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My Sex Toy Does What? Breaking Down Sex Toy Tricks and Functions

Published: FEBRUARY 2, 2021
Knowing all the ways a sex toy functions is key to hitting all the right pleasure spots!

Can you relate to this experience? Imagine yourself thinking about picking up a brand new sex toy. You’re thinking a vibrator, something to really get your motor goin’. So you make a beeline for your favorite sex shop or online retailer and start to peruse the selection.


OMG there are so many different kinds of vibrators!

We are definitely living in the golden age of sex toys and with great pleasure can come great confusion. What do they all do? What can they do for me? Which will I like best? Can I win a lottery, buy them all and never leave my home again?

While that last thought might be a little too lofty, you can definitely learn all about the wide variety of vibrators that are ready and waiting to take you on the sexiest ride of your life.


Double The Pleasure, Double The Fun!

What good is having so many happy fun pleasure spots on the body if we can’t stimulate more than one at a time? Whoever first devised dual pleasure vibrators must have been thinking the same thing.

Most commonly known as rabbit vibrators, these toys feature both an interior and exterior vibrator to stimulate the clitoris, vagina and, in some cases, the G-spot all at the same time. These toys first emerged in the 1990s as it was becoming more understood that folks with those body parts orgasm with much less frequency when experiencing just penetration.

By adding the clitoral attachment, dual pleasure vibrators took off in popularity. Most dual pleasure vibrators offer different speeds and intensities of vibration and some allow the user to activate the clit and internal vibrations separately.


sex toy functions: rabbit vibrators

Always Reliable

When it comes to sex toys, there are two types of vibrators that will always be considered “old reliable.” Both small bullet vibrators and big wand vibrators are basic to the core. Turn on, apply to clit (or other sexy parts) and enjoy an orgasm. Lather, rinse, repeat (again and again). This no-frills approach to pleasure is a good example of our growing understanding that pleasure doesn’t have to be complex (though you’re welcome to make it that way!) and is a basic human pleasure.

In most makes, both can feature different speeds and rhythm patterns. Most newer models have moved to be rechargeable for ease of use. But what makes them continually popular is that these toys can be added to other types of play, such as oral and intercourse to take your pleasure to the next level.


sex toy functions: bullet vibrator

The Heat is On!

Sex toys are fantastic, but one of the least appealing aspects of playing with them is those first few moments. Sure, you might be all hot and bothered but toys don’t have that hot blood coursing through them to warm you up.

Those first few moments when that cold toy hits your hot spots is never the best. So it makes sense that some sex toys now come with warming functions to ensure that the heat never leaves your scene. Heated vibrators are meant to provide a more life-like feel to your vibe. Many folks will find this very comfortable and comforting!


sex toy functions: heated vibrators

Hitting The Spot

We are very lucky that our bodies feature many different erogenous zones to tempt and tantalize. But let’s be honest, some spots are better than others. Some spots are curl-your-toes and roll-your-eyes amazing, such as the G-Spot and the P-Spot. The orgasms produced when massaging these sensitive areas can be truly mindblowing. Alas, both of them are tucked away and a little hard to reach.

Fortunately, there are sex toys, both vibrating and non-vibrating that are specially curved to reach those hard-to-reach hot spots. Adding G or P spot stimulation to clitoral or penis pleasure with this type of toy to clitoral of penis pleasure can be out-of-this-world hot! Of course, most things are always better when its wet, so make sure you've got lots of lube handy. If you are using these kind of stimulators in conjunction with some partnered oral action, a flavored lube might be fun too!


sex toy functions: flavored lube

Sealed With A Lick

Some of the most successful and orgasmic sex toys are the ones that offer sensations similar to what we would feel if we are being touched by another person. For those folks with a clitoris, the caress of a tongue can produce all the sexy feels—from significant shivers to shout-out-loud orgasms!

These newer additions to the sexual marketplace, sex toys that feature a rotating series of “tongues” flick the clit and vibrate at a delightful pace, simulating oral sex in amazing ways. Whether they are a great toy for you will depend on how you like your clitoris being touched. But, the chance to get head at a moment’s notice? Definitely worth investigating!

Bringing Up The Rear…

Can we even remember a time when butt stuff wasn’t popular? Once the forbidden sexual fruit, ass fun is now a frequent part of many people’s sex lives. Sure, it’s not for everyone, but for those into butt, adding anal pleasure is a major turn on. One of the great things about our asses is that you can enjoy that fun in a very passive way. Enter the butt plug!

You can participate in many different types of sex while wearing a butt plug to take everything up a notch! Butt plugs come in many different shapes and sizes—some even vibrate—and will stay in place, in your ass while you participate in all kinds of sexual adventures. Just remember, regardless of the butt plug you choose, always add lots of lube!

sex toy functions: butt plug

Reaching Out To Touch Someone

One of the best things about the sex toy market is that manufacturers are always innovating and creating new and fantastical toys for our pleasure. One way these fine folks have really advanced our sexy sensations is by incorporating developing technology into our bedroom lives. But not just our bedroom. Did you know you can control various sexual devices—vibrators, penis masturbators, tickling panties, couples toys—from across the room or even from the other side of the world? Sex tech has advanced leaps and bounds to include toys controlled by remotes and over Bluetooth with an app. This kind of hands-free operation can allow you and your partner(s) more intimacy while you’re together or while you are apart.

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