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Multiply Your Pleasure! Top Tips for Multiple Female Orgasms

Published: JULY 24, 2015 | Updated: FEBRUARY 2, 2022
Female anatomy is what makes multiple orgasms possible.

For some women it is easy to have multiple orgasms, but many others believe that they are not capable of having more than one climax during a sexual encounter. This is why it will probably surprise women that the way their bodies work makes multiples more likely. Unlike men, women do not need a recovery period before they can become aroused again. Even after having their first climax, many women will stay aroused and can be brought back to an orgasm two or even three more times.


How to Multiply Your Pleasure

While multiple orgasms are not always necessary to have a full and satisfying sex life, they can be a great way to spice up a couples' love life. With some patience and a few tips, anyone can learn how to give their partner multiple orgasms.

One of the best ways to ensure that a woman has more than one orgasm is to make sure that there is plenty of time for foreplay. Not only is it difficult for many women to climax several times, it also takes women longer to become aroused. Spending the time to get aroused will often pay off in multiple orgasms. If you're playing with a female partner, one way to help her become excited is to let her know what she can expect. The buildup of her anticipation will often heighten her sexual desire and make it easier for her to achieve more than one orgasm. (Learn more in The No.1 Secret to Female Orgasm.)

There are several different methods that will give your woman an orgasm, but there are two that are the easiest for both of you. G-spot and A-spot stimulation can both produce multiple orgasms - and that's without even getting to the clitoris.


G-Spot Orgasms

Almost everyone has heard of the mythical G-spot, and finding it can be difficult. The easiest way to locate the G-spot is too insert two fingers into the vagina and feel towards the top, front vaginal wall. The slightly raised and spongy nub of tissue is that sensitive spot. For an intense orgasm, insert two fingers pointing toward the top of the vagina in a hook position. By applying a little pressure and setting a rhythm, many women are able to orgasm several times. While massaging a woman's G-spot will generally give her a vaginal orgasm, not all women are aroused by having this sensitive place sexually manipulated. (Learn more in You Don't Have to Experience G-Spot Pleasure for It to Be "Real.")

A-Spot Orgasms

A large number of couples have never heard of stimulating the A-spot on a woman, but it can be a major source of pleasure. This hard-to-find erogenous zone is located inside the vagina, closer to the cervix. While it is almost impossible to stimulate this spot with your fingers, it can be stimulated by a man's penis.

There are two sexual positions that work best for this: missionary and the cowgirl, or woman on top. In the missionary position, you might want to place a few pillows under her back to give you a better angle for penetration. If she prefers to be on top, have her lean back slightly so the penis can thrust deeper inside the vagina to reach past the G-spot. One of the main reasons why it is easier for a woman to have multiple orgasms with her A-spot is that it does not become overly sensitive like the clitoris can. Many women can have two or more orgasms via deeper penetration and A-spot massage.


Deep Spot Orgasms

The deep spot is past both of the G and A-spots and is located near the cervix cervix. While it may be extremely difficult to reach the spot without causing some discomfort, it can also deliver the most intense and powerful orgasms. Generally penile penetration or a vibrator is used to stimulate the deep spot, but you can also use two fingers the same way you would when massaging the other orgasmic spots in a woman's body.

Get to Know Your Partner

All women experience orgasms differently, and enjoy different forms of sexual stimulation. Before you try to give a partner multiple climaxes, it is important that you know if she will enjoy all of the different erogenous zones being stimulated. Open and honest communication will go a long way toward a more orgasmic experience. Enjoying each other sexually is part of being in a healthy and happy relationship, and giving her multiple climaxes is one way to keep both of you sexually satisfied.

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