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It’s Time to Vote for Your Favorite Sex Blogs of 2021!

Published: OCTOBER 4, 2021 | Updated: JUNE 3, 2022
Voting has begun! Vote for your favorite blogs before October 18th!

Last year, we launched our Sex Blogging Superheroes list in the middle of a pandemic. While restrictions have eased up in most places, COVID doesn't appear to be done with us yet. Many districts are struggling through a fourth wave, and Kinkly staff is under a work-from-home order. Life has still not fully returned to normal. It feels a bit like deja vu, right?


It got us thinking about superheroes in general, and what they stand for. Whether you're talking about the muscle-bound heroes from comic books or the sex blogging kind (our favorite!), what the genre has in common is a desire and dedication to make the world a better place.

How that plays out depends on the superhero, but what we've seen a lot of in the past year is bloggers getting more personal than ever - about their struggles with the pandemic, with mental health and with enjoying sex at a time when life has been throwing additional stress at just about everyone. It's just another reason we think sex bloggers are so important. These are real people with their own problems, yet they continue to throw out lifelines to others. Not that they don't write lighter and more fun stuff too - there's still plenty of that to go around!

Now is as good a time as any - maybe better - to show your favorite sex bloggers your appreciation by letting them know how much you love their blogs!


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What is the Top 100 Sex Blogging Superheroes List?

The Sex Blogging Superheroes list is a list we've been compiling each and every year since 2013. Since that time, we've helped connect millions of people with other sex blog content. (For real - we did the math on that!) When we launched the site and our Sex Blogger Directory, it was because we were seeing so much great content from bloggers - and few tools to find more of it. Our Sex Blogging Superheroes list helps us highlight the very best sex blogs each and every year. It also ensures that our Sex Blogger Directory remains up to date as new blogs are added, defunct blogs are removed and we continue to re-evaluate blogs over time.

If you want to take a look at past lists and campaigns, you can see them all here.


New This Year ...

First, what's not new: Our 2021 list will remain unranked, and categories will remain the same as last year. However, this year we've decided to divert all cash and prizes to charity - and not just any charity, but charities chosen by the category winners themselves. That means $1500 in prizes to charities of their choosing!

What You Need to Know About the Top 100 Sex Blogging Superheroes of 2021

  • If you're a sex blogger, you can add or update your blog here. Please note that any blogs that hadn't made an entry in the past year were recently removed. If you start blogging again, please let us know and we'd be happy to add your profile back to the list.
  • If you'd like to vote for blogs, you can do so here, where you'll find a vote button under each blogger's profile. You can vote for as many blogs as you want, but only one time each.
  • Blogs only need five votes to be considered for the list. Our team will read and evaluate every blog that garners the five-vote minimum. Note that votes are only one component of a multi-part score.
  • Voting will be closed at the end of the day on October 17, 2021, at which point we'll begin reading and scoring blogs.
  • We'll release the 2021 list of Sex Blogging Superheroes on November 8, 2021.

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How are blogs evaluated?

We've used essentially the same scoring system since Superheroes started. In essence, it's an algorithm (we use a scoring spreadsheet) made up of seven components. Some of these components are objective while others are observed facts. Overall, we are looking at all sex blogs through the lens of whether that blog would be useful to its intended audience. That's an important distinction because we recognize that while a given reviewer may not be into, say, flogging, there are lots of people out there who totally are! In other words, we do our best to evaluate that blog from the perspective of someone looking for that kind of content. That spirit is also what inspired our scoring system. Sex Blogging Superheroes is about highlighting bloggers, but it's also about helping our audience at large connect with great connect. So, we try to look at blogs as our audience would.


Our scoring system consists of the following elements:

  • Writing Quality: When people are seeking a resource - whether it’s for sex tips or erotic stories - they’re looking for quality content. We look at writing quality first and foremost. Top points go to writers with something to say and an engaging way of saying it.

  • Frequency of Posts: In general, a blog that updates its content regularly is a better resource than one that doesn’t. Blogs that have posted at least 12 times in the past year (and not necessarily once per month) get top marks on this measure.


  • Sex Positive: Our aim is to promote blogs that help people fully embrace their sexual selves - no matter what that means for them. Blogs that embrace consent, safety and the acceptance of sexual and gender diversity get top marks from us. We assess all blogs added to the Sex Blogger Directory on this basis and aim to weed out blogs that are racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. That said, this is an imperfect (ie. human) system; if you are aware of blogs in our Directory that fail to meet these guidelines, please contact us with details.

  • Design: Blogs that look professional and are easy to navigate are better for users! Each blog is assessed for its design in accordance with the audience it aims to serve as well as how well the blog functions. Is the blog laid out in a way that makes content easy to find? Has the blogger clearly put some work into the design or is it just an off-the-shelf Wordpress page?

  • Social Media: This score is based on whether a blog has a social presence, not how many followers it has. If a blog has at least two active social media profiles, it gets top marks here. Be sure to add your profiles to your Directory listing - it makes it easier for us to find them! Note that social media scoring was removed from the Sex Blogger Directory in 2019 due API issues with a number of social networks. Social platforms are still displayed on bloggers' profiles if they choose.

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  • Overall Impression: This one’s subjective, but this portion involves a combined score from each person on our panel based on their overall impression of the blog. Note that we aim to evaluate each blog based on its value for that blog’s target audience, not our own tastes.

  • Votes: A blog only needs five votes or nominations to be considered for our Sex Blogging Superheroes list. While more votes do help to boost the blog’s total score, votes are only one component of our algorithm. Having the most votes won’t get a blogger on the list unless other portions of the score are high as well.

    Want to skip straight to voting? Visit the Sex Blogger Directory!
  • 2021 Categories

    Readers’ Choice

    This goes to the blog with the most votes.

    Top New Sex Blog

    The top blog in this category must have been started up in the past year and must not have appeared on previous Sex Blogging Superheroes lists.

    Top BIPOC Blog

    This goes to the top BIPOC blogger.

    Top Sex Toy Review Blog

    This goes to the top blog that features sex toy reviews as a key part of its content.

    Top LGBTQ Blog

    This goes to the top blog that features content geared toward the LGBTQ community.

    Top Blogs For/By Men

    This goes to the top blog written by and for men.

    Top Erotica Blog

    This goes to the top blog that includes or focuses on erotic stories (either personal or fictional).

    Easy. Just head on over to the Sex Blogger Directory and click "Vote" under your favorite bloggers' profiles.

    The Top 100 Sex Blogging Superheroes of 2021 Are ...

    On November 8th, we’ll announce the Top 100 Sex Blogging Superheroes of 2020. We can’t wait to meet some new bloggers, get immersed in their content and throw a few sexy sparkles out into the world.

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