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New Toy to Know: Enby by Wild Flower

Published: APRIL 13, 2020 | Updated: APRIL 15, 2020
Whether solo or partnered, the Enby has you covered.

Ready to explore in the bedroom with a toy that's ready for any pleasure task you throw at it? A vibrator for EVERY body, the Enby is a dynamic, flexible vibrator that's only restricted by the limits of your imagination.


Tired of gendered vibrators and single-act toys, Wild Flower has released a vibrating toy that's as pleasurable as it is creative. Okay, okay. We know it looks like a bike seat - or maybe a really cool sting-ray - but hear us out! This little silicone toy has some serious pleasure potential!

enby sex toy

With its unique design, body-friendly materials, and pleasurable motors, the Enby can target every external erogenous zone you have. With Wild Flower's attention to a functional, multi-use toy, Enby can move from penis-use to partnered-use to solo-grinding in a matter of seconds!


Made from body-safe silicone, the Enby has a rigid core where the vibrations originate. Branching off from this rigid middle, the Enby has two flexible "wings" made from silicone. With a firm grip, these "wings" easily allow the Enby to become a cylinder and wrap around a long, slender area; we're sure you can figure out how that would be useful! (But hey, if you wanna do forearm massage, we're not stopping you either!)

That's not where the Enby's limitless creativity ends, though!

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How Can You Use the Enby?

Grinding for the Clitoris

The rigid center of the Enby makes a lovely grinding point for clitoral sensation. You can lay the Enby out on a bed or other comfortable, flat-surface for stomach-down grinding, or you can use the Enby within a pair of panties to hold it in place for grinding anywhere else your heart desires!

Not getting the right "fit" for you? Consider adding a small towel underneath the Enby before getting on top to "push" it up into the perfect spot!

enby sex toy rolled


Stroking for the Penis

Cup the Enby in your palm, and the Enby's unique shape will turn cylindrical - which is perfect for stroking up and down a penis. Add some lube, and allow the Enby's textured interior and pleasurable vibrations make this a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

Vibrating for the Breasts

Depending on your breast size and cup size, the Enby can easily become a bra vibrator as well. Slip the Enby into the cup, and turn it on for easy, hands-free breast pleasure.

Depending on the size of your cups, the Enby may stick out a little bit - but what better way to remind you or your partner to play with your breasts!?


enby sex toy bending

Sharing Between Bodies

The Enby's unique design allows it to easily slip between two bodies - and provide pleasure on both sides of the toy. Enby's ridged side helps it stay in place (and add extra sensation from the rocking motion!) while the motor vibrates both sides of the toy.

This can be amazing between bodies during a person-on-top (cowgirl/cowboy/cowperson) grinding position! Take your pleasure back to the days where clothing removal wasn't required for orgasm!


Added Sensation During Strap-On Use

Strap-on and pegging play just got so much more fun. The Enby's slim design easily slips between a strap-on harness and the harness wearer's body. With a snug harness, the Enby is held in place - and offers a grinding surface (and vibrations!) for the harness wearer!

Not only that, but the vibrations can also be felt through the dildo for the receiver too! Win-win all around!

Seated Anal Pleasure

No one says the Enby needs to be the star of the show! In fact, the Enby is quite happy being, literally, on the bottom. Consider turning on the vibrations and sitting on your Enby.

Allow the rigid center to align with your anal area, and enjoy pleasurable anal vibrations with zero penetration - but all of the enjoyable pleasure.

enby sex toy by packaging

More to Know

  • Body-safe silicone
  • Designed by Wild Flower in Brooklyn, NY
  • Equipped with three speeds of vibration and five patterns
  • Splashproof
  • Choose from two gorgeous colors: Ash or Plum

Whether solo or partnered, the Enby has you covered. Named "Enby" after the acroynym (short for non-binary), this vibrating toy doesn't follow the usual gender-focused marketing.

Instead, it's a toy designed for all bodies through all of life - and throughout all of life's transitions.

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