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I Tried a Sex Doll. Here’s What It Was Like

Published: JULY 18, 2023
Kinkly’s resident reviewer and disability advocate gets a first experience with a sex doll.

I recently got the opportunity to try out a sex doll called Tantaly Candice. Let me start by saying that I am very queer, disabled and mostly into people with penises. Even so, I was somewhat curious as to how I might feel using a doll with real-feeling breasts (the soft-chest technology is called “Tantabosom”!) that was designed for heterosexual men. There was definitely some uncertainty about that before the product arrived, but I’m happy to say that quickly dissipated as I got into it more. I also decided to review the toy because I know there are many people with disabilities who might be interested in a product like this, but maybe they weren’t sure of where to go in terms of accessibility. I just knew that I could help out in that regard. Plus, who am I to turn down the chance to test a sex toy?! So, let’s get into it.


Sex Doll Secret in the Mail

First, things first: the packaging. Discretion is a big worry for people who are thinking about buying any sex toy - especially a sex doll. Rest assured, I found the packaging to be very discrete. Actually, it was so discreet that when I came home and saw the box at my doorstep, I was puzzled as to what it was. Was it a gift from a secret admirer? Was it another box of boring disability supplies? (I get a box like this often, so I was ready to see gloves and cleaning supplies!) I was pleasantly surprised (and a wee bit nervous) when my caregiver opened it to reveal the Tantaly Candice.


I enjoyed the discrete nature of the packaging, although from an accessibility standpoint, the packaging wasn’t ideal; I have limited dexterity so opening a box only to find yet another box was impossible to do on my own and I had to enlist the help of one of my attendant care workers. This was only mildly embarrassing, and made the discretion of the boxes seem kind of funny, as I then had to explain to my caregiver why I had a sex doll at home. Let me tell you, that was an interesting conversation indeed!

Tantaly Sex Doll PackagingTantaly dolls are sent out in plain cardboard boxes without brand names or labels that are custom-made for the product. They are double-wrapped for security and privacy.


Can a sex doll feel real?

Can a sex doll feel real? I am pleased to say that it was one of the most natural feeling masturbation experiences I have had. The very first time I used it, I definitely knew that I was holding a doll, which took me out of the moment, but honestly, that didn’t last long. One of the things that I enjoyed about it was the sheer size of it. Due to my lack of fine motor skills, I need bigger things to grab onto (there’s a sex pun in there, I promise). For me, the toy was fun to use and easy to have positioned the way that I needed it to be for me to use it. I also enjoyed the weight (Candice weighs almost 42 pounds) of the toy against me when using it, as it added some much-needed intimacy and touch.

When I was using it a second time, I didn’t even attempt any kind of penetration. I merely used it to hug and hold onto, which was a nice change from your average masturbator or vibrator. One of the things that I think sex dolls like Candice can do is provide intimacy and touch.


As a severely disabled person, one of my biggest issues when I engage in sex is that I can’t penetrate someone because I cannot move my hips in that way. This has always been a barrier to me really enjoying sex. What I truly appreciated about Candice was that her size and weight allowed me to position her on top of myself and pump her up and down on myself without having to actually move my hips or thrust at all. That was … fantastic. Plus, so many other sex toys have felt uncomfortable on my penis when I tried to use them to thrust. Candice felt soft and pliable; it didn’t hurt my penis no matter how deep I went, and I really enjoyed that sensation when testing it out. You will want to apply a lot of lube when using this product, just to ensure comfort - and cum-fort (wink!)

Tantaly Candice Sex Doll Anus and VaginaTantaly dolls include two orifices and canals, each with different nodules and ridges for different sensations. They are soft, elastic and provide negative pressure and, therefore, suction.

Care and Cleaning of a Sex Doll

I had to have my attendant help me clean the product, but honestly, a quick pop in the shower and the toy was cleaned. (The company also provides specific recommendations for internal care and cleaning.) Its size also made it easy to clean, because you just grab it and put it in the shower; there aren’t any parts to concern yourself with and so that made cleaning it a whole lot easier. You could even bring Candice with you in the shower for added intimacy if you desired.


Note that Candice also comes with a portable washer for cleaning it internally. This is inserted to provide a pressurized spray to thoroughly clean the doll after each use. The company recommends that the toy is thoroughly cleaned and dried between uses, so Candice comes with a drying stick, which is to be inserted following cleaning.

Is a sex doll better than a masturbator?

I think in comparison to a masturbator, The Tantaly Candice has a different vibe. It feels more intimate and close than simply whipping out a simple sex toy, and that is a part that I really enjoyed. For me as a disabled user, I think its size won out by comparison to other smaller masturbators, which are typically hard to hold and navigate if you have limited hand function or dexterity. You might also choose this toy over a masturbator to have a more “real” experience, if you will. Unlike most masturbators, with their cheeky names and bright colors that take you out of the moment at hand (pun intended), Candice gives you a more humanistic experience (in so much as a headless, big breasted torso can.) If you close your eyes while with her, you can drift off and focus solely on the pleasure that she provides… way more than any masturbator on the market can do! The Tantaly Candice doll also allows you to grab it at various different angles and position it as you need to. You can really anchor her where you need for maximum satisfaction and comfort during use, and that was a nice change from having to constantly move a vibrator or masturbator around.

How do you store a sex doll?

Sex dolls, by nature, aren’t that easy to store. Storing the Tantaly Candice may be difficult due to its size. Although it is smaller than many other full-size dolls, inside its box it’s still 25 inches high, 19 inches wide and 10 inches deep. I couldn’t really store it, so the box kinda just sat out in my apartment when I wasn’t using it. I think that a discrete bag or some sort of storage box that didn’t look so big and cumbersome might be the best storing option, if possible. (Note that Tantaly’s Reddit page includes lots of comments and suggestions from users on how they are storing the product, including a lockable suitcase.) The company recommends a storage box that’s 24.8 inches by 19.29 inches by 10.24 inches and also recommends the product be stored in a reclined position.


I really enjoyed The Tantaly Candice doll, and I would definitely recommend it for disabled and non-disabled users alike to use as a go-to sex toy.

Andrew Gurza

Andrew Gurza is the Founder/Co-Director of Deliciously Disabled Consulting, where he strives to make disability accessible to everyone within pop culture and intersectional communities. His written work has been highlighted in Out Magazine, The Advocate, Huffington Post and The Good Men Project, where he candidly discusses the realities of sex and disability as a Queer Cripple. He is also host of the “Deliciously Disabled” podcast on iTunes where he makes sex and disability accessible to...

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