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New Toy to Know: Opus E by MyStim

Published: SEPTEMBER 13, 2019 | Updated: JULY 21, 2020
Combining texture, suction and electro-stimulation, this toy might just offer the most interesting erotic experience a penis can have.

Are your orgasms a work of art? A masterpiece? If not, they should be, especially once you get your hands - among other parts - on the Opus E by MyStim. Take whatever you think you know about penis masturbators and throw that out the window, because MyStim continues to reinvent pleasure in new and (potentially) kinky ways.


With electro play stimulation at your fingertips, you can take your typical orgasm and turn it into something magnificent, powerful and ... shocking. Using any MyStim E-Stim device, add an extra current of stimulation to each stroke and thrust as you send yourself to new heights of pleasure. Pick the intensity of electricity you love (or can handle) most from a gentle tingling to a slight twitch up to a strong pulsation - and beyond. Either way, this toy offers a totally unique experience.

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How does the Opus E work?

Electro play is only as intense as you want it to be. The choice - and pleasure - is totally up to you. In the Opus E, you’ll feel electric impulses from the right and left side of the textured sleeve as you thrust in and out.


Choose from three different models:

No matter what your penetration preference, you should combine your masturbator with water-based lubricant or conducting gel so all you feel is pleasure with each stroke - and each pulse of electricity.

Like other high-quality masturbators, the Opus E offers plenty of suction to increase the stimulation and pleasure. However, each sleeve includes a small air hole at the end of the tunnel to keep you from getting stuck or feeling a too-tight squeeze that is less than sexy.


The Opus E works well on its own, but in order to enjoy the electro play component, you'll have to combine it with an e-stim unit like the Mystim Tension Lover. Or go with the Mystim Cluster Buster to turn your new sex toy into a remote-controlled, wireless masturbator.

Mystim Opus E Donut masturbator cross-section
The inside of the Mystim Opus E Donut combines texture, suction and electro stimulation.

What is the Cluster Buster?

In order to use any of the three versions of the Opus E, you’ll need a compatible MyStim e-stim device. The Cluster Buster by Mystim is the perfect tool for turning any MyStim product into a remote-controlled, wireless sex toy.


The Cluster Buster is a digital EMS device that comes with a remote control and receiver. You can use multiple toys at the same time. It includes 12 stimulation and five training programs to help you find the sensation you like best. And for those who love a hard jolt of electrical sensation, the Shock Button will be your new best friend.

Mystim Cluster Buster e-stim unit
Use the
Mystim Cluster Buster to electrify the Opus E - and turn it into a remotely controllable e-stim experience.

This kit includes a receiver that emits electrical pulses to a MyStim toy. They only work with the Cluster Buster but allow you to go wire and hands-free in the pursuit of electrical stimulation and fun. Torture, tease, or pleasure yourself or a partner in multiple ways with less effort.

Sounds pretty cool, right? Didn't we say this toy offers a totally unique experience?


Want to try the Opus E? Get one here.

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