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New Toy to Know: Kinklab Thunderclap Paddle

Published: JUNE 8, 2020 | Updated: JULY 21, 2020
When used in conjunction with the Neon Wand and the Power Tripper Attachment, the conductive Thunderclap paddle is, quite literally, electric!

Everybody knows that every paddle provides a different sensation during a spanking. Faux fur paddles offer a softer touch while a wooden paddle can provide some of the most-intense stinging you've ever felt. Hanging out in the middle, you have leather paddles that can lean towards softer or firmer depending upon their build, rigidity, and size.


But electrostimulation spanking paddles? That's a new one.

An entirely new sensation to the world of spanking, we'd like to welcome you to the Kinklab Thunderclap Paddle. When used in conjunction with the Neon Wand and the Power Tripper Attachment, this conductive paddle is, quite literally, electric!

Each spank from the Thunderclap will make sparks fly! (Safely, of course!) When you're not feeling the e-stim capabilities, the Thunderclap makes a stunning paddle all on its own.


How does it work? Well, first, you need to understand what the Neon Wand and Power Tripper do.

What Do the Neon Wand and Power Tripper Do?

Our most-recommended product for beginner-friendly electrostimulation, we start off our journey with the Neon Wand. This handheld e-stimulation toy is literally plug and play.

Make sure you and your partner are safe for electrosex stimulation, plug the wand into the wall, and the Neon Wand provides instant surface-level e-stimulation sensations - literally in the palm of your hand. Switch out each of the electrodes to vary the intensity and the spread of the electrifying touch - or use the adjustment dial at the base of the Neon Wand.


electrostimulation toy neon wand with box and all the components laid out

The electricity "jumps" from the tip of the electrode to the skin you touch it to for a sensation that feels insanely erotic - and as intense as you want it to be.

If you want to take the Neon Wand an erotic step further, you pick up the Power Tripper. The Power Tripper , when plugged into the Neon Wand, essentially turns any human body into an electrostimulation toy.


When the Power Tripper is firmly connected with a body, it allows the electrostimulation of the Neon Wand to transfer through a body. This means that every touch of the wearer will now be an electrified, sensational adventure.

Fingering? Check. Handjob? Check. A light scratch of your fingers down a partner's back? Check. Even kissing is electrified - literally!

While the Neon Wand is a fantastic toy for electrostimulation, the Power Tripper turns your own body into the toy – literally! You'll be hands-free for electrostimulation play and every touch will be electrified!


We know playing with e-stimulation can seem a bit intimidating, but it's been around for awhile! While electrostimulation has only recently found its way into the mainstream sexual scene, it's been around for a long time!

The Neon Wand is a made-for-sex alternative to the Violet Wand. Violet Wands (or "Violet Rays" as they were known for back then!) have been around since the 1800's - and were primarily used as medical treatment devices. Around the 1980's, the kink community got their hands on the Violet Wands, and they're still a prominent staple there today!

The Neon Wand is a designed-for-sex alternative on the Violet Wand. With a much-lower price tag, much-better durability, and intensity settings that are better suited for the average person (instead of the high-level intensities of Violet Wands that can be used for branding!), Neon Wands - and their arousing accessories - are the easiest way to jump into electrostimulation - especially if you're a beginner!


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Kinklab Thunderclap Paddle

How Do I Use the Thunderclap Paddle?

We know, we know. At first glance, the Thunderclap can seem intimidating - and complicated to use. We promise, it really isn't! Once you work yourself through the instructions the first time, the second time will run really smoothly.

For that reason, we recommend setting up and going through the motions of using the Thunderclap before your scene. This way, you're confident in how everything will go, and during your actual playtime, everything will run smoothly.

That being said, we promise: it isn't too complicated! Here's your step-by-step instructions on how to use the Thunderclap paddle:

  1. First, all the fine print: We recommend doing a practice run before your first real "performance". Along with that, you should review all electrosex safety information and ensure anyone involved in the play is safe for e-stim play.
  2. Remove all electronics and jewelry from both partners. Anything that can be ruined with electricity or can conduct electricity doesn't belong with e-stim play (unless, of course, you're intentionally using it for a shocking effect, but save that for later!)
  3. While all items are unplugged from the wall and the Neon Wand is off, plug the Power Tripper into the top of the Neon Wand. Take the plate from the Power Tripper and find a place on the giver's body where the Power Tripper could snugly against the giver's skin. Snugly fitting jeans or elastic-waist pants (like pajama pants!) can be a great way to keep the Power Tripper comfortably against the skin.
  4. Plug the Neon Wand into the wall and then barely turn on the Neon Wand. You'll likely hear a click and a 'static'-type noise as soon as the Neon Wand pops on.
  5. Touch your partner with your hand to judge the power intensity. As the Power Tripper's job is to transfer the Neon Wand's power through the giver's body, every touch from the giver is now electrified! It should be a very, very light sensation at first. Figure out what intensity you both enjoy as you increase the power on the base of the Neon Wand. (With the Neon Wand's incremental turn-dial, you can get an exact power level that's perfect for you.)
  6. Once everything is set exactly how you want it, you can put down the Neon Wand. With the Power Tripper attachment, the Giver's body is now the "sex toy" itself, so you don't need to carry around or mess with the Neon Wand anymore. Keep it within arm's reach for easy adjustments, but it frees up both of your hands to touch your partner.
  7. When you're ready, pick up the Kinklab Thunderclap paddle. With the Power Tripper's electricity conduction, the Thunderclap will now become electrified. Spank your partner. With every spank, you'll get the powerful electrostimulation of the Neon Wand mixed in with that arousing spanking. What fun!

Kinklab Thunderclap Paddle in packaging

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Learn More About the Thunderclap Paddle

  • Total Length: 11"
  • Paddle Width: 2.75"
  • Handle Width: 1.5"
  • Highly-conductive silicone
  • The Thunderclap requires the Neon Wand AND Power Tripper Attachment for electrostimulation properties. It can be used without those two items as a regular paddle.
  • As an e-stimulation item, the Thunderclap should only be used by people whose body is safe for play with electrosex toys.
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