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Hot Octopuss PleX with Flex: Sex Toy Review

Published: DECEMBER 13, 2021
Two motors and flexible enough to hit all the right spots, the Hot Octopuss PleX with Flex will have you bending over in the most delightful ways. 

The Product: Hot Octopuss PleX Flexible Butt Plug

The Verdict: FIVE Kinkly Hearts (out of five)


In my quite a few years (and then some) reviewing sex toys, there's a handful of companies who consistently produce well-thought-out, excellently made, and never-fail-to-be-pleasurable products.

And Hot Octopuss is absolutely one of them, a position firmly cemented with the release of their new PleX Flexible Butt Plug.

Aside from always providing an arousing ride, I find them particularly noteworthy for largely steering clear of the ongoing smart sextech revolution.


Not that their PleX Flexible Butt Plug is in any way dumb, as it's obvious Hot Octopuss put a considerable amount of time and effort into its design and manufacture, but because it's not built for adult media interactivity, teledildonic long-distance play, or all those other science-fictiony features other toys seem to get off on being equipped with.

To which I give a hearty bravo to Hot Octopuss for their PleX Flexible Butt Plug, an anal toy that knows what it is, does its job extremely well, comfortably reaches all the right spots, and is an absolute thrill to use rather than feeling like it was reaching for–and falling flat–in an attempt to out state-of-the-art all those other state-of-the-art sex toys.

But the PleX Flexible Butt Plug has more, much more going for it.


A person holds the PleX with Flex in their hand. The shaft of the plug looks slim compared to the hand.

The Toy

Sticking with its classic design, the PleX Flexible Butt Plug is vaguely phallus-shaped with a large, oval end where its built-in controls are located, which also keeps it from getting lost "up there" and makes removing it easy as well as comfortable.


The PleX Flexible Butt Plug's biggest feature is its flexibility, which after comparing it to the half dozen or so competing anal toys I have stashed in my closet, I found to be truly remarkable.

As in, you can tilt it 90 degrees in any direction, allowing you to put its deep-throbbing treble and bass motors and their subsequent vibrational goodness wherever it does the most good, which earns the PleX Flexible Butt Plug another equally exuberant bravo for recognizing that each and every anus is unique.

This is why one-size-fits-all anal toys can frequently be challenging to use, with the person on the receiving end usually having to work and get their body to fit the toy as opposed to vice versa.


Not so with the PleX Flexible Butt Plug, which I delightfully discovered I could comfortably and effectively maneuver to my … well, not exactly to my "heart's" content, but you get my gist.

Like how I previously raved about the PleX Flexible Butt Plug knowing when to be smart and when not to be, on top of that, Hot Octopuss also understands that due to where this type of toy is inserted–with lots and lots and more and more lots of anal-appropriate lube that's essential for discomfort-free and safe anal play–it can be remarkably awkward to control them.

To help with this, the PleX Flexible Butt Plug comes with a neat little wireless controller to free your hands for whatever else you want to use them for.


The Hot Octopuss PleX with Flex lays out on an orange placement. The shaft looks smooth while the base looks very round compared to the design of the shaft.

How Do You Use It?

Similar to other anal toys, the PleX Flexible Butt Plug is designed to fit into that part of the human body agreeably and, once there, deliver a range of arousing sensations.

For those of you equipped with one, there's the extra-added bonus of a stimulated prostate: that ping-pong ball-sized gland located below the bladder that produces the liquid, non-sperm portion of what "comes" when you ejaculate. It's known for packing a uniquely powerful orgasmic wallop when stimulated. I discovered the PleX Flexible Butt Plug, and its amazing flexibility was just the ticket for this kind of play.

As it's also a blast and a half for other varieties of anal play, making me seriously consider getting rid of my other butt plugs in favor of this all-in-one, universally enjoyable toy.

How Else Could It Be Used?

While it's specifically an anal toy, I can't see why the PleX Flexible Butt Plug can't be used on other parts of the body, including, with no small amount of hemming and hawing, vaginally.

The hemming because you should always avoid putting anything that's been in your, or someone else's, butt up anywhere but there, let alone places where it may result in injury or infection–even if you clean it and clean it again.

Sure, this might be somewhat over-cautious on my part, but with so many sex toys available, especially those designed for vaginal play, why take the risk?

That said, using the PleX Flexible Butt Plug on a clit, nipples, on various places on a penis, or as a non-sexual massager would be fine and dandy–and yet to praise this awesome sex toy.

A hand holds the Hot Octopuss PleX with Flex. The toy looks slim compared to the hand holding it.

Product Details:

Total Length: 5.5" / 140mm
Insertable Diameter: 1.25" at the widest point / 31.75mm
Insertable Length: 4.33" / 110mm
Base Size: 2.3" by 1.7"
Weight: 5.4oz / 154g

The toy is a combination of 100% waterproof, body sale silicone, and what I presume is something akin to ABS plastic, though the hard plastic part is situated where it doesn't come into contact with so-delicate anal tissues.

A close-up of the base of the Hot Octopuss PleX with Flex. This shows the rounded, oval-shape of the base in addition to the buttons that seem hard to discern from the base.

How It Works:

Located on the non-insertable base of the PleX Flexible Butt Plug is its built-in controls–and where I wish Hot Octopuss had done a bit of re-thinking.

Not enough to lower my overall score; it's figuring out what button did what and that they're black on black, though, albeit appropriately textured, took me longer than it should have.

In all fairness, after I figured it out, controlling the PleX Flexible Butt Plug quickly became second nature.

To save you some confusion, the PleX Flexible Butt Plug's main power button is on the right side of the plug/base, and pressing it for two seconds puts it into standby mode, so the mini-remote can find and connect to it.

Both the toy and the remote have similar buttons in somewhat the same places, though there are some differences.

For example, on the PleX Flexible Butt Plug, there's a plus at the top and minus at the bottom for increasing or decreasing each motor's vibrational intensity, with selecting either handled by a Bass button on the right and a Treble on the left.

Not having the same amount of real estate, the controller opts for having the Bass and Treble on the left, with the up and down vibe power on the right.

Charging is handled via an included USB cord, that gets plugged into a teeny divot hidden slightly below the lower-intensity button.

According to Hot Octopuss, it takes four hours to fully charge the PleX Flexible Butt Plug, providing it with an hour and a half of playtime.

Materials and Care:

Since I already provided a little aside about anal toys and where you can and where you shouldn't use them, I won't rattle on too much more on the subject.

But it doesn't stop me from talking about another crucial fact about anal toys: that you should be extra diligent when cleaning them.

That doesn't mean you should boil or soak them in industrial-strength disinfectant, as while they'll kill everything, either will ruin the toys you're trying to clean.

The PleX is waterproof, so don't worry about holding it under water to clean it (not when it's charging!) The remote is not waterproof, so must be cleaned by wiping it with a damp cloth, not under running water.

Personally, I found doing what I usually do but two additional times is fine, like a warm water rinse, a hefty squirt of antibacterial soap, rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat with a thorough dry with a lint-free cloth before storing the PleX Flexible Butt Plug in its little black storage bag.

The Hot Octopuss PleX with Flex sits out on a countertop with everything that is included in the packaging. There is the anal vibe, the remote control, the charging cable, the instruction manual, and black drawstring bag.

The Packaging

Along with the PleX Flexible Butt Plug, you get the remote, power cable, aforementioned black bag, a graphically appealing quick start guide, and a more comprehensive, though with minuscule print, manual.

When it comes to the box all this comes in; I have to say Hot Octopuss isn't going to win any awards. It's more than sturdy enough to keep the PleX Flexible Butt Plug and all its extras in, but it feels somewhat rickety.

Again, I don't feel this is necessarily a negative as another benefit to keeping the PleX Flexible Butt Plug free of unnecessary bells and whistles is its affordability, so it doesn't make a lot of sense for Hot Octopuss to screw that up with overdone packaging.


  • Extremely well-made.

  • Amazing flexibility allows for a large variety of anal sex possibilities.

  • Remarkably comfortable.

  • Easy to use and remove.

  • Comes with a wireless controller.


  • Not a "smart" sextoy, not Internet or Bluetooth compatible

  • Controls may take some getting used to

  • Simple packaging

The Verdict

Superior craftsmanship, thoughtful and well-researched product designs, a supportive attitude towards sexual pleasure, inclusivity, and a willingness to experiment while knowing when all's said and done their customer's happiness is what matters; it's no wonder why I let loose an overly excited, sharp-pitched squeal when I get a Hot Octopuss toy to review.

And before, during, and after extensively using their PleX Flexible Butt Plug, my opinion hasn't changed. If anything, I'm more of a Hot Octopuss fan-person as it does a great job of showing their best is far from behind them.

If anything, their PleX Flexible Butt Plug is a sex toy benchmark: a sign that from here on out, whatever Hot Octopuss brings is going to be incredible.

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