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New Toy To Know: Icon Make Me Melt Drip Candles

Published: AUGUST 10, 2020 | Updated: NOVEMBER 4, 2021
Try the Icon Make Me Melt Drip Candles to enjoy some temperature play and heat things up in the bedroom.

The lights are low, and sensual music is playing. Your lover has been caressing you for so long that you've entirely lost track of time. Your body is thrumming with arousal, and every touch feels exquisite. You feel your partner's body pull away, and though you're blindfolded, you can hear the click of the prepared lighter. Within a few seconds, one of their hands makes contact with you again, and you hear the low growl of their voice.

"Tell me if this is too hot or too cold, okay?"

A few seconds later, a blossom of heat explodes along your hipbone. Unlike anything you've ever felt, it's almost like dipping your toes into the perfectly-warmed bath=


]only focused in a single area in a way you've never felt before. A gentle moan escapes your lips, and your partner knows they've found the right height for dripping the wax play candle.

Your next sensation is even further into the world of novelty as the wax begins to cool. The warm sensation evaporates, and you only feel the tight squeeze of the wax's hug on your skin. Your focus is dragged away from the cooling sensation by the explosion of warmth nearby, and the process continues, over and over, until you hear the puff of breath that signifies the candle's stopping point. By that point, you're in awash in the constant sensation and afloat on the luxurious endorphins that have overtaken your body.

Icon Make Me Melt Drip Candles (red hot)

The Icon Make Me Melt Drip Candles

Sound luxurious? It is! In case you hadn't teased it out, the above story featured the use of wax play candles. Wax play candles (also called safety candles), like the name implies, are candles designed for wax play. Candles designed for wax play burn at a lower temperature than standard household candles which makes them a safer addition to your bedroom experiences.

Just light the Make Me Melt candles, and within seconds, you'll have drips of luxurious wax to drip onto your partner's body. These drips of wax provide sensation that's fresh, new, and unlike anything your partner has likely felt before! With four candles to a box and 4-7 hours of use time out of each wax play candle stick, you're looking at up to 28 hours of sensual wax play. With four different color sets, select your preferred colors and enjoy making art – with your partner's body as the sensual canvas!


How Do I Use Make Me Melt Drip Candles?

Before You Play

Gather everything you need to use your Icon Make Me Melt Drip Candles. Once you light a candle, you're dedicated to the experience (as it will keep producing wax) until you blow it out - and even then, it will still make a bit more wax after its blown out. For this reason, to avoid a large delay in the middle of your play, we recommend gathering everything ahead of time.

You'll want:

  • An area suitable for wax play
  • Your preferred lighter to light the candle wick
  • Fire-safety items to put out a small fire (in case of an accident)
  • Knowledge of where your burn first aid items are (in case of an accident)
  • Any other toys or sexual items you want to use including necessary safer sex items
  • An old credit card or gift card (to remove wax)

Your wax play area should meet a few important requirements. For one, we recommend making it a surface you aren't particularly attached to. Dried wax can be particularly difficult to clean out of cloth and other materials. This means this isn't a great fit for on top of your expensive duvet. Instead, we recommend a disposable tarp (extremely cheap at hardware stores!) or old bedsheets that you won't feel bad about sacrificing.

Especially if this is your first time, we recommend negotiating what areas you plan to drip wax onto. Avoid any very-sensitive areas (like the genitals!) and anything on the face. It's also worth keeping in mind that wax can be difficult to remove from body hair or head hair, so you might consider throwing up hair in a bun or shaving potential areas. We recommend using large, broad areas as your initial "targets" - the back, chest, butt (but not the anus!), and thighs can be fantastic starting points.

We recommend doing wax play naked (as wax can be difficult to get out of cloth), but if clothing is requested, we recommend doing the wax play far away from the items of clothing. (For example, if wearing panties, choose to utilize the chest or lower thighs to avoid getting near the underwear.)

If you're open to it, we recommend giving the Make Me Melt Drip Candles a self-try first. When sitting, your own thighs can be a good canvas to drip wax onto, and it will give you a general idea of how warm the wax is - and how to aim the wax before playing with another person.

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Icon Make Me Melt Drip Candles (pastel tones)

During Your Play

Before you pull out your Icon Make Me Melt candles, some foreplay beforehand is encouraged. While the Make Me Melt candles are fantastic foreplay on their own, you want to remember that these candles provide a lovely sensation on the skin.

Do you know what gets more sensitive as you get more aroused? Your skin's response to new sensations. If you want to make your wax play make as large (and arousing!) of an impact as possible, make sure your partner is thoroughly aroused before you pull out these wax play candles.

With your area set-up for wax play, light one candle. We do not recommend lighting more than one candle.

With this wax play candle lit, hold the candle at a slight angle. (Holding the candle straight-up will make the wax roll onto your own hand.) With the candle at a slight angle, hold the candle at least 3-4 feet above your partner in the area where you want the wax to land. Do NOT hold the candle any closer for your first couple of tries.

Once the wax lands, ask your partner about the temperature. Is it too warm? Move the candle further away. More likely, if you're following the 3-4 feet rule, the wax will be slightly chilly, and you can move the candle slightly closer, drop by drop, until you find the best drop height for your partner's sensitivity. This distance will likely be in the 1-2.5 feet range. Keep in communication with your partner as most people aren't great at "eyeballing" a height once they make it to the desired height, and adjust your candle wax drip height as necessary to continue to make the experience pleasurable.

Continue to enjoy dripping wax onto your partner. Try out different sensations to see what you like most—and what they like most. You can drip wax on top of previously-dried wax, make dripped wax designs/pictures, and enjoy "trailing" wax for added sensation between two pleasure points on the body. If you can multitask, your free hand can certainly add more sensation by touching your partner in ways that enhance your wax play.

If you want to switch candles mid-way through for different colors, blow out your candle, ensure it isn't dripping wax anymore, and preferably place it upright (in a candlebra but a tall glass cup or vase can work) before moving onto a different color.


After Your Play

If your partner has consented to it and would like to see it, taking a picture of your wax play can be a particularly satisfying experience. We recommend doing this on their phone, so that they keep possession of the photo. Most people aren't used to seeing their own body covered in colorful wax, so it can be a really sexy-looking shot!

Allow the wax to fully harden before attempting to remove it. Still-cooling wax can be really difficult to remove. Once the wax is fully hardened, we recommend sliding that old giftcard/credit card against the skin and getting “underneath” the lip of the wax. Once you get a portion of the wax lifted up, the wax will likely peel off the skin – especially if it was a hairless area.

Do NOT do this in the shower, tub, or anywhere else where you planned to "wash away" the discarded wax. Wax, as you can imagine, can easily clog drains. Instead, do this on top of a surface that's disposable or makes it easy to discard the remnants in the garbage. (A disposable puppy pad or old sheet works fantastically!) Ensure your partner is fully wax-free before hitting the shower or bath.

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Icon Make Me Melt Drip Candles (jet black)


What Else Do I Need to Know About Make Me Melt Drip Candles?

While using the candles is pretty simple (as we've already covered!), there are definitely a few things you should know about these wax play stick candles.

First off, wax play is still focused around fire. While the wax burns at a lower temperature on a wax play candle for skin safety, it's still candle wax, and it's still fire.

Treat your lit Icon Make Me Melt Drip Candles with caution - like you would any source of fire. Keeping fire extinguishing items nearby is a great idea - especially when you're new to wax play. This also means that the candle wax can potentially burn the skin if you play improperly with the Make Me Melt Drip Candles.

Make sure to use the candles from the appropriate height to ensure a pleasant sensation. There's no downside for being too cautious with your wax play, but there's a large downside (in the form of burns) to starting your wax play at high intensity.

We also have to have a short word about the coloration of these candles. While each one of the Make Me Melt Candles has dye in it to enhance your visual experience with wax play, some skin types may be sensitive to dye. Especially if discretion is important, we recommend playing with the Make Me Melt candles on bare skin that's typically covered by clothing in everyday life.


The Icon Make Me Melt candles may leave a colored dye residue on some skin types that lasts a couple of days after play. Ensure you know how the candle coloration works with your skin before doing wax play on obvious areas you might display in public if this is a concern to you. (Though you can always say you had a run-in with food coloring during a baking session if need be!)

Interested But Want Something Softer?

It's a-okay to be nervous about diving into wax play! While it's an easy kink activity to get into, fire is still fire, and we always appreciate a bit of caution when it comes to safety. (In fact, we applaud you for it!)

If you're nervous, we highly recommend trying out theKama Sutra Ignite Massage Candle or LELO Flickering Touch Massage Candle as your first "introduction" into wax play.

While the Make Me Melt Drip Candles are genuine wax play toys (wax play items produce candle wax that dries into a solid and is designed to be dripped while lit), the Kama Sutra and LELO massage candle are slightly different. Instead of leaving the candle lit while you drip it onto your partner, massage candles ask you to wait until there's a pool of wax available then blow out the candle.

Once blown out, you drizzle the warmed wax (which is massage oil!) onto your partner's skin. You can then use this warmed massage oil to touch and caress your partner - and anything else you wish to do!

As you can see, massage candles are a bit different than wax play fetish candles, but massage candles can be a good introduction to the idea of "candles as sex accessories in the bedroom" to make you comfortable moving onto wax play candles further down the road if that's something you're interested in.

If you choose to stay with the massage candles, you've still won! Massage candles can provide a luxurious and intimate experience in the bedroom – one that's just as amazing as wax play scenes.

Icon Make Me Melt Drip Candles (passion tones)

Learn More about The Icon Make Me Melt Drip Candles

  • Fragrance-free
  • Made from Paraffin Wax with Wick
  • Length: 6"
  • Width: 0.8"
  • 4-7 Hours of Estimated Use from Each Candle
  • Each box includes 4 Candles
  • Choose from multiple wax colorations; consider lighting different candles for a beautifully-painted canvas!
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