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New Toy to Know: b-Vibe Vibrating Snug Plugs

Published: JULY 23, 2019 | Updated: JULY 21, 2020
With this upgrade of an already-awesome plug, b-Vibe does what it does best: making butts happy.

b-Vibe, known for their expertise in all things booty-related, has taken one of their most beloved butt plugs and, somehow, miraculously, made it even better. If you’re wondering how that’s even possible, you’re not alone. Their latest in anal pleasure, Vibrating Snug Plugs, takes everything you love about the original and amps up the sensations and stimulation, as well as the pleasure and fun.


Snug Plugs are uniquely designed weighted butt plugs. Thicker than the average, and better than most, they provide anal pleasure that’s rare in a butt plug. Vibrating Snug Plugs, their latest offering, add powerful vibrations to turn your anal fun from, “This is great!” to “OMG, this is f-ing fantastic!” (You can read more about the original Snug Plugs here.)

What makes b-Vibe's Vibrating Snug Plugs f-ing fantastic?

As with most sex toys, extra stimulation is nearly always a game-changer. The new Vibrating Snug Plugs now include a powerful bullet vibrator that allows you to choose from six levels of intensity and six patterns. Turn it up or down. Enjoy steady sensation or find a teasing pattern. It’s all about what makes your body (and booty) hum with pleasure.

Why are Snug Plugs beloved by so many?

If you’re into anal play of any kind (and we know many of you are!), you know that comfort is everything. If your butt plug starts to hurt anywhere, you just want it OUT of your body. The unique design of the Snug Plug, when combined with the smooth, seamless silicone its made from, allows most people to wear it longer with little to no discomfort.


But that’s not where the pleasure ends. Every Snug Plug includes weighted balls inside the plug - that’s what makes them so heavy. This combined with the wide plug helps you feel fuller than with typical anal plugs. If you crave a full feeling during anal play, Snug Plugs are the way to go. Wear them when you’re out and about or during sex (penetrative or otherwise).

Adding vibrations only makes the entire experience better.

What Reviewers Said About the Original Snug Plugs

“I found wearing the Snug Plug during PiV sex changed things dramatically. The very size of the Snug Plug makes PiV a tighter experience for both parties, however add to this the movement of the weights when being fucked and it’s almost a religious experience.” - Candy Snatch


“For users with a prostate, having a heavy toy means that the toy will give stimulation for every step you take. This toy in specific has the weights jiggle around if you move it. It reminds me of those ben-wa balls that have the weights that move around.” - Unchaste Ray

“Where the Snug Plug 3 excels is its weights’ movements and, well, its snugness within the anal canal. The real magic happens when you clench— it feels like your ass is discreetly getting fucked, and that’s so unique in a plug.” - Super Smash Cache

b-Vibe Is All About the Booty ...

Specializing in anal toys, b-Vibe takes butt pleasure and play to a whole new level. Snug Plugs come in a variety of sizes, so you can find your best fit. Vibrating Snug Plugs are currently available in Medium and XL, with two colors to choose from for each.


Every order ships with the b-Vibe Guide to Anal Play. When you’re new to butt stuff, starting out the right way keeps it pleasurable - and safe - for everyone.

b-Vibe Vibrating Snug Plug with box, storage bag, charger and book

b-Vibe Vibrating Snug Plug Specifications

Medium Vibrating Snug Plug

  • Colors: Fuschia and Black
  • Dimensions: 2.3” x 4.9” x 1.2”
  • Weight: 112g
  • Material: Silicone
  • 100% splash-proof
  • USB rechargeable


XL Vibrating Snug Plug

  • Colors: Blue and Black
  • Dimensions: 2.3” x 5.9” x 1.69”
  • Weight: 247g
  • Material: Silicone
  • 100% splash-proof
  • USB rechargeable
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