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New Toy to Know: Tenga EGG Variety Pack

Published: JUNE 29, 2020 | Updated: JULY 22, 2020
Each one of the self-contained Tenga Eggs offers a unique texture to add different sensations to your usual masturbation routine.

Imagine this: you're out on a business trip and craving some innovative self-pleasure. Yeah, your hand has always been good, and you're sure you'll be playing with it again soon, but you really need some new sensations.


Instead of trying to jerk off with the mattress, the sheets, or your numb left hand, might we recommend something else?

That something else are the Tenga Eggs. Each one of these aptly-named penis sleeves is fully self-contained. Open up the Tenga Egg, and you'll find a packet of lubricant and a penis sleeve ready to go.

Each one of the Eggs offers a unique texture to add different sensations to your usual masturbation routine. While the sleeves aren't as robust as many other sleeves on the market, the Tenga Eggs are designed for easy, discreet masturbation - anywhere you need it!


Inside each one of the plastic exterior "Eggs" of the Tenga Eggs is an Egg-shaped male masturbation sleeve. Don't worry though. While the sleeve is the size of an egg, this egg-shaped sleeve is made from super-stretchy elastomer that allows the Tenga Egg to expand for a snug fit - regardless of penis size. Eight-inches long? It'll stretch! Three-inches long? It'll stretch!

Once stretched onto the penis, the eggs internal texture - which is shown on the outside of the egg - can be felt during masturbation as the Egg is stroked over the penis.

Tenga male masturbation sleeve eggs Tenga male masturbation sleeve eggs internal design


How to Use the Tenga Eggs

Using Tenga Eggs is simple - even easier than most penis sleeves!

  1. Remove the colored wrap around the Tenga Egg; this is the colorful packaging that lets you know what's inside.
  2. Open the Egg itself; it's like one of those plastic Easter Eggs - but much, much larger!
  3. Remove the packet of lubricant from inside the egg itself.
  4. Pull out the stretchy elastomer egg.
  5. Open the lube and pour some lube into the egg. Use any remaining lube to coat the penis for a slick experience.
  6. Slide the Tenga Egg onto the penis. It will easily stretch to adjust to your size providing a snug fit - no matter what size you are!
  7. When you're done, you can toss the Tenga Egg. If you'd like to try to use it again, gently rinse out the interior of the Egg and allow it to fully dry before storing it in the plastic egg-shaped casing again.

Can I Reuse the Tenga Eggs?

True to their portable design, the Tenga Eggs were designed for single-use. That being said, if you pop one at home with full access to a sink, you can clean out your Tenga Egg after use to get more uses out of it.


Over a few sessions, the stretchy material (that makes it so pleasurable against your penis!) will begin to tear, but hey - that just means it's time to try a brand new texture and add different sensations to your jerk-off routine!

Where to Use the Tenga Eggs

  • Especially great for portable use, the Tenga Eggs can be a boredom-saver for hotel trips. Pop one open, enjoy it during your stay, and toss it before you head home - no need to tote large masturbators through security!
  • A Tenga Egg can also be a great idea when visiting family or friends where you still need your "private time". Not only does it catch any ejaculate (as long as the sleeve isn't torn from rough use), but it makes zero noise and includes its own lube! Its odd-size gives great deniability too!
  • Have a public play kink? The Tenga Eggs can be taken anywhere you need some quick relief.
  • Treat yourself to a new sensation! As a celebration for a job well done or a special treat for the release of a porn video you've been waiting for, pull out a Tenga Egg. Let the added texture take your regular masturbation to new heights!
  • Looking for a carefully-balanced edging session? Welcome to the Tenga Egg! While most male masturbation sleeves make it hard to transmit grip strength onto the penis, the Tenga Egg is built for it. You can squeeze harder - or softer - to keep yourself perfectly on the edge while still enjoying the unique sensations from these male masturbation sleeves.
  • Consider topping off your favorite wand massager with a Tenga Egg! If you want a plushier surface against your body, a Tenga Egg slips onto full-sized wand massagers in a snap.

The sky is the limit. If you're comfortable masturbating somewhere, the Tenga Egg is there to help.

Six-Pack of Tenga Eggs masturbation sleeves


More to Know:

  • Each "Six-Pack" of Tenga Eggs includes six different textures. The exterior design matches the interior design of the Egg, so choose textures that seem fulfilling to you.
  • Egg Height: 2.95"
  • No maximum stretch length/width but far-above-average penises may find sleeves to definitely be single-use
  • Tenga Egg Material: Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
  • Tenga Egg Lubricant Ingredients: Water, Glycerin, Polyacrylate Na, Hydroxyethyl Cellulose, Methylparaben
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