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New Toy to Know: b-Vibe’s Anal Training Education Set

Published: MAY 14, 2019 | Updated: MAY 17, 2019
Want to try anal play in a way that's safe, pleasurable and fun? This new training kit from b-Vibe is like Anal 101.

Hey, y'all. Each and every month, we're highlighting new sex toys that are out on the market - and available in the Kinkly Shop. We'll give you the down-low on the toy, why it's worth watching out for, and who it might be right for. Today we're featuring the new Anal Training and Education Set by bVibe.


Curious about butt plugs and anal play but afraid of doing something wrong? Heard all the horror stories about how painful it can be? Or maybe you have your own painful experiences from trying anal in the past?

Anal isn’t supposed to hurt and this new kit by b-Vibe is here to make sure it doesn’t.

The Anal Training & Education Set by b-Vibe is designed to make your anal experience better than ever and something that you want to do over and over again!


This seven-piece set is part of b-Vibe’s continuing mission to offer pleasure-focused sex education. That means you get the sex toys you need to learn about anal play and pleasure with the right information so your experience is an enjoyable and healthy one.

Plus, a lot of other training kits on the market (and there are a lot) are, well, kinda crappy. Many are made of questionable materials, or include plugs that just aren't that well designed. This set from b-Vibe is made of premium body-safe silicone, and the different-sized plugs not only allow you to train yourself to accept larger sizes, but also introduce you to a range of sensations, including penetration, vibration and weight. Plus, the kit comes with a guide to help you understand your body and how to actually use this stuff in a way that is safe, pleasurable and fun.

Call it butt school - class in session!


What's in b-Vibe's Anal Training Education Set?

Unlike other sets you may have seen in the past, the Anal Training and Education Set from b-Vibe provides everything you need to get started from the moment your kit arrives. No detail is left out. The kit includes:

b-Vibe anal plugA small, flexible silicone butt plug that's perfect for beginners.


b-vibe vibrating anal plug
A medium-sized, vibrating rechargeable butt plug. It's great for moving up to the next level with added stimulation.


b-vibe large weighted anal plug
A large, weighted butt plug - exactly what you need when you want to feel stretched and full.

b-vibe reusable enema
A reusable anal enema, for anyone who prefers to enjoy anal with a clean booty.


b-vibe anal lube launcher
A lubricant launcher - because lube is MUST for anal play (but it doesn’t have to be messy)

b-vibe anal education training set
The kit also includes The Complete Guide to Anal Play, which provides real information for anal newbies, and a travel/storage bag to keep your goodies clean and out of sight.

How to Use This Kit

If you’re new to anal penetration, start with the smallest plug and work your way up as you become more comfortable with this kind of stimulation. All three plugs are made from body-safe silicone and have a wide base and tapered tip for comfortable and safe play.

The reusable enema helps you clean up so you’re more comfortable before you play, and the lubricant launcher makes sure applying lube (always needed in anal play) is easy and thorough. Between uses, you can store everything in the bag, plus you can easily travel with it.

The real magic happens in The Complete Guide to Anal Play. Written by sex educators, this guide helps dispel harmful myths and rumors you or a partner may have heard about anal play and penetration. It also provides step-by-step instructions on how to use everything in the set - including each of the butt plugs. You don’t have to guess about what you need to do or how things should work - b-Vibe provides everything you need!

Is b-Vibe's Anal Training Education Set for you?

If you’re curious and ready to try anal play but feel intimidated or clueless about other products you’ve seen, b-Vibe offers pleasure and education without the pressure. They don’t expect you to know what to do before you begin, and they provide quality toys that will ensure that your playtime is fun and safe every time. Even better, b-Vibe provides information to make sure your experience is something you want to repeat over and over again. After all it's your butt. Why not give it the best?

Kayla Lords

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