New Survey Reveals People’s Biggest Sex Turn-Offs, Turn-Ons and Deal-Breakers

Published: JUNE 12, 2018 | Updated: FEBRUARY 2, 2022
What people love and hate is relatively similar across countries, but differs significantly by gender.

What's the most embarrassing thing that has every happened to you in bed? What about something that your partner did that you really hated? That you really loved?


A recent survey by website asked 2,000 Europeans and Americans about awkward moments, bedroom hates and bedroom faves. The results are interesting, especially when divided by gender. Let's have a look at some of the more interesting findings.

Well, This Is Awkward ...

The top 15 most awkward things that have happened to people in their sexual encounters include only lasting a couple of minutes (which is No.1 for men), getting a muscle cramp (No.1 overall and No.1 for women), knocking something over, being interrupted, and falling off the bed or couch.

Surprisingly, 3.5% of people mentioned "kissing an armpit" as an awkward moment, and 5.5% admit to having broken a piece of furniture during sex. Personally, I'd take that as a compliment, or as a sign that I need sturdier furniture...


In Poland and Belgium, lasting only a couple of minutes was the most common awkward event. In the US, getting a muscle cramp was more frequent.

I Love It When ...

The survey also asked respondents what they actually like to happen during a sexual encounter. At the top of the list for men: asking to film the performance. I'm not especially surprised by this. Men are visual creatures, and the idea of filming encounters is a pretty common request. This was only No.5 for women, showing a major difference in this particular preference.

At the top of the list for women is introducing a food item to the bed. The survey doesn't mention how the food item is to be used; we can assume it includes things like whipped cream and chocolate.


People also seem to have an exhibitionist streak: leaving a window open makes the top three for both men and women. Getting your clothes ripped and ripping someone's clothes are No.5 and No.6 for men, and No.3 and No.4 for women, respectively. Indeed, people love when their partner shows strong desire for them, and ripping clothes is a great way to do that!

I Hate It When ...

Last, but not least, are the things that people definitely hate: the deal breakers. The survey asked what would make someone end a sexual relationship with someone, and these are some of the responses.

On this one, men and women agree: being called by the wrong name is most certainly likely to get you thrown out of bed, and probably out of the relationship altogether. It was the biggest overall deal breaker with 19.1% of responses.


Loud farts and silent but deadly farts rank third and second place for both men and women; peeing a little is No.4 for both genders as well. After these, the answers begin to diverge; men mention getting their penis bent the wrong way as a deal breaker, while women hate it when their partner burps, bites them, or sneezes on them.

Interestingly, the biggest deal breaker changed by country. In most of them, being called by the wrong name was the biggest, but in Spain, Austria and Belgium, farting was a bigger deal.

Does this survey accurately reflect your own awkward moments, things you love, and deal breakers?

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