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Long term relationships

My One-Night Stand – With My Husband

by Kinkly
Published: SEPTEMBER 4, 2017 | Updated: FEBRUARY 2, 2022
What happens when a lonely woman and a mysterious man meet in a bar?

She was all alone in London tonight. Her husband had left her on her own again, probably off with another one of his women, she thought. Miserably, she sat down at the bar, ready to start drinking herself into oblivion ... again.


Just then, an incredibly good looking man entered. He caught her eye, just for a second, but she could swear he winked at her. No, it was probably just her imagination. He wouldn’t be looking at her. Why would he? He was probably meeting some gorgeous woman any second now. Still, she felt eyes on her. She looked round again; he was staring at her! She smiled briefly and looked down, shy, unsure about what to do next. Taking her drink, she walked to the balcony, hoping he would join her so that they could talk. Deep down, she knew that he wouldn’t. She took a long sip of her drink.

"Beautiful night isn’t it?" he said, now besides her.

"Yes, amazing view too" she replied, her heart racing. Maybe this time, I’ll be the one with a dirty little secret, she thought. Maybe it’s my time to have an affair...

What Happened Next ... Sorry to disappoint you, ladies. This isn’t the beginning of a new "Fifty Shades" book. In fact, I was that lonely woman, and that mysterious man was actually my fiancé!

Let me explain what happened. Like any long-term relationship, ours sometimes needs a bit of spicing up. So, we decided that now was the right time to do something a bit different. We looked at all the usual role-playing outfits and decided they weren’t really for us. But after a bit more fantasizing, we realized that an illicit one-night stand (with each other) might be really exciting.

We laid out the scene. I would be a neglected wife who would be seduced by a handsome stranger in town on business for one night only. We would meet at a bar, have dinner and then go back to my hotel for some X-rated fun, all the while hoping my "real" husband wouldn’t catch us in the act!The Come On

We wanted the night to feel spontaneous, but that took a little planning. First, we booked a hotel. Let's face it: There is nothing worse for your libido than spending hours in the cold! For the same reason, we made sure that we knew a few bars in the area that we could go to. I checked in to the hotel on my own and found a bar, then texted my fiancé the location so he could meet me there. For this to work we’d have to keep in character for the whole evening - or at least give it a try.

My One-Night Stand

I saw my new lover enter the bar and sat down on a stool next to him. I couldn’t meet his eye because I knew I’d start laughing, so I got up and when out onto the balcony. We talked for a minute in character, but the second I looked him in the eye we both started laughing. We aimed to stay in character all night and it barely lasted five minutes! Fortunately, things heated up again back at the hotel - but I’ll tell you about that later.

We ignored the issue for the rest of the evening and just as I was about to give up and go bed, my fiancé leaned in and whispered in my ear, "Where is your husband tonight?".

"I don’t know," I replied. "He's probably with one of his girlfriends ... he could come back any minute.".


He stared into my eyes and then kissed me. "Would you like to come to my room?" I asked, before leading him upstairs.

Before the night started, I had been very worried that the pressure to have sex at the end of the night would get to me, but what followed was some of the hottest sex I’ve ever had. To spice things up even further, we pretended that my "husband" could be back any minute. It seems so simple, but this little shift in reality allowed us to try things we had never done before - and it felt amazing! The strangest thing was that I found it really was like having sex with another person, but without any of that first-time awkwardness. The whole thing felt natural and sexy and ever so slightly wrong. Which, of course, made it even better. (Want some other ideas for spicing things up with your partner? Read 8 New Year's Resolutions for the Best Sex Ever.)The Morning After

The next morning I felt great, if a little hung-over (we needed a bit of Dutch courage to loosen up!). What I’ve realized is great about this kind of role play is that you get to have all the thrills of an affair without any of the horrible consequences - or guilt. It also did wonders for our sex life even in the days leading up to our night of passion. We are now just a little bit closer, and we’re already planning to do it again!

What We Learned

How can you create the allure of a one-night stand with your long-term partner? I learned that it's important to think of the evening as a whole, not just your initial meeting and what you’re planning to do in the bedroom. If my fiancé and I had done that, maybe we would have been able to stay in character a little longer.

You should also go somewhere where you’re not going to be noticed - and where you won't be spotted by anyone you know. Also, if you’re worried you’re going giggle and ruin the illusion like we did, try meeting up and pretending you’re already in an established affair. The "getting to know you" questions you'd ask of a real stranger were too awkward for us. This would have allowed us to skip them and get to the dirty talk!What He Said

I thought I should get the man's perspective on this too, so I asked my fiancé for his thoughts. Here's what he said:


"The thought of this made me surprisingly nervous because I’ve never been a picking-up-women-in-bars kind of a guy. However, after we had booked our hotel, I got more and more turned on just thinking about the naughtiness of it all! Once we’d gotten over the initial fact that we found the situation hilarious and we got back to the hotel bar, it felt a lot easier to slip into character.

I had decided beforehand to give myself a new name, but when it came down to it I just decided to be a more suave version of myself, as staying in character felt like it would be too hard! Once we hooked up in the bar and made our way to the bedroom, the sex was amazing. The prospect of Emma’s "husband" walking in on us added some danger and urgency. That turned me on even more.

It went so well I’m definitely looking forward to the next time we do it. I’m even thinking of setting up a Facebook account as my alias so that the affair can continue. Hopefully I can get Emma to drop her "husband" for another night of passion!"


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