and they're enough for orgasm for most - especially if the suction and tongue-flicking end has already added a lot of sensation for you.

While this still makes the Trinitii a 3-in-1 sex toy, I wouldn't necessarily expect to be able to enjoy and feel the vibrations while using the other two sensations (air suction and tongue-flicking); I'd consider it more of a separate functionality on the same toy.
nu Sensuelle Trinitii review
Only caveat there: if you go back and forth between the handle vibration and the suction tip, make sure you keep the small channel marked "clear" on the backside, well, clear. This channel is the air intake valve, and in order to make the suction work, the Trinitii needs this to be open and clear. This also means you can't use the Trinitii while wearing tight clothing - or anything else that will press up against it.

So can I orgasm with the Trinitii? Yes, but only through vibrations. The suction, while neat (I've never had a suction toy literally "stick" to me over and over), doesn't really provide much sensation. The tongue flicking could possibly be really pleasurable - but I don't think it is for MY body.


After trying (and failing) to orgasm from the air suction and tongue-flicking tip for about a half an hour, I usually end up having to flip the toy around and use the vibrating handle - which gets the job done. I keep thinking it's just something I need to learn to use, but after 5 attempts to get the tongue-flicking and suction to work for my body, I just think it isn't built for how I tend to experience pleasure.

Which is a shame because the idea of enjoying air suction sensations AND even more pleasure from a moving stimulator at the same time sounds like a sex toy dream come true.

With the Trinitii's current design, though, I consider the Trinitii more of a tease and foreplay toy - with the tip of the tongue providing some unique sensations when used with a feather-light hand. I have yet to be able to figure out how to get the air suction design to work for my body.

How Else Could It Be Used?

The "suction tip" design really lends itself well to nipple use as well. I actually enjoyed it a lot more for nipple use than clitoral use. Since I had a lot more visual feedback on the nipple (versus the clit), I was able to keep the Trinitii at an appropriately-far-away distance to get all of the sensations of the tongue flicking and air suction without overwhelming the toy.

As a fun bonus, with the air suction's actual suction-pump functionality, if you adhere it to the nipples, you can get some serious engorgement just like a nipple pump. The difference between my Trinitii nipple and non-Trinitii nipple was pretty drastic in size and skin coloration.

We've tried the tongue-flicking functionality on my partner's penis, and he actually liked it - especially on the frenulum. It's a really feather-light sensation that reminds me a lot of the Nexus Eclipse toy's frenulum stimulator. He says it isn't anywhere near orgasmic for him, but it was a fun experiment and a neat way to get more couple's use out of this sex toy - especially for experimenting purposes for my nu Sensuelle Trinitii review. (I did a full Nexus Eclipse review if you're curious.)

If you have the flexibility and inclination, with the toy's dual-ended design, you could end up using the air suction and tongue-flicking tip on one person's body - while you could snuggle up with your partner and let them enjoy the vibrating handle somewhere on their body.


Product Details

The nu Sensuelle Trinitii is fully crafted in silicone - the parts that touch your body and the handle. The "handle" of this oral sex toy doesn't have any texture that makes it easier to grip, so I'd definitely avoid using this toy with any sort of slickness unless you have a towel or hand cloth to wipe your hands and it - or else it slides.

As long as there isn't excess lubrication, though, the Trinitii is pretty easy to hold with a broad handle that fits nicely into the hand - and buttons that are perfectly placed for easy thumb operation - but the broad surface area of the handle also prevents accidental presses too.

The vibrations seem to really originate in the handle, so if you're someone who feels uncomfortable with buzzing in the fingers, I'd definitely recommend keeping the vibrations off until you're holding the air suction tip; that puts you far away enough from the vibrations to feel less of it through your fingers.

nu Sensuelle Trinitii review


Let's go through the power levels and noise for each one of the three functions:

Air Suction

The air suction is the quietest mode of the three. With the air suction functionality gripped onto something (like your body parts), it's relatively quiet, and you can easily use the air suction functionality in a home with a closed door between you and others - as long as there's background noise going on.

The air suction functionality offers 7 suction modes. Only one of those suction modes is a steady suction mode; the rest are patterns. The Trinitii only has the single suction intensity.


The vibrations on this oral sex toy sound like vibrations - however, they're decently loud and high-pitched buzzy. The buzzing pitch gets higher with each speed intensity increase. With music on, multiple layers of blankets, and a closed door with decent space between you and other people, I think you could get away with using the vibration with other people in the home. It's loud enough that you might feel uncomfortable with the idea of doing that, though.

The nu Sensuelle Trinitii offers 15 vibration modes. It has 7 steady vibration modes - and 8 patterned modes. The 7 steady vibration modes come first in the line-up, so if you want to reach the patterned modes, you need to click through the 7 steady vibration modes. I rarely, rarely use patterned modes, so this is very functional for me, and I prefer it over the "only-1-steady-speed" of the suction functionality.


Since the Trinitii uses mechanics to push the tongue back-and-forth, powerfully, it makes sense that the tongue flicking action is the loudest of the three. It's a not-quiet whirring noise that gets slightly louder as you progress through its speeds - but it starts off decently loud to begin with. I'd be cautious about using this if anyone else was in the next room - even if there was music and a closed door separating both of you. It's a very "out of place" noise that's loud enough to call attention to itself.

The tongue functionality has four speeds. It goes from a medium, to a fast, to a really fast, to a really, really fast. I wouldn't say the toy offers any sort of "slow" tongue flicking; even the lowest setting is a lot faster than most human tongues would comfortably be able to move for more than a minute.

All Three

For the obvious reason, using all three functions at the same time is the loudest. It is not a quiet toy. The suction is the quietest (and gets even softer when attached to a body), but both the tongue-flicking and vibration make decent noise. The tongue-flicking makes a whirring noise while the vibration makes a high-pitched buzzing noise. Neither of them are particularly quiet, and joined together, they don't get quieter.

I would NOT attempt to use this in a household with anyone closer than a couple rooms away with closed doors between you. Especially on the higher settings, this can clearly be quite easily heard through a closed door.

nu Sensuelle Measurements

Length: 9"
Handle Diameter: 1.5"
Suction Tip Diameter: 1.125"


How It Works

The nu Sensuelle Trinitii 3-in-1 oral sex toy has three buttons on the shaft. These three buttons control the three functions of the Trinitii: tongue-flicking, air suction, and vibrations.

Each one of these buttons uses the same control system to make it easy to control the entire toy. A single button press turns on the function. Another button press lets you cycle through the modes/speeds attached to that function. Pressing and holding the button will turn off the function. When you press the button again, the function will start back at the start of its progression; it doesn't remember which function you were on.

When the function is on, an LED light illuminates that button - for a total of three LED lights you can have on at once. Each one of the buttons is synced to the sensations of the function. For example, the LED light of the tongue mode gradually increases in brightness as you progress through the intensity levels. The LED light on the air suction mode matches the pattern you're on, so when the suction is suctioning, the light is on, but when the suction is on the off-cycle of its pattern, the LED light turns off.

If you're someone who is using the Trinitii on another person, these LED lights can really help you figure out what sensations and pleasures each function is providing. I haven't seen much functionality for solo use.

nu Sensuelle Trinitii reviewa All of these buttons/functions operate individually from one another - so you can use some functions, ignore other functions, and generally personalize your entire experience. You can have the air suction on high with the vibrations turned off and the tongue flicking on low - or you can just use the vibrations on high and ignore the rest of it. The Trinitii's design allows you to pick and choose and individually control each one of the three sex toy functions.

Each one of the buttons has a little design embossed on the button to show which one of the three functions it controls. This little design works great for eyeballs, but your fingers can't tell them apart. It's purely trial-and-error to figure out which one you wanted on while the Trinitii is between your legs - at least until you memorize their order. Since the Trinitii has a really comfortable handle with comfortable thumb-distance for button presses, this isn't a huge deal for me. It's easy to flip something on, go "nope", and hold-press to turn it off - and try another button.

Materials and Care

The nu Sensuelle Trinitii is made entirely from silicone - every inch of this outer layer of the vibrator is silicone. (I'd assume the majority of the insides are plastic.) This silicone is taste-free, scent-free, and very smooth to the touch.

Unlike most air suction vibrators, the nu Sensuelle Trinitii does NOT include a removable clitoral suction tip. This can make it harder to clean than most air suction vibrators - especially since the nu Sensuelle is NOT waterproof. The instruction manual does not provide any specific cleaning instructions (which would be helpful to understand what parts might let in water). With an unremovable tip and a water-phobic design, I'm not entirely sure how to best clean this vibrator. I've been getting soap and water into the tongue-tip chamber and splashing water into this tip without getting it under direct water flow - which has yet to harm the toy - but I can't promise that's the way you're supposed to do it.

The care instructions just say "Wipe with warm soapy water" - and that's about it. With a toy that's not waterproof and doesn't tell me where the water entry points might be, I'm definitely a bit salty about this - and worried it would take the toy to an early grave.

The nu Sensuelle Trinitii is rechargeable - no disposable batteries to worry about! Instead, a battery is located inside of the Trinitii. This rechargeable battery can be charged by the included USB-cable charger. There are magnetic ports on the front of the vibrator near the buttons that serve as the charging port for the cable. It isn't a particularly strong magnet that connects the two, so make sure you place the vibrator in a secure spot to ensure it doesn't roll its way off of the charger.

The USB charger can be plugged into your electronics or a wall outlet adapter (or those fancy, smancy USB-specific wall outlets). The nu Sensuelle Trinitii instructions specifically state that it needs to be charged at 100 - 240V however, so keep that in mind.

nu Sensuelle Trinitii review

The nu Sensuelle Trinitii requires a charge for two hours before your first use. This seems to be pretty common advice to extend the life space of rechargeable batteries (sex toy or not), and I recommend taking it.

After that first charge, the nu Sensuelle Trinitii takes 3 to 4 hours to fully recharge - and that full charge will give you 30 to 40 minutes of use. As nu Sensuelle specifically says they do not recommend using the Trinitii for more than 30 minutes at a time, this full charge's short lifespan seems functional for protecting the vibe's lifespan.

The instruction manual also says that you need to charge this vibe regularly (every 1 to 2 months) to ensure you keep up the battery lifespan.

If you choose to use lube with the Trinitii, make sure you use a water-based lube. A silicone-based lube may harm the toy. I'd recommend being very conservative with the lube, though, as any type of additional slickness can make the Trinitii difficult to hold.

The nu Sensuelle Trinitii comes with a 1-year warranty. Make sure to keep your receipt from Kinkly Shop in order to claim the warranty if something happens. The 1-year manufacturer's warranty is valid from the date of purchase and does not cover cosmetic deterioration, damage caused by accident, or misuse or neglect - but will cover any manufacturing defect. Like always, if you happen to receive a defective toy and the defect appears within 30 days of purchase, Kinkly Shop has a return policy of its own to take care of customers.

The Packaging

The nu Sensuelle Trinitii comes in a semi-large box that displays the body safe sex toy through a clear window on the front of the packaging. Oddly enough, it uses a magnetic closure - with the entire front half and side of the box "wrapping around" to close the box. (You'll see if you get it; it feels a bit awkward.)

The box itself is really clean-looking, but since it clearly displays the toy, it's not exactly discreet. The clear, see-through window is also specifically crafted to hold the Trinitii - which means that it isn't flat and smooth. This can be particularly difficult for gift-wrapping; I recommend a gift bag if gifting this to someone.

Inside the nu Sensuelle Trinitii, you'll find the vibrator in a plastic tray with all of the accessories underneath the tray. The accessories include the charging cable, the storage bag, and the instruction manual.

The box is particularly sturdy, and it can hold the Trinitii for long-term storage. However, as mentioned, the box isn't flat, so it isn't easy to stack it in a full closet. It may be easier to keep it in the included storage bag.

nu Sensuelle Trinitii review

The Verdict: 3/5

To really fall in love with the Trinitii like others have, I think you'll really want to have two things:

  • really enjoy direct, firm-pressure touch to the clitoris. Not to the area around the clitoris - but to the actual tip of the nubbin itself.
  • a non-meaty clitoris. I think those with more squish in the vulva area - or those with larger clitorises - might find some of the same "underwhelming" issues I've felt.

Imagine someone licking an ice cream cone with the tip of their tongue - with all of the force they can manage to get the most ice cream on each lick. That's how the nu Sensuelle Trinitii feels. It isn't necessarily a bad sensation - but it's a very intense, pinpoint sensation that may not be for everyone. If that type of sensation on your clit is really what gets you going, you're going to love the Trinitii.

Partnered with Trinitii's flicking tongue, you have air suction - and the vibrations. The air suction really, really adheres to the body in a way I've never experienced with suction toys before. The vibration addition really ups the pleasure potential with the Trinitii - in that you have a "back-up" sex toy built right into the sex toy itself; you just need to flip the Trinitii around and you'll be met with 15 modes of decently powerful vibration.

Really, the Trinitii offers a bunch of different types of sensation in a single toy - which lets you sample a whole bunch of types of pleasure with one single purchase. Is it the best vibrator out there? Nope - but most vibrators don't tend to have suction and tongue-flicking sensations attached. Is it the best air suction vibrator out there? Nope. But most air suction vibes don't have vibration and tongue-flicking action there to experiment with too.

I'd say the gold-star of the Trinitii is the tongue-flicking design. If you're getting it just for vibrations or suction, I'd look elsewhere, but if the tongue-flicking sensations are what are catching your eye, the Trinitii is a good fit. The tongue-flicking sensations are exactly-as-advertised - and you'll just happen to get a vibrator and suction toy alongside this oral sex toy tongue!

nu Sensuelle Trinitii review

Other Options

What appeals to you about the nu Sensuelle Trinitii? The thing about its triple-stimulation design is that you can piecemeal it out to multiple types of toys that, with their specialized design, might provide more sensations than when they're all jammed together into a single toy like the Trinitii.

My first recommendation would be the Satisfyer Pro 2. The Pro 2 is an air suction vibrator that includes air suction - and vibration. A whole lot of people swear by the Pro 2. While it lacks in power when you compare it to Womanizer toys, it has a much more approachable price tag, and quite a few people start dipping their toes with the Pro 2 to figure out if air suction is for them.

Alternatively, Satisfyer recently released the Satisfyer Curvy series - which is an air suction vibrator that also doubles as a vibrator. With 11 intensity levels for both the suction and the vibration, the Curvy series reminds me of the Trinitii's suction and vibration combination - but it does lack the physical oral sex sensations of the "tongue". (The Curvy series, however, is noticeably less expensive AND is compatible with cell phone app control for long-distance and local control of the toy.)

If the physical, tactile touch and movement of the tongue flicking was what had you excited, you might prefer the LELO Ora 3 or the Lora DiCarlo Filare. Both of them are more focused on providing the tactile sensation of a tongue swirling around the clitoris. I'd actually lean more towards the Filare (possibly because it's the one I've tried - and did find it similar to having a partner touch you with all of the unpredictably included), but the LELO Ora 3 offers a much easier-to-hold design as well. Neither offers the 3-stimulation-types like the Trinitii does, but they are focused more on the tongue-like sensations than the vibrations. (Here's my Lora DiCarlo Filare review.)

Tips for Buying Oral Sex Vibrators

If you're looking at the nu Sensuelle vibrator, you're probably curious about oral sex vibrators. That tongue-flicking action is pretty awesome, and it's no surprise that it captures the attention of a lot of people - especially people who happen to have a clitoris.

When looking to buy oral sex toy, I'd definitely consider:

  • How large is the tongue? Are you someone who enjoys pinpoint stimulation with a smaller tongue like the Trinitii - or are you looking for something with broader stimulation?
  • What noise level can you tolerate? Especially with sex toys that move a tongue back-and-forth (or in any sort of movement like the Nexus Revo Slim), the noise level can be a lot louder than a traditional vibrator. You need to think about how much noise you can tolerate from your sex toy - and make sure to select an oral sex toy that sticks to that.
  • What other sensations do you want? Most oral sex toys come combined with other types of stimulation - most commonly, vibration. If you want to experience multiple types of sensation in a single toy, figure out which ones you want. Common options are air suction, suction pumping, and vibration.

nu Sensuelle Trinitii review

Other nu Sensuelle Trinitii Reviews

Curious what other sex toy lovers have said about the Trinitii? Here are some things other sex toy reviewers are saying about the nu Sensuelle Trinitii:

  • Backwoods Bedroom says: "Intensity wise, I’d say the Trinitii is on par with the notoriously potent Zumio X and Fun Factory Volta. That’s why some precautions are in order. This toy is extremely focused; it produces an intense pinpoint type of stimulation. I judge it as not the best pick for a first-time toy buyer or someone who likes to avoid direct, heavily targeted clitoral stimulation."
  • Miss Ruby Reviews says: "The NU Sensuelle Trinitii XLR8 has 7 steady vibration speeds and 8 patterns. The vibrations come from the broad, empty area of the handle. For those of you who like pin-point vibrations though, you can also get a sharp edge if you just turn the toy and use the narrow edges. In this way, the Trinitii XLR8 is pretty versatile."

Wondering how/why we reviewed this product? Check out our Sex Toy Review Policies.

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