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Lovense Lush 3: Sex Toy Review

by Kinkly
Published: OCTOBER 18, 2021 | Updated: OCTOBER 31, 2021
Good things are hatching with the Lovense Lush 3 egg vibrator!

The Product: Lovense Lush 3

The Verdict: 5 Kinkly Hearts (out of 5)


The reviews of this egg vibrator are almost universally fantastic which set my hopes VERY HIGH for the Lovense Lush 3. I was hoping for a lot from this handy little egg vibe, and I found it a solid addition to my bedside collection.

The previous iterations of the Lush were well regarded in sex toy review circles. For the third edition, Lovense took a lot of customer feedback into account and has improved on what was already a pretty great product by most accounts. The most notable upgrade, in my opinion, is the battery life. Up to FIVE HOURS of play time. Can you imagine five hours? I would die. But I would die happy.

The egg shaped part nestles in beside your g-spot. The shape is broad enough that you don't have to worry about hitting the spot exactly (pro tip: your g-spot swells when you are turned on, so if you engage in some warm-up foreplay it is easier to find. But I like I said, you don't need to be precise!)


There is a tail that stays outside and kind of hooks around in front of the pubic mound. The antenna for the remote is housed there, as well as the power and pattern control button and the LED battery indicator light.

Lovense Lush 3: Sex Toy ReviewThe "tail" that houses the antenna and power button

How Did You Use It?

After charging and cleaning this little hot pink nugget of joy I slipped it inside my vagina with a bit of water-based lube. The remote app is really easy to use and intuitive so I spent some time playing around and discovering the ways to adjust the settings.


Once I had dialed in some powerful vibes I headed over to Girl on the Net for some aural porn. I set the vibrator to respond to sound and that was a pretty sweet treat, as not only did the vibrations pulse to the sounds of the audio, it did little bursts of intensity whenever I sighed or made a noise at the spicy part.

I mentioned to my Friend Who Knows These Things that I didn't get off from the Lush 3 on its own and she questioned why I thought a g-spot vibrator would make me orgasm. Fair. So I added some bonus activities and then wow.

I also used my fingers to press the internal portion really firmly into my g-spot and resulted in some squirting I was not wholly prepared for, but I'm not complaining. I added some clitoral stimulation and found that was the magic combo.


I did find the external tail portion got in the way of accessing my clit a bit and I had to keep pushing it to the side. I imagined if someone was going down on you while you were wearing the Lush that could get a bit annoying.

Finally, I took advantage of the long distance capabilities of the Lush 3 and spent a luxuriant evening with an indulgent far away partner controlling my vibes while engaging in some pretty intense dirty talk.

Is it clear that I enjoyed the heck out of this thing?


Lovense Lush 3: Sex Toy Review

How Else Could You Use It?


The Lovense Lush 3 is very, very quiet. According to the literature it's 43 decibels, or about the same volume as a library or suburban area at night. That makes it pretty excellent for public play, especially when paired with the phone app for discreet control.

In addition to the long distance sex toy capabilities allowing you to grant permission for a far away lover to control your pleasure, there are a few other ways this toy incorporates sextech. There are separate instructions to set it up for cam performers and even a media player so you can sync your body-safe sex toy to VR porn. You need a Lovense dongle to enable Bluetooth connectivity from your desktop for that though (sold separately.)

The latest update to the app involves a speed mode, where the Lush will vibrate in response to movement. There's no way I could drive and vibe at the same time (plus you have to check a waiver that you won't) and I can honestly say none of my Uber drivers have inspired an aching need to use a vibrator in the back seat, but I can see some fun possibilities. G-spot stimulation on a roller coaster maybe??

How Does it Work?

Despite being a toy on the vanguard of sextech, the Lovense Lush 3 is pretty simple to use. I am a marginally tech savvy person, so really, it doesn't take a lot to figure this baby out. And the good thing is that you can still use it without all the techy stuff - but you will be missing out on some of the fun!

Out of the box, you need to charge it and wash it then slip it in. You might want to use the initial charge time to download the Lovense app and sign up for an account. You can still use the app with a Bluetooth connection for remote control without signing up for an account. You do need to have an account if you want to let a partner use the controls or use the chat features, or try out the patterns other users have posted.

There is a single raised button at the tip of the tail (the external portion) that controls everything manually. Press and hold (it will do a little buzz) to turn it on, then you can pair it with the remote.

Lovense Lush 3: Sex Toy Review

Once you and your partner have accounts set up, you can send each other a connection request. The person with the toy can create a link to send to the long distance partner which allows them to take control of the toy. You can set a timer for how long you want to relinquish control (between one second and one hour.) The instructions say if you set it to "0 minutes" it allows unlimited time, but we found it timed out periodically and I had to generate another link to send him a few times, which was a bit of a mood killer, but we were determined. Setting it to one hour was the eventual solution.

My partner has a positively ancient, hopelessly out of date cell phone, but was able to use the link and remote from his laptop (the app is available on iOS, Android, Windows and Apple.) The voice chat and video chat are not available for the desktop applications, so we juggled a bit with Messenger and the Lovense app, but still managed just fine.

Lovense Lush 3: Sex Toy Review

Product Details

The Lovense Lush 3 is made from body-safe silicone and looks like a misshapen egg with a long tail. The egg part is smaller than a chicken egg and the whole thing fits in my (not enormous) hand.

There are four pre-set patterns (pulse, wave, fireworks and earthquake) and five speeds each can be set at. You can also create your own pattern that allows you to loop or sequence the patterns, with a sliding intensity bar. You can also try patterns that have been created by other users if you are logged into your account.

The Lush 3 is very, very quiet. Barely hear it under a blanket quiet. It gets very slightly louder at higher intensities and gets a bit whiny at top speed, but overall this is a toy that will do you well in public or in a home that demands discretion.

Insertable Length: 3"

Diameter at Widest Point: 1.5"

Total Tail Length: 5.3"

Lovense Lush 3: Sex Toy ReviewThe internal "egg" portion

Materials and Care

The Lush 3 is made of high-quality silicone with no discernable seams or rough edges. It is waterproof so go ahead and really enjoy your bath time! That material also makes it a dream to clean with warm sudsy water or a sex toy cleanser. There are no nooks or crannies that need extra scrubbing and for that I am grateful.

The silicone material is soft and silky but a few drops of lube will ease things along nicely. Use a water-based lube with it as silicone lubes can degrade silicone toys.

Lovense Lush 3: Sex Toy Review

The Lush 3 by Lovense charges with a magnetic port, but not a particularly strong one. I found it knocks off without too much effort so you will want to have it on a stable, level surface while you charge it up. It is also important you learn from my mistakes and realize that even though it is possible to connect the charger any-which-way, it will only actually charge if you put it rightside up. You will know it is the right way if the red led lights up on the tail of the vibrator. Otherwise you'll just be waiting for it to charge for no reason. Just sitting there, wondering why it is taking so very long before you read the instructions that clearly tell you what's the deal.

The Packaging

The Lush 3 arrived discreetly, as all Kinkly Shop products do. Inside the plain brown box was the cardboard box of the Lush. It has a picture of the toy and the copy makes it clear it is a sex toy. If you don't want to advertise what you've got, you'll probably want to ditch the box. Inside the box is a magnetic USB charging cord, a small satin carrying case, a quick start guide and a more detailed owner's manual plus the Lush itself.

Lovense Lush 3: Sex Toy Review

The Verdict: 5/5

This is a very good toy. But I'll level with you. I like a toy that works with my inherent laziness. One that gets me going and pops me over the edge of orgasm without me having to do anything else. I like the option to take it slow, but if I can crank it up to 11 and whip out an orgasm at a new land speed record, I like that! The Lovense Lush 3 does not do that and that is the only downside for me. I have accepted that what it does do though, makes the journey very, very sweet.

The vibrations are intense. For a small vibrator, it packs a punch! When paired with clitoral stimulation, they created a powerful blended orgasm that is tough to beat.

It is nice and quiet. While I haven't had occasion to wear it out of the house yet, I look forward to doing so. The phone app makes it super discreet to use and the secret rumble make the Lush perfect for public play.

The battery life is out of this world. I gave it workout after workout and it was still halfway full. Other toy manufacturers, take note!

The long distance capabilities are really cool. I have read about teledildonics before but never actually used a toy that could be controlled by a partner hundreds of miles away. It makes an online date an extra bit of fun!

The ease of use, power, and public/long-distance capabilities make the Lovense Lush 3 a full-marks winner in my books!

Lovense Lush 3: Sex Toy Review

Other Options:

If you love a good g-spot vibe but are looking for something a bit different from the Lovense, check out these options:

The Zalo Queen is a gorgeous vibrator that does a bit of everything. The broad tip strokes against the g-spot, and you can choose to turn the vibrating shaft on too. It also includes a clitoral air suction attachment and warms for an even more stimulating experience.

The Lora DiCarlo Onda is another option for ensuring your g-spot gets the good good. The stroking mechanism is meant to mimic a lover's finger, plus it offers vibrations. The Onda isn't suitable for public play, but is a nice addition to at home.

The We-Vibe Jive is very similar to the Lush, offering long distance capabilities and a wearable design that makes it suitable for going out on the town. While it is also a powerful little We-Vibe vibe, it doesn't offer the same battery life as the Lush.


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