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New Toy to Know: ZALO Amorette

Published: MARCH 2, 2020 | Updated: JULY 22, 2020
Luxurious and ready to spoil you, the ZALO Amorette is equipped with a unique, two-wing pleasure structure that you won't find anywhere else.

"Sex Toy of the Year"? That sounds like a sex toy worth knowing! The ZALO Amorette, winner of the XBIZ 2020 Award for Sex Toy of the Year, is an innovative approach to remote-controlled vibrators. In fact, we're sure you've never seen anything quite like it! With fluttering wings for added pleasure and a storage case that doubles as a remote control, this luxury vibrator will spoil you too much to ever consider any other remote-controlled egg vibrators.


Small, fun-sized egg vibrators, like the ZALO Amorette, pack a whole lot of pleasure into a small little package! Slip it into the vagina for internal pleasure, or luxuriate in the many erogenous zones you can find on the outside of the body.

Craft your own sensual experience with this versatile tool that fits into so many different pleasure areas - and offers so many different ways to play whether solo or with a partner or two. Whether in the bedroom or out for groceries, the Amorette is going to make your life much more exciting.

Experience Pleasure with the ZALO Amorette in so Many Ways:

  • Slide the vibrator inside the vagina for solo bedroom pleasure that leaves the hands free for other masturbation activities
  • With the Amorette nestled in the vagina, hand the remote over to a partner and let them control the sensations during bedroom play
  • Gently hold the vibrator against the clitoris and allow the vibrator's powerful vibrations and moving wings to stimulate this erogenous zone
  • For even more pleasure, try the same thing as above, but use it on the nipples
  • Press the egg vibrator against the frenulum on the penis while the wings flutter against the sides of the shaft
  • If you're ready for more adventure, the ZALO Amorette makes a lovely public play toy. Why not consider some play while you're in the car? (Parked, of course!)

Tell Me About the ZALO Amorette

Luxurious and ready to spoil you, the ZALO Amorette is equipped with a unique, two-wing pleasure structure that you won't find anywhere else. These soft, matte silicone wings stimulate the clitoris (or other pleasure areas!) or G-spot when inserted. The flapping angle goes all the way up to 120-degrees, so there are tons of areas you can stimulate with these dreamy wings! With less than 40 decibels of noise, ZALO Amorette is putting the "quiet" in "whisper quiet".


The ZALO Amorette offers so many ways to experiment with control. We know you'll all be quick to try out the remote control. With just the push of a button, you can control the vibrator's six vibrational patterns with five intensity ranges.

ZALO Amorette vibrator remote control and storage case

That's not all, though. The remote is also equipped with Somatosensory control. Simply put, the remote has motion control. Tilt the remote, and you'll find the vibrations move in tandem!


That's STILL not all! With a smartphone, you can use the ZALO app to pair this vibrator to a smartphone for cell phone control. Use any of these methods to control the vibrations of your own toy - or hand off the "power" to a partner for an unpredictably pleasurable experience.

When you're done, the proprietary remote control turns into a storage case for the ZALO Amorette vibrator as well! Never lose the remote to your toy - the remote IS the case! With a discreet, high-end jewelry-like design, discretion and luxury will greet you every time you get ready to play.

ZALO Amorette vibrator in storage case


ZALO Amorette Specs:

  • Two-Wing Vibration Structure
  • Quiet less than 40 decibels
  • 6 Vibration Modes
  • 5 Vibration Speeds
  • App-Compatible, Remote-Controlled (Button Control and Motion Control)
  • Waterproof Grade IPX7
  • USB Rechargeable (Vibrator)
  • Button Battery (Remote, included)
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