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New Toy to Know: Nexus G-Stroker

Published: APRIL 20, 2020 | Updated: FEBRUARY 8, 2024 03:20:29
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Building on the pleasure the prostate-toys-of-old have provided, the Nexus G-Stroker takes it to the next level.

Static prostate toys are the toys of the past. Meet the future of prostate toys: the Nexus G-Stroker. Building on the pleasure the prostate-toys-of-old have provided, the G-Stroker takes it to the next level.


While the bulk of the pleasure comes from the powerful vibrations the G-Stroker is equipped with, Nexus added stroking beads within the neck of the toy to truly take you to new heights.

When inserted into the body, these "stroking beads" move up and down at the anal entrance offering a sensation unlike any other toy out there! Partnered with the powerful vibrations targeting the prostate and other sensitive anal areas and a textured base for added perineal stimulation, this remote-controlled prostate toy comes at you from all of the pleasure angles - and it does it well!

Making things even more fun, the Nexus G-Stroker is equipped with a remote control. With a dedicated on/off button, as well as individual controls for both the stroking and the vibrating, a perfect pleasure fit is just a few button clicks away. (And who knows what fun you could get up to with a remote-controlled anal toy?)

All of this comes packed into an anal sex toy that's sized for beginners and intermediate anal players. If you're new, you'll want to use patience and lots of lube, but with a bit of anal experience, the Nexus G-Stroker will easily slide right in (still with lube!)!


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Why the Anal Entrance?

Did you know that the anal entrance is one of the most nerve-packed areas of the anal area? While the internal areas can feel just as amazing (especially the prostate!), the entrance is an often-neglected erogenous zone in the world of sex toys.

Just think about it: how many toys are designed to slip deep into the butt versus how many toys are designed for pleasure just inside the butt? That's just it!

Despite being often ignored, the nerve endings of the anal area are always ready for pleasure. You stimulate those nerve endings when you initially insert something. Think about how amazing the feeling of penetration is within the first few seconds of starting it. That's the anal entrance pleasure zone!

nexus g-stroker prostate sex toy with remote

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How Does It Feel?

Reviewers report absolute amazement over the Nexus G-Stroker stroking beads. Its been called "the most unique toy out there", and its been described as "someone with a very slim, very firm fingertip rub[bing] the entrance to your hole". So, yes, people are absolutely loving the stroker beads!

As if that wasn't enough, reviewers are also enamoured with the vibrations themselves. They're powerful, rumbly, and can be felt throughout the entirety of the G-Stroker. They can even be felt at the entrance (through your stroking beads!) and at the base!

In fact, some reviewers have mentioned orgasms off the vibration power alone. That's some strong prostate action that we can get behind!

nexus g-stroker prostate sex toy side view

Only for Butts?

While Nexus is known for their prostate massagers, the Nexus G-Stroker was designed to be inclusive. Its prostate-forward design is a match made in heaven for prostates, but it can also be used vaginally for G-spot stimulation as well!

The vaginal entrance has similar nerve endings that will respond just as positively to the stroking beads of the G-Stroker. With its silicone material that makes sterilization a breeze, this can quickly become a couple's toy.

Just don't get into TOO many arguments about who gets to use it tonight!

nexus g-stroker prostate sex toy next to packaging

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About Nexus G-Stroker

  • Rechargeable plug (and remote!) via magnetic port with the included USB cable
  • 1 Hour Run Time
  • 3 Speeds from the Stroker Beads
  • 6 Vibration Modes
  • 27 Combinations of Pleasure
  • Waterproof
  • G-Stroker may be controlled from the remote-control or a button on the base
  • Total Length: 5.1"
  • Insertable Length: 4.3"
  • Diameter at the Widest Point: 1.5"
  • Base Width: 4.7"



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