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New Toy to Know: Sir Richard’s Intimate Therapy Stroker

Published: AUGUST 3, 2020
Sir Richard's Intimate Therapy Stroker earns the New Toy to Know title with its realistic feel, adjustable suction, and uber-level discretion.

Ahhh. Finally. You step into the bathroom and close the door after a rough day. As the room heats up with the luxurious steam from the shower, you're finally looking forward to getting some true relaxing in.


Slip out a large shampoo bottle from the back of a drawer and smile. The bottom cap of this everyday bottle twists off, and in seconds, you're holding a fully-functional penis masturbation sleeve—ready for your use. Now you can truly relax.

Sound amazing? That can be your reality with Sir Richard's Intimate Therapy Stroker. Designed for discretion, this sleeve uses a faux shampoo bottle for its case design. Inside this sneaky shampoo bottle is a full-sized, realistic masturbation sleeve.

The base of your discreet "shampoo bottle" twists off to reveal the entrance—while the flip-top shampoo cap of this waterproof masturbation sleeve becomes the suction control.

With a length over 8” and a ribbed internal sleeve, the pleasure the Sir Richard's Intimate Therapy Stroker can provide makes it our New Toy to Know.

Sir Richard's Intimate Therapy Stroker on its side


Control the Suction

Some masturbation sleeves let you control the suction and pressure through built-in, premade options. Sir Richard's Intimate Therapy Stroker goes above-and-beyond the average expectations with the latest addition to their masturbatory line.

The "shampoo bottle cap" controls the suction within the sleeve with a system that allows you to set the perfect level of suction. There's no need to select from pre-set settings. Instead, you can choose your perfect level of suction and adjust it on the fly!

Sir Richard's Intimate Therapy Stroker lid


To start, open the pop-top cap on the shampoo during your pleasure session. With the pop-top opened, slide the masturbation sleeve onto the penis. Squeeze the Sir Richard's Intimate Therapy Stroker until you reach the perfect level of suction. Once you do, just close the pop-top again. The Stroker will retain that exact level of suction throughout the rest of your session!

You can release or adjust the suction anytime during your pleasure session for new sensations as often as you desire.

Sir Richard's Intimate Therapy Stroker front view


Enjoy the Realistic Fanta Flesh Material

Not only do you get to control the suction and enjoy the discreet design of this waterproof male masturbation sleeve, but this sleeve is also equipped with a proprietary form of TPE material called Fanta Flesh. FantaFlesh is super stretchy, magically realistic, and extremely plush - all of which makes it a perfect complement to a masturbation session.

While Fanta Flesh was especially for their sex dolls, the Sir Richard's Intimate Therapy Stroker brings a bit of that realistic design into the palm of your hand - literally! Don't worry about storage and upkeep of a giant, realistic sex doll when you can enjoy a hand-held version with the same, erotic material!

Sir Richard's Intimate Therapy Stroker shampoo bottle

Where to Store your Shampoo Bottle Sleeve

You can pretty much store your shampoo bottle penis sleeve anywhere it works for you. Out of ideas? We can think of a few:

  • On a Shower Shelf.
  • In a Dorm Room Shower Supply Basket.
  • In a Linen Closet with Other Shampoo Bottles.
  • Underneath the Bathroom Sink.
  • In a Bedside Drawer.

The most important thing is, if you're going for discretion, to make it believable. Make sure to store your Sir Richard's Intimate Therapy Stroker next to other obvious personal care items. When you see a single shampoo bottle on the bedside table, that's certainly worth a second look. When you see a shampoo bottle next to a bottle of conditioner, a bath sponge, and soap, then it's clearly just your shower collection.

Sir Richard's Intimate Therapy Stroker in packaging

Other Things to Know about the Sir Richard's Intimate Therapy Stroker

  • Length: 8.5"
  • Width: 3.4"
  • Waterproof
  • Phthalate-Free
  • Suction-Control Cap
  • Sleeve Easily Removes from Plastic Casing for Cleaning
  • 1 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
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