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New Toy to Know: Be.One by Fun Factory

Published: JANUARY 24, 2020 | Updated: JULY 21, 2020
This small, discreet couples vibrator gives you plenty of reasons to go back to the can’t-stop-touching-you phase of your relationship.

Think back to when you first met your partner, when the new relationship energy was running hot. You couldn’t keep your hands off each other. And there was a definite spark between you. You felt it in every touch.


These days, the spark has dulled a little, and even when the sex is good, it’s kind of routine. You know what to expect because you know each other. You’re not dissatisfied with your sex life, but it’s not quite as exciting as it used to be. That’s where the Be.One from Fun Factory comes into play.

This small, discreet couples vibrator gives you plenty of reasons to go back to the can’t-stop-touching-you phase of your relationship. Place the vibe between your fingers and turn every touch into a sexy buzz, a pleasurable jolt, and a sensual caress.

Fun Factory Be.One vibrator


Enjoy the Be.One couples vibrator in multiple ways:

  • Add extra sensation to a blowjob by pressing Be.One against your partner’s shaft, testicles, or perineum.
  • Use Be.One during foreplay as your hands roam your partner’s body with sensual touches.
  • Place the Be.One between your labia for extra sensation while your partner focuses on the rest of your body.
  • Try it against nipples, in between your thighs, on your neck, and every other erogenous zone you (or your partner!) have.

illustrations of how to use the Fun Factory Be.One vibrator

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About the Be.One couples vibrator

The power and pleasure of Be.One comes from the dual motors, both small, but mighty, and its four speeds, including a “flirt” setting. Choose the speed that turns you on and gets you off. But to keep things interesting for you and a partner, try the “flirt” setting. You’ll experience subtle and unpredictable changes in stimulation to keep you (or your partner!) on your toes.


Spice up your sexy fun even more with the Flirt or Dare game included with the Be.One vibrator. Use this to get you started and let the vibrations carry you the rest of the way!

Fun Factory Be.One vibrator in Clean and Carry case

Bring your Be.One with you whenever you travel, thanks to the Clean and Carry case. You can store your toy and tuck it away in a bag for your next weekend getaway. Use the lock function to avoid unplanned vibrations before you play.


Bring back the sexy and the spark to your sex life with the Be.One couple vibrator from Fun Factory. Every touch will hold a new surprise and plenty of pleasure. And you never know what kind of new sexiness you can discover once you start!

Be.One Specifications:

  • Dual motors
  • 4 speeds, including “flirt” mode
  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeables
  • Non-porous and hypoallergenic
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