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New Toy to Know: Evolved Trifecta

Published: MAY 11, 2020 | Updated: JULY 28, 2020
Say hello to triple stimulation and heaps of blended orgasms with the Evolved Trifecta.

Why buy three toys can you can buy just one? You only have two hands (and one is probably required for your favorite erotic material!), so holding three toys is near-impossible! But holding one toy? That even leaves a free hand for other fun activities!

We want to introduce you to the Evolved Trifecta. Built for orgasmic bliss, the Evolved Trifecta is a triple stimulation rabbit vibrator. With three powerful motors (one for each erogenous zone!), the Trifecta hits the clitoris, the G-spot, and the pleasurable spot within the butt - all at the same time!


No longer do you need to fuss with trying to hold two or three toys at once; the Evolved Trifecta has built them all into the same toy in this high-quality, easy-to-use rabbit vibrator.

Equipped with 10 functions and speeds of powerful vibrations, you can personalize your pleasure. The vaginal shaft is controlled on its own while the anal and clitoral offer the same simultaneous pleasure with their own control button.With illuminated LED lights anytime the vibrator is turned on, you can always find the perfect setting - even in the dark!

Between the graduated beaded anal shaft, the textured vaginal shaft, and the powerful, vibrating rabbit-style clitoral stimulator, the Evolved Trifecta wrings every ounce of pleasure from your body - and will leave you exhausted from your blended orgasms!


How to Use the Evolved Trifecta

Since this triple stimulation toy hits more-than-one area, it's a little bit different than your standard rabbit vibrator. You'll need a little bit more prep time to make sure you (and it!) are ready to go, but don't worry! It's still really easy!

Evolved Trifecta vibrator

To start, wash your vibrator. Especially for vaginal use, having a squeaky-clean toy is vital! If you're prone to infections, this is especially important. Before every use of your new Evolved Trifecta, make sure it has a nice, thorough bath (which is easy because of this silicone vibrator's waterproof capabilities!).

Slipping a toy into both orifices at once requires relaxation - and a prepared body. Next, we recommend warming yourself up. Settle into your favorite porn - or your favorite fantasies.


Allow your body to become aroused, and spend a while in this aroused state. It will make this triple pleasure rabbit vibrator feel even more pleasurable when you finally slip it in!

Are you used to anal sensations? If not, now is the time to help your body before you delve into the toy. Lube up a finger and slide it into the butt. Patience is the name of the game here. It might take you a few minutes before you're able to comfortably insert it, but that's just fine!

Explore how your body feels as you explore this new erogenous zone, and focus on the sensations instead of rushing to the finish line. One of the amazing things about the Evolved Trifecta is its slim anal probe width that still provides intense pleasure. One finger (and two at most!) should get you warmed up to take this toy.

Now that you're ready for the toy, it's time to get the toy ready for you! Using a sex lubricant that's friendly to your body, lubricate both insertable shafts. We recommend being especially thorough around the beaded anal shaft.

More lubricant has never hurt anyone, but too little lubricant definitely has! If your body isn't feeling particularly lubricated, you can always add some lube to your own body!

Now we're sure you want to make it to the moment you've been waiting for: the Evolved Trifecta! Press the Trifecta up against your body - taking care to align both the anal probe and the vaginal probe. You want to feel both probes pressing up against both entrances at the same time; you may need to change the angle or wiggle the toy around to find the right spot.


Evolved Trifecta vibrator

Once they're both in place, gently press the Trifecta into yourself. The toy will gradually slide itself into the body. If you feel any resistance, pause for a second and allow your body to adjust, but you can resume the insertion as soon as you're ready.

When the toy is fully inserted, you're good to go! You'll have triple stimulation - all in the same toy! Enjoy clitoral, vaginal, and anal pleasure in one orgasmic toy! You can gently thrust the Trifecta in and out of the body - or you can choose to take advantage of a rocking motion to ensure constant contact with the clitoral vibrator.

Experiment with the Trifecta and see what feels best to your body!

With a bit of extra attention towards your own arousal and comfort, the Evolved Trifecta will be amazingly orgasmic - and you'll be ready to enjoy every second of it! It doesn't have to take more than half an hour, and it makes sure your Trifecta experience will be as smooth as possible.


Evolved Trifecta vibrator in box

Know the Trifecta Facts

  • Three Powerful Motors (One in each shaft!)
  • Double penetration rabbit vibrator
  • Made from creamy-smooth silicone
  • Length: 8.5"
  • Insertable Length: 3.59"
  • Width (at Vaginal Shaft): 1.52"
  • Graduated anal bead design with slim width for beginner-friendly insertions
  • 10 Vibration Speeds and Functions
  • LED Lights for easy play in the dark
  • Rechargeable via the magnetic port with the included USB cord
  • Waterproof

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