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New Toy to Know: DiGiT by Hot Octopuss

Published: AUGUST 30, 2019
This finger vibe is small and maneuverable, but it packs a real punch in terms of vibration.

Size isn’t everything. What matters most is how you use what you’ve got.


No, we aren't talking about what you’re probably picturing your head. This is another small "d" we're talking about, the DiGit finger vibrator from Hot Octopuss.

A quick disclaimer: I’ve previously reviewed the DiGiT and loved it.

Some finger vibrators give you an airy, light humming sensation. And, if you’re into a barely-there vibration, I’m not going to yuck on your yum. But if you avoid finger vibrators because you crave deep, rumbling sensations (*raises hand*), Hot Octopuss is here to give it to us sooooooo good.


If you’ve heard of Hot Octopuss, you’re aware that they usually pack a lot of power into their sex toys for penises. With the DiGit, they still do. This is massive pleasure in a tiny package.

Hot Octopuss DiGit
It's a good-looking sex toy, no?

What’s so great about the Hot Octopuss DiGiT?

The DiGiT finger vibrator is an ergonomic, wearable sex toy. Wear it on either hand, and it becomes an extension of your fingers. Your pleasure is (literally) at your fingertips. Move your hand across your vulva or any other part of your body the way you normally would and the DiGit will take your familiar caress and turn up the volume.


With five speeds and five vibration modes, you can find the vibrations you love best. (My personal favorite is a steady vibration on the highest level - it’s almost like using a wand massager but without the bulk of a large sex toy.)

When you want to play in another way, hand it over to your partner. They can amp up the way they tease and please your clit and even your G-spot, if you’re feeling adventurous. Since they’ll touch you at different angles and in different ways, the experience will be completely new!

I prefer to wear the DiGiT closer to the tips of my fingers. This gives me more control over the tip of the vibrator. But you can also wear it fully against your finger with the rings at the base of your fingers. The rings are flexible so you can open them a bit wider if you have thick fingers. The DiGiT doesn’t require a lot of maneuvering or a tight grip to use, so most people can use and enjoy it comfortably.


Hot Octopuss DiGiT

A few more things to know about the DiGiT

  • It’s 100 percent waterproof. Take it into the shower or tub! (I may need to do that soon ... for science.)
  • The DiGiT is made of black silicone that’s decadent to touch, and feels silky against your body, no matter where you touch yourself. (Ask me how I know!)
  • It’s a USB rechargeable vibrator with a two-hour charge time and a 40 minute run time. (That’s a LOT of vibrations.)

If you can’t tell, I’m a big fan of the DiGiT (I’ve threatened to build a shrine to it in a past review.) No sex toy is perfect for everyone, but if you’re a fan of big rumbly vibrations and clitoral stimulation, I can’t recommend this one enough!

Want to try the DiGiT? Get it here.


Kayla Lords

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