Using a sex toy is very personal experience, but there's no reason why you can't spread those orgasmically good feelings around. Plus, we're nosy: We wanna to know which sex toy has been giving you that glow! We also want to highlight the best, most orgasmic sex toys out there - and the manufacturers behind them. So, we've teamed up with StorErotica to present the Consumers' Choice Award for sex toys.

Want to join in the fun? Submit your nomination here until May 19th. We'll compile the top 10 nominated toys and allow you to vote for the winner through the product pages in our Sex Toy Directory. The winner will be announced at the Adult Novelty Manufacturer's Expo (ANME) in July as part of the StorErotica Award Show.

We want to share the love and promote the sex toys that are rocking your world. Share your favorites (anonymously!) by clicking below.

Make Yourself Heard: Nominate Your Favorite Sex Toy for a Reader's Choice Award!

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