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Naughty or Nice: 3 Gifts That Are Both

by Kinkly
Published: DECEMBER 20, 2019 | Updated: JULY 21, 2020
Why choose being naughty or nice when you can be both? These 3 toys from FemmeFunn are sure to get you on both of Santa's lists!

When we were kids the majority of us probably spent December worried that we'd end up on Santa's naughty list. Coal instead of toys? Oh heck no.


It's funny how the meanings of words change as you get older. While being naughty was something to be afraid of as a child, it's now something most of us crave.

And why should we have to pick one or the other? Naughty or nice? Sometimes we like kinky sex and sometimes we like vanilla sex. And sometimes, the most satisfying sex is a mix of both, which is why we believe that the best sex toys are ones perfect for either kind of play.

If you're looking for that perfect toy that is both naughty and nice, here are three offerings from FemmeFunn to inspire you!


Bougie Bullet

Bullet vibrators are truly the dream sex toy when it comes to being naughty and nice. FemmeFunn's Bougie Bullet is 100% waterproof and made of sleek anodized aluminum, which means it's perfect for some temperature play. Need a new sex toy for some shower sex? Bougie has you covered. Want to heat things up in the bedroom? Bougie can help with that - literally.

FemmeFunn Bougie Bullet vibrator

The other brilliantly naughty thing about this toy is that it's small, discreet, and deliciously powerful. With a vibrator that can fit in your pocket, it's totally up to you where you indulge in your naughty side.


Funn Plug

If you haven't experimented with anal play, then you should definitely give in to this nice and naughty style of play! FemmeFunn's Funn Plug is the perfect butt plug for you or your partner to play with! This small, silicone plug comes with 20 vibration modes and is 100% waterproof.

FemmeFunn Funn Plug butt plug

There are so many new sensations to discover when it comes to anal play. This beginner friendly plug will help you find the ones that feel soooooo (heavy on the O) nice.


Ultra Wand

Wand massagers are a staple when it comes to sex toys, for both naughty and nice reasons. Wand vibrators, like FemmeFunn's Ultra Wand, provide delightful, deep vibrations that feel exceptionally nice. But they also have the naughty ability to be used anywhere.

FemmeFunn Ultra Wand vibrator

Wands like these are the perfect sex toy to explore different parts of your or your partner's bodies. There are so many different erogenous zones on the body and wand vibrators are awesome at helping you find which erogenous zones feel nice (or naughty) to you!


There's no need to settle for just being naughty or nice; the most fun is found when you explore both worlds. So go ahead and tell Santa to put you on both lists this year (and ask him to bring you one of these toys too!).

And if you don't want to depend on Santa, go ahead and grab you or someone you love their own new toy! Use KINKLY19 for 20% OFF any of FemmeFunn's toys!


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