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Let’s Celebrate Masturbation Month!

Published: MAY 16, 2022 | Updated: JULY 21, 2022
April showers might bring May flowers, but Masturbation May makes things much wetter.

May is probably our favourite month of the year. Not just because spring is finally in the air and the weather is warming, but because May is Masturbation Month!


A whole month devoted to self-love and self-pleasure, we can't think of a better month! Considering the current state of the world, a lot of us could use some delicious masturbation sessions to help combat the stress and anxiety we're all experiencing.

Why Masturbation May?

But....why does masturbation get an entire month to itself? We have the entire history of Masturbation Month in our sex dictionary, but the short story is: it was started in 1995 in an effort to reduce the stigma of masturbation and bring solo-sex issues into the light.

And while 2022 is a whole lot more friendly to masturbation discussions than the world was in 1995, "Masturbation May" still serves as our chance to stop and reflect about the trials, tribulations, enjoyment, and orgasms of solo pleasure - and ensure they get the attention they deserve!

So, let's talk about the amazing ways we're getting in the spirit of Masturbation May - including some challenges for you - and a sale to make it easier to expand your pleasure potential!

Get Creative with your Masturbation this Masturbation May

Okay, so, it's Masturbation May. You've got a whole month to celebrate, so do it in the best way possible: via masturbation! Here are our suggestions:

Give Masturbation a Try: There are a lot of people who haven't masturbated out there! If you're one of them who's never given it a try, Masturbation May is your "sign"! You don't have to dive straight between your thighs; instead, try slowly acclimating yourself to self touch by starting with other sensitive areas like the wrists, neck, collarbones, and thighs. Remember: it's your body. You own it. You can touch if you'd like to.

Try Water Masturbation: Especially if you're nervous or uncomfortable with self-pleasure, water masturbation might be the stepping stone you need for some solo pleasure. Since you're already keeping your bits clean, why not consider spending a bit of extra time in the area to see what feels good - and what doesn't? No pressure; just exploration.

Explore a New Sensation: Are you an experienced masturbator? If so, consider trying a new type of sensation this Masturbation May. If you normally use clitoral vibrators, consider an air suction vibrator. If you tend to stick with penis strokers, consider expanding into penis vibrators. If you've always used butt plugs, consider giving an anal vibrator a try. The idea is to try new sensations - and see if your skin might like to switch things up!

Use Your Hands: We know, we know: this is the opposite of what we just recommended. But sometimes, it can be easy to get so caught up in sex toys that we forget to experience skin-on-skin contact with our hands. Use Masturbation May as an excuse to try toy-free masturbation if you want. See how your hands feel on your neck. Trace them to your inner elbows or collarbone. There are so many erogenous zones to explore besides the one between your legs!

Try Some Furniture: Is there a specific spot that has been hard for you to hit during masturbation? Have you just been "accepting" it until now? We challenge you to explore the furniture around your space (or pick up new sex furniture) and see if you can help alleviate any pressure points that get in the way of your own pleasure. Maybe pillows under your knees is exactly what you need to be able to go back to humping yourself to orgasm. Maybe a piece of sex furniture is what you need to be able to explore thrusting into a stroker hands-free. Maybe a different position on the edge of the couch will help rearrange your body and tummy to make it easier to reach into new areas. It's all about exploration!

Masturbate to a Song that Feels Sexy: Challenge yourself to masturbate to a song that makes you feel those erotic feelings. Maybe you thrum specifically to the beat - or maybe you simply make an entire playlist to "choreograph" your climax? A little weirded out by masturbating specifically to a song? Use the song as the background for a sultry self-lapdance - and then after you've "seduced" yourself, move on to other erotica that makes you more comfortable!

Try (Intentionally) Going Without Masturbating: We know, we know. This sounds like the opposite of Masturbation May. But what if you spend a week doing arousing things - and avoiding the temptation to masturbate? What if you explore how your body feels when it's filled with heightened sexual energy - and doesn't release it? Going without masturbation for a bit can help showcase what masturbation does to you; feeling that energy build-up and understanding how masturbatory release plays into all of it can be a really fun self-experiment!

Discuss Masturbation with a Close Friend: Now we might be coming up on "hard"-level challenges - but the spirit of Masturbation May includes awareness - and discussion! - about self-pleasure. In the spirit of the month, if you have friends you're comfortable discussing solo pleasure with, try to start a conversation about the topic. It's easy to introduce by saying something as simple as "Did you know that this month is Masturbation Month?"

Try Mutual Masturbation: If you're partnered, we also encourage you to take the spirit of Masturbation Month into the bedroom. If you think your partner would be okay with it, ask them to masturbate in front of you. Take mental notes as you watch - and possibly share your own masturbation habits at the same time! Not only does mutual masturbation make it easier to learn things about your partner's pleasure network, but it also can be hotter than hell!


Celebrate Masturbation May with Pleasure for Yourself!

Have you been waiting to purchase a sex toy? Because Masturbation May really makes a great excuse to get one - and we're making it even more palatable by some amazing sitewide sales on Kinkly Shop. It's all to help you explore your body - and find what works for you!

Explore a New Sex Toy!

For May only, Kinkly Shop is featuring 15% off great-for-masturbation toys including penis sex toys, vibrators, and anal toys!* Regardless of which way your pleasure leans, there's a sale on a toy that can help hit that erogenous zone - if that's what you're looking for.

Oh, and don't forget about the Womanizer promotion! With the purchase of any Womanizer (which are all 15% off!), you'll receive a complimentary Lunette menstrual cup - fantastic for you (or as a gift!) for someone who menstruates! (while supplies last) Since masturbation (and orgasm) helps relieve cramps for a lot of people who menstruate, this can be a match made in heaven.


Get more information about our celebration for Masturbation May - it ends at the end of May 2022! (and the Shop accepts Sezzle as well!)

(Not sure where to start looking? Send us a quick email, and we can help you narrow down your choices.)

Read More About Masturbation

I'm not sure if you know this, but here at Kinkly, we kinda celebrate the awesomeness of masturbation year-round. While May gives us a chance to stop and focus ourselves on self-pleasure, we're constantly talking about the benefits (and trials!) of self-lovin' year-round.

So if you want to read more about masturbation in honor of Masturbation May, here are some of our favorites:


Note: Lora Dicarlo and Lovense toys excluded from sale.

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