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New Toy to Know: b-Vibe Texture Plugs

Published: JANUARY 30, 2020 | Updated: JULY 21, 2020
You’re going to love the new Texture Butt Plugs from b-Vibe and Zoe Ligon.

Has your booty pleasure been lacking a little something? You love using butt plugs and yet it’s a bit... boring. Sound like you? You’re going to love the new Texture Butt Plugs from b-Vibe and Zoe Ligon. Instead of the standard smooth plugs you’re used to, you get the sensation and texture you’ve been missing from your anal play.


Zoe Ligon, sex educator/edutainor, writer, artist, and owner of Spectrum Boutique collaborated with b-Vibe to bring more butt fun into the world. And we are here for it!

Meet the Plugs

The Texture Plug collection are available in three styles and sizes, from beginner to advanced players.

Bump Texture Plug (Small): The smallest in the line-up, the Bump is, you guessed it, bumpy. The bumps are inspired by grapes! The Bump is perfect for beginners at 1.2 inches in diameter and four inches of insertable length.


b-Vibe Bump Texture Plug (Small)

Swirl Texture Plug (Medium): This medium-sized butt plug is no forgotten middle child of anal play. The rope-like swirl, which brings to mind ice cream cones and bondage, provides a tugging, twisting sensation for both the not-quite newbie and anal afficionado. It measures in at 1.38 inches in diameter and 4.4 inches of insertable length.

b-Vibe Swirl Texture Plug (Medium)


Twist Texture Plug (Large): The largest of the three plugs from b-Vibe, the Twist Texture is full of ripples in a variety of sizes, based, in part, on Fruit Loops and Cheerios. The size and the texture variation make this an advanced level plug at 1.73 inches in diameter and 5.7 inches of insertable length.

b-Vibe Twist Texture Plug (Large)

Using a Texture Plug

All three plugs are great for anal or vaginal play. Turn them on with the touch of a button and cycle through six available patterns to find the sensation you love best. They’re all tapered at the end for easy insertion with wide-base handles for safe and comfortable use.


No matter what size you use, always add plenty of lube! Make sure you choose a high-quality water-based lubricant to use with your Texture Plugs.

You can purchase all three as a kind of anal training kit, moving from one size to the next as your body adjusts and adapts. You can also pick a preferred size and stick with it, whether you use it for anal or vaginal penetration. All that matters most is that you focus on comfort and pleasure, and ease into any new-to-you penetration, especially anal.

Regardless of what you may have heard, anal doesn’t have to be painful. Especially if you take your time.


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b-Vibe Bump Texture Plug with charging cord

Textured Plug Specs:

While each Textured Plug is a different size, color, and texture, they all have very important things in common:

  • Splash proof and shower-friendly
  • Made of 100 percent silicone
  • Easy to clean
  • Two hours of play on a full charge
  • One button use
  • Six vibrating patterns
  • Rechargeable
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