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New Toy to Know: Fun Factory Limba Flex

Published: JULY 20, 2020 | Updated: FEBRUARY 8, 2024 04:29:20
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The Fun Factory Limba Flex is the shape-shifting dildo you need to know!

Imagine a shape-changing dildo that can be anything you need it to be that day. Want a straight dildo for a rough pounding? It's there.


When you're craving targeted g-spot or p-spot stimulation, it transforms into exactly what you need.

When you're looking for a bit of a wavy texture to keep things fresh, it's there, again, and ready to serve.

Or maybe you're a beginner and looking for your first dildo? You have no idea what sensations you'd like; wouldn't it be amazing if a single purchase could help you explore a plethora of pleasure shapes?

This isn't just a pipedream. That's the magic of the new Fun Factory Limba Flex. Available in a Small or Medium, this silicone dildo is deliciously bendable to be what you want it to be—every time. Your body has different daily needs; why not pick up a dildo that can help meet all of them?

Customize your Dildo

While the toy's material (and your imagination!) are the limit, let's spark your creativity by going through the three-most popular dildo shapes. The Limba Flex can bend into most shapes you have in mind, but for some inspiration, check out these popular three:

C-Form: The most-popular g-spot and p-spot shape (especially for those with a deeper erogenous zone), the C-Form provides a large curve towards the tip of the silicone dildo. The extremely curved tip helps reach (and pleasure!) those innermost, orgasmic spots whether you're doing self-exploration or looking for blended orgasms.

Straight: Great for fast thrusting, the Limba Flex can turn into a straight, non-curved dildo as well. Allow it to slide in and out with the least resistance possible—perfect for those who want orgasmic thrusts over and over.


S-Form: Prefer a bit more sensation from your dildo? The S-Form offers gentle curves along its shaft for constant movement during penetration. For some, these gentle curves can hit the g-spot and p-spot, and if they don't for you, just bend the Limba Flex until they do. That's the magic of the Limba Flex!

Strap-On Friendly

Be closer than ever to your partner with Fun Factory's Limba Flex. As one of their thinnest flared bases, the Limba Flex remains anal-safe and strap-on friendly - while leaving even less material between you and your partner than most traditional dildos.

Plus, that super-thin base doubles as a suction cup base! Press this silicone dildo up against a flat, untextured surface, and watch as it stays put. Bend the Limba Flex into the dildo of the day, press it against a surface, and enjoy hands-free fun!

The Limba Flex's bendable design also lends itself well to pack-and-play pleasure. Bend the dildo into a less-assuming shape for everyday wear, and when you're ready for pleasure, the Limba Flex easily unbends into the perfect shape for your partner that day. Talk about versatile!


Available in Two Sizes

Take your customization to the next level - because Fun Factory offers two sizes of the Limba Flex! Choose from the Small or the Medium (and who knows? Maybe a Large is coming soon!) for the size and design that works best for your sex life.

Prefer grinding or riding? The Limba Flex Small might be the better of the two for you! The Small offers a flatter tip (better for constant contact with the g-spot or p-spot!), and its smaller size is easier to hide for pack-and-play fun too.

  • Limba Flex Small Length: 4.7"
  • Limba Flex Small Diameter: 1.1"

The longer shaft of the Limba Flex Medium makes it a perfect partner for thrusting - especially for strap-on and pegging purposes. Its longer length makes it easier to control, and you can adjust angles on the fly to perfectly mesh-up between your bodies. The tapered tip allows for a comfortable and smooth penetration - even if this is your first pegging dildo.

  • Limba Flex Medium Length: 6.8"
  • Limba Flex Medium Diameter: 1.2"

Fun Factory Limba Flex

Which one is going to be your next addition to your toybox?



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