Vibrations got you down? We love vibrations in sex toys - and most of you do too! - but vibrations aren't the only thing that's out there.

In fact, after years of vibration-focused sex toys, today's New Toy to Know is a downright amazing breath of fresh air. If you've always used toys that focus on vibrations, we promise you haven't used anything like this!

Welcome to the world of Kinetic Technology. Sound familiar? Okay, we didn't think so. Kinetic Technology is a brand new type of movement crafted by XR Brands.

In Kinetic Technology toys, there's an internal, long tube that runs the length of the toy. Inside this tube, there's a weighted ball that rests at one end. When the toy is turned on, it forces the weighted ball to quickly slide over to the other side of the internal, long tube – and then come back to the starting point. While that sounds simple, this movement uses physics to make the toy, quite literally, provide mini-thrusting action!

XR Thump-It! Thumping Plug action diagram

That's what the Thump-It! Thumping Plug is based on! Using this Kinetic Technology, this butt plug provides mini-thrusts up against your body. You can adjust how fast these mini-thrusts go by changing the function settings.

Speaking of function settings, the Thump-It! is equipped with seven thumping speeds and four pleasurable thumping patterns. No vibrations here - just orgasmic thrusting up into your body!

Want to see it for yourself? We thought so!

What Does It Feel Like?

It's hard to perfectly explain the difference between the Thump-It! Plug and other vibrating plugs. It's just an entirely different sensation! While vibrating plugs stay stationary and "vibrate" in place (which can feel amazingly pleasurable too!), the Thump-It! doesn't stay in place.

Instead, it bounces up and down with the help of Kinetic Technology. It's a movement that's strong enough to move your hand while holding the plug - and we promise you can feel it when it's inside of your body too!

woman holding XR Thump-It! Thumping Plug with remote

I See It Has a Remote?

Yes, the Thump-It! Thumping Plug includes a remote! While the Thump-It! Plug does have a button on the base (for control of the plug), the remote control adds an extra layer of easy-to-use control during your Kinetic Technology experience.

Hold the remote yourself for easy control of the Thump-It! during use, or hand off the remote to your partner to allow them to control exactly how "well-used" you'll feel the next day.

Does It Come in Different Sizes?

One size does NOT fit all - at least when it comes to a pleasurable anal experience! The Thump-It! Thumping Plug is available in two different sizes to help you find a perfect fit for what you need. If you're new to anal experiences, we highly recommend you start off with the Medium size - and probably some fingers for warm-up before that!

box for medium XR Thump-It! Thumping Plug


Overall length: 5"
Widest diameter: 1.5"
Insertable length: 3.7"

box for large XR Thump-It! Thumping Plug


Overall length: 5.2"
Widest diameter: 1.95"
Insertable length: 3.5"

What Else Should I Know?

  • Rechargeable via the included USB cable
  • 7 thumping speeds, 4 thumping patterns
  • Optional remote control included
  • Extremely firm and rigid to best transfer the thumping sensations
  • Crafted from premium silicone
  • Waterproof

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