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New Toy to Know: Wellness Dilator Kit by Blush Novelties

Published: OCTOBER 18, 2019
This kit aims to improve sexual function - while keeping comfort in mind.

When is a sex toy more than a toy? When it can improve your sexual experience, help you heal from past trauma and make the kind of sex you want to have more readily available to you. The Wellness Dilator Kit from Blush Novelties is designed to do all of this and more. Many people suffer from pain, shame, or fear during vaginal penetration, but help is available.


If vaginal penetration simply isn’t an option for you (but you want it to be), dilators of varying sizes may be the tools your body needs. The purpose of dilators is vaginal stretching to help you become comfortable with penetration of a certain size and type before moving to something larger or wider. A Dilator Kit makes that easy by providing four dilators of varying girths, so you can start at the best option for your body and then gently expand your body’s limits at your own pace.

Only move on from one size to the next when you’re comfortable and ready.

Blush Dilator Kit
Like everything Blush makes, this set is both functional and adorable.


Blush’s Dilator Kit is safe for your body and your peace of mind.

  • Made from body-safe, hypoallergenic silicone
  • Rounded tip for added comfort
  • Made to be gentle on the cervix
  • Contains no fragrances, phthalates, or latex

Unlike other dilators, these are soft and flexible. You can wear them around, sit down in them and have a more comfortable experience. The design and material allow you to use them longer and feel better while you do.

What can a dilator or dilator kit do for you? Who are they made for?

  • Dilators are made for anyone who wants to enjoy sexual penetration - alone or with a partner. You may be new to penetration or you may have a medical condition like vaginismus that makes penetration nearly impossible.
  • Dilators help some people build up their tolerance for a pelvic medical exam, which some people find very painful.
  • Dilators also help people feel more comfortable with their bodies after medical and non-medical trauma.

The Wellness Dilator Kit from Blush Novelties allows you to take your sexual health and wellness into your own hands, at your own pace. And who says dilators have to look and feel like medical (torture) devices? The purple silicone is luxuriously soft, and the heart base is cute and playful. Dilators may play an important function in your health and wellness, but they don’t have to look boring or intimidating, either.

Blush dilator kit
Four sizes and super-soft silicone ensure that using this set is all about comfort.

Every Wellness Dilator Kit contains four dilators of different sizes so you can start as small as you need.

  • Width (in inches): 0.5, 0.75, 1, 1.25
  • Length (in inches): 3.5, 4.75, 5.25, 5.75
  • Insertable length (in inches): 3, 4.25, 5, 5.5

If no one has told you recently, pain during penetration isn’t normal, and you don’t always have to live with it. The Dilator Kit from Blush Novelties could be exactly what your body needs to experience pain-free penetration.

Kayla Lords

Professional writer, sex blogger, erotic author, sexual submissive, and kinkster, Kayla writes more than is probably healthy over at A Sexual Being and overshares about the kinky and mundane side of her BDSM relationship. Her mission: to make BDSM, specifically Dominance and submission, less scary, less weird, and much more real and attainable for anyone willing to learn more.

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