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New Toy to Know: Satisfyer Wand-er Woman

Published: MARCH 16, 2020 | Updated: MARCH 11, 2022
Here's what the amazing new Wand-er Woman from Satisfyer can offer to you!

Skip the standard wand massager that only offers two vibration settings: low and high. If you're going to use a wand massager, shouldn't you have total control over the settings that bring that pleasure to your body? Shouldn't you be able to choose whether to tease yourself with soft staccato patterns or relax your muscles with a powerful stream of constant vibration?


If you're ready to have complete control of vibration patterns in the most-powerful vibrator type out there, the Satisfyer Wand-er Woman is the vibe for you. Designed for body massage and sexy massage, this wand massager will offer the perfect flexibility for use in and out of the bedroom.

What makes the Wand-er Woman so special?

It's the attention to your personalized experience! Unlike most massagers, the Wand-er Woman massager offers a full line of vibrational patterns - and allows you to adjust the patterns entirely.

Packed with 10 different vibration patterns (including a steady vibration setting!), each one of the 10 vibration patterns can be further customized with five intensities. Choose a roller-coaster pattern and then decide whether that roller-coaster peaks at a gentle intensity - or a strong one!


Satisfyer Wand-er Woman vibrator

Plus, the Wand-er Woman provides:

  • A fully rechargeable battery
  • Silky-smooth medical-grade silicone
  • Aquatic freedom with the massager's waterproof capabilities

At 13.4" in length, the Wand-er Woman massager is even longer than the Magic Wand - and much longer than the Magic Wand Mini! Its 13.4" length makes it one of the longest wand massagers on the market - which is perfect for ensuring you always have the length you need to massage those hard-to-reach places! (The longer length even makes it easier to slip between close bodies for added intimate stimulation during your favorite sex positions. Yum!)


Plus, this sensual vibe is available in three colors. Pick your favorite from a black, purple, or white Wand-er Woman!

How to Use the Wand-er Woman to Its Fullest

We know you're thinking about the standard application of a wand massager: turn on vibrator, put on orgasmic spot.

We know that's hot as hell, but why not take the scenic route?


A versatile wand massager like the Wand-er Woman makes it pretty fun to take your time before the main event - especially when the powerful vibrations of the Wand-er Woman ensures the "main event" will be deliciously orgasmic!

Satisfyer Wand-er Woman vibrator, side view

Wand massagers like this got their name from the fact that they make lovely massage tools in addition to awesome sex toys. Why not use them that way?


Compatible with water-based massage lubes, you can use this lovely wand massager to work out some of the intense knots in your upper back before you ever consider between-the-legs play. Thighs, upper back, and lower back tend to be perfect areas for massager attention.

If you want to turn it into a luxurious self-care pampering session, remember that your new sex toy is waterproof - perfect for a relaxing massage while soaking in your bubble bath.

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If you want to go straight for those orgasmically erogenous zones, consider playing with some of the patterned settings on low before working your way towards those settings that are a guaranteed orgasm. With 50 possible vibration options on the Wand-er Woman, you have quite a bit of exploring to do!

Love penetration with dildos? You might love it even more with powerful vibrations! Just press the Wand-er Woman to the base of any dildo while its inside you, and the powerful vibrations will transfer through the toy's material. Instant vibrating dildo!

Into bondage? You might also consider using the Wand-er Woman's large size to your advantage. The Wand-er Woman can make a lovely addition to a wand massager leather harness - or ropes can tie it quite nicely to the thighs to hold the wand massager at a pleasurable spot (and it's easy to do! A simple rope bondage double-column tie will work!)

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