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Kickstarter’s Latest Adult Product? A Box Designed to Store, Charge and Sanitize Your Sex Toys

Published: JANUARY 4, 2017
Kickstarter's latest adult venture isn't a sex toy; it's a unique and interesting device for those who own them.

Keeping your sex toys clean matters. Just like anything we use in or on our bodies, they can hold fluids, skin cells, and harmful viruses and bacteria. But there is some debate about how we should be cleaning our sex toys. Many experts recommend giving toys a good scrubbing with soap and water. But what about when noting less than a sanitized toy will do? Any way you use your toys could contribute to bacterial growth, but killing germs is especially important to consider if you're sharing toys, using them with multiple partners, or using them in ways that could spread especially harmful bacteria, such as from the anus.


A new Kickstarter campaign for a product called Uvee is offering a new and interesting alternative to scrubbing, bleaching or boiling. Check this out:

The Latest Sex Toy Kickstarter Campaign? A Whole New Way to Keep Sex Toys Squeaky Clean


It's a box where you can store, charge, secure and sanitize your sex toys! Kind of nifty, right? Uvee uses UV light, which eliminates bacteria in a matter of minutes, whiles its USB charging port allows you to charge up to three toys. (There's also a smaller, travel version that only holds one toy.)

Yes, the old standbys - soap and water, bleaching, boiling, the dishwasher - are all still great (and much less expensive) options. But one issue that we always see with those is the caveats that come with them. Bleach is only safe on certain materials. Not all toys can be boiled or put in the dishwasher (and certainly not toys with motors). Plus, Uvee offers secure toy storage, which is actually pretty cool.

Uvee's campaign also states that it has been tested on just about every material a sex toy could possibly be made of, including leather, which means you could even pop a harness or bondage equipment in this baby!


Is this thing for everyone? Probably not. But we're happy to see a company focusing on sex toy safety and pushing for something better than a gloopy cleaning solution. Improperly cleaned sex toys can cause irritation and even infections like bacterial vaginosis. Improperly cleaned toys also carry the risk of spreading STIs between partners. If you don't often give your toys a really good scrubbing, or if sanitation is a concern, this could be a good option for you.

Check out the video below from our friend, Emily Morse, of Sex With Emily for more details. Or visit Uvee's Kickstarter campaign here.

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