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Hot Octopuss Kurve: Sex Toy Review

Published: MARCH 8, 2021 | Updated: MARCH 17, 2021
Whether it's all about the bass or you like a little treble, the Hot Octopuss Kurve g-spot vibrator will have you making beautiful music.

The Toy: Hot Octopuss Kurve

The Verdict:Kinkly logoKinkly logoKinkly logoKinkly logo (out of five)

Welcome to the g-spot vibrator that lets you fully customize your pleasure with Treble and Bass Technology. Lots of vibrators are equipped with two motors just like the Hot Octopuss Kurve is - but very few vibrators are equipped with two different motors.

If you've ever held two vibrators at the same time and turned them on, you've probably noticed that they don't feel exactly the same. Every vibrator's vibrations feel different; vibrations can change with motor size, motor power, sex toy material, sex toy thickness, and more. Sometimes vibrations can feel a bit deeper and muscle-pounding - and sometimes they feel a bit more surface-level and leave your skin tingling.

That was the idea behind the Treble and Bass Technology. The Treble motor, at the tip of the Hot Octopuss Kurve, uses a motor specifically designed for "Treble" vibrations - the type of vibrations that leave your skin tingling when you use them. The Bass motor, at the base of the insertable portion, is designed for "Bass" vibrations - deep, rumbly sensations that are perfectly placed at the vaginal entrance when inserted.

By mixing these two vibration types, you can make your own "perfect" sensations with the Hot Octopuss Kurve. In fact, they market it as "unlimited customization" to find the perfect mixture of Treble and Bass to make your own vibrating "song" to orgasm to.


Hot Octopuss Kurve sex toy review

New technology "don't mean a thing" if the vibrator isn't otherwise well-built, and with the Hot Octopuss Kurve, you get a body safe sex toy packed full of the features you want. The vibe boasts a soft-gel tip that's super plushy and broad for full g-spot stroking. The shaft is perfectly curved to snuggle up to the g-spot. The waterproof design offers easy clean-up while the rechargeable battery gives you a full two hours of use - long enough for almost everyone. The entire sex toy is made of silicone and the Treble and Bass motors both have separate controls right on the handle for easy control,

Hot Octopuss has put its Treble and Bass technology into some of its other products - most notably, the Hot Octopuss Jett which takes this g-spot tech and crafts it for penis pleasure. Instead of putting both Treble and Bass into a "single" toy, the Jett includes two bullet vibrators - each with its own Treble or Bass motor. The Kurve is the first Hot Octopuss vibrator that puts them into the same outer shell.

With so many features, I bet you're super curious to see how it holds up - so let's get to it with the Hot Octopuss Kurve review.

How'd You Use It?

First, we have to gush about one of my favorite parts of this vibe: the super squishy tip. I really, really love the feel of the tip. There are very few sex toys on the market that utilize this type of super-plushy, super-squishy feel, but the Hot Octopuss Kurve does.


It's hard to exactly explain how plushy it is. It's like there's virtually nothing inside the tip except gel. You know how those super-squeezy stress toys feel? The tip of the vibrator feels like that for about the first 0.75" of the toy.



I was worried that this plushy tip would make g-spot stimulation less effective, but it really doesn't. When pressed up against the g-spot (or try it on your thumb if you want to see a demonstration outside the body), the plushy surface "flattens out" - but still retains a rigid contact surface. It isn't hard to reach that fully flattened point, and it doesn't take too much pressure.

Instead of building the vibrator with this flat surface in a rigid design, Hot Octopuss added the squishiness - which allows the "flat" to specifically adjust to whatever your body needs with no pokey edges. If your body needs a bit more squish on the right side than the left or if your g-spot is more right-ward or left-ward leaning, the squishy tip essentially means that the tip of this insertable vibrator has zero pokey bits. Every way you twist it or use it will always equalize with the same, flat surface as the "squish" compresses into a way that perfectly fits your anatomy.

I wish I had the same love for the buttons at the base of the vibe. I have no idea why the buttons on the Kurve are raised quite so much. I haven't felt a vibrator with raised, click-y buttons in (honestly) years.


On one hand, this definitely helps with touch-only navigation and control of the vibrator. I can figure out how to increase the intensity without even looking at the vibe. On the other hand, they stick out a decently noticeable margin from the smooth, silicone plastic and if you catch them at the right angle, they definitely feel scratchy.

It wouldn't necessarily be the end of the world aside from the fact that the edges of those buttons are a bit rough on the hands - especially if you're someone who likes to rock their g-spot vibrator against the g-spot. I have yet to get cut or injured, but I definitely had soreness on my thumb the next day - from the minus button on the Bass motor, it looks like.

It's just generally a bit odd that the buttons are quite so raised. The circular patterned button on both sides of the vibe don't provide that same scratchy feeling, but the + and - buttons definitely do.

Essentially, the way you hold and grip the vibrator - especially when actively pushing it and rocking it into the body - can leave your fingers resting up against these buttons. Depending on where your fingers like to go, this can leave your fingers "brushing up" against these buttons - a lot. The raised structure of the buttons makes sure that doesn't feel exactly pleasant.


Hot Octopuss Kurve sex toy review

(I see that the Hot Octopuss Jett utilizes the same button structure - which is probably where Hot Octopuss took the design from - but the Jett doesn't have the same active-participation design that a g-spot vibrator rocking up against the g-spot would have.)

Once you adjust your grip in order to avoid being scratched by the buttons, the actual g-spot experience is pretty fantastic. Even for my deeper g-spot, I was able to hit it just fine with the design of the Hot Octopuss Kurve. I'm not able to rock it as intensely as I'd like (because of the button issue), but it does a great job of snuggling up against the g-spot and staying there.

The squishy tip actually seems to do a much better job of really hitting all of my g-spot than a lot of my rigid-tipped dildos have done in the past. It feels more encompassing than narrowly targeted like with a partner's fingers.

I will note that I would have loved another inch or so on the length. The current 5" insertable length means that the top buttons and my fingers are usually covered in bodily fluids when I'm done - which can make the slick plastic base handle even harder to hold. I recommend keeping a towel or something to wipe your hands and the base of the toy. As it stands, I do have to regularly interrupt my thrusting to wipe the handle because slippery fingers make the button issue even more problematic when your hands slip. It's very possible that this is a problem unique to my thicker body, though, with more length "lost" to having squishier labia.

Once the vibrator is in place, the vibrations feel pretty fantastic. They definitely add something to the experience, and I regularly feel like I can specifically feel each "motor" as they play off one another.


I feel the majority of the vibrations at the entrance of my vagina - and the handle, but it's very possible I just don't recognize the specific "g-spot" tissue where the vibrations are hitting. It definitely adds more pleasure to the experience, though, and even if I start with the vibrator turned off, I usually find myself flipping on the vibrations half-way through - especially when I'm getting closer to orgasm and want a great "push" towards the finish line. It definitely adds - not detracts - and I've definitely had a ton of fun flipping through all the vibration intensities and patterns when I'm trying to draw out my g-spot experience.

I'll hit the strongest one and be done when I don't want to draw out the masturbation experience, but when I'm going for self-exploration, all the different vibration patterns and options are amazing.

The Hot Octopuss Kurve does a great job hitting my g-spot, and the top 3.5" of the vibrator are basically perfection incarnate. I just wish the length was longer and the buttons weren't causing such an issue.

How Else Could It Be Used?

I wouldn't necessarily recommend the Hot Octopuss Kurve as a clitoral vibrator unless you really like softer vibrations and a plushier head. The plushier head honestly feels pretty amazing as a general new sensation to enjoy clitorally, but at the same time, that plushier head seems to reduce some of the vibration intensity coming in from the Hot Octopuss Kurve, so it's a double-edged sword. Plus, the "Bass" motor for the Kurve is near the base of the toy. That works great with g-spot pleasure (when it's pleasuring the vaginal entrance), but it means you're primarily left with the "Treble" motor for tip vibrations for the clitoris. When mixed with the plushiness of the tip, you're getting a lot less vibration than most people generally want with their clitoral vibe.

Hot Octopuss Kurve sex toy review

There are some toys that can definitely flip between g-spot vibrator and clitoral vibrator with ease - like the We-Vibe Rave. I wouldn't say that you get the same clitoral pleasure and g-spot experience with the Kurve, though. It just excels at one thing - the g-spot - and unless you love softer vibrations clitorally (and find most vibes much too intense), I think you'll find the Hot Octopuss Kurve pretty disappointing clitorally.

Since the Hot Octopuss Kurve lacks a flared base, it really shouldn't be used anally. The Hot Octopuss etched-in log on the side of the vibe might also make it much-too-easy to harbor bacteria if switching between anal and vaginal on a regular basis.

Product Details

The Hot Octopuss Kurve's claim-to-fame is its Treble and Bass Technology. Essentially, every vibrator you've ever played with has a distinct motor - and a distinct vibration "feel". All of it depends on the toy's material, the motor size, the motor type, and even the size of the toy itself. It all comes together to make the vibrations feel a certain way - which is how your wand massager likely feels nothing like a bullet vibrator.

Hot Octopuss intentionally played with these ideas with their Treble and Bass technology. The Kurve is equipped with two separate motors (just like the Jett!) - each entirely different from one another. The motor within the base of the shaft is the "Bass" motor - which puts out deep, rumbly vibrations that feel deeper and more muscle-deep.

The motor near the tip is the "Treble" motor - which puts out vibrations that feel lighter and more surface-level than the "Bass". By involving two separate motors with two separate locations, the Kurve's idea is that you can "make your own pleasure vibration modes". Each motor is independently controlled via the buttons at the base (more in "How it Works".)

The Treble motor (towards the tip) is powerful for a surface-level, tingly vibrator. The vibrations are definitely most-powerful about 1" down from the tip (where the motor is actually located), and the squishy part of the tip does soften some of the vibration intensity. It's still a vibration you can definitely feel. As noted in the above section, it's not the type of vibration that's functional for clitoral stimulation but when I use a g-spot vibrator, I'm primarily there for the pressure - less-so for the vibration - so this buzzier vibration works a-okay for g-spot stimulation for me.

The Bass motor (towards the base) has a deeper feel to it, but honestly, not by a lot. I've definitely felt more rumbly, deeper vibrations in other g-spot toys (like the We-Vibe Rave). They are deeper than the Treble motor, though, and pretty powerful. With just the Bass motor turned on, you can feel the vibrations in the tip of the vibrator through the squishy top.

Hot Octopuss Kurve sex toy review

On their own, each one of the motors is powerful - but not impressively so. When put together, the vibrator pretty much comes alive with vibrations that are powerful enough to make the handle vibrate as well. The vibrations stay decidedly in the middle of "buzzy vs rumbly" in the vibration debate, but there's a whole lot of vibrations to it that can be felt throughout the entirety of the toy.

With both motors turned on, the Kurve has a bit of a "knocking" noise to it unless pressure is applied to the shaft. So, before you insert it, it's noticeably louder than most vibrators (though still nowhere near the noise level of the Arcwave Ion as I mentioned in my Arcwave Ion review). This knocking noise only seems to happen with both vibrators turned on - regardless of intensity level - so I wonder if it's something about how the vibrations "meet in the middle" or how the two motors interact with one another. If you're someone who needs a lot of discretion, keep this in mind and don't turn on the motors until the toy is inserted.

Once the toy has some pressure on it, the vibrations quiet down immediately. It's still not whisper-quiet, but it's much quieter than the knocking sounds. It's noticeably easy to hear at the loudest settings on both motors - even while inserted. With a door closed and some music on, you'd likely be able to hide the noise - but only if someone wasn't standing at the door. If they stood at the door, it seems likely they'd be able to hear something "different" than the rattle of air conditioning or a fan. The noise isn't distracting during use at all, and it's more like a louder hum than anything squealing or annoying. It fades into the background fast.

If discretion is super important to you at any particular motor, the Treble motor, on its own, is a bit quieter than the Bass motor. It still isn't as quiet as some of the softer toys out there (like the We-Vibe Nova 2), but it isn't as loud as when both motors are turned on.

The Hot Octpuss Kurve is a pretty traditionally-sized vibrator in all facets. The shaft is thick enough to be noticeable and pleasurable - but still smaller than the average biological penis width at most points in the shaft. The length is deep enough to hit most people's g-spots, but some people will find it requires inserting all the way down to the start of the control panel to hit their g-spot. (I would have taken another inch of length from the Kurve.)

Hot Octopuss Kurve measurements
Total Length: 7.6"
Width at the Tip: 1.65"
Width at the Shaft: 1.4"

Hot Octopuss Kurve sex toy review

How It Works

The Hot Octopuss Kurve has six buttons on its base for controlling the vibrations. Four buttons control the intensity of the vibrations, one button cycles through the patterns the vibrator is equipped with, and the last button solely focuses as the auto-off button for the entire toy when held down for two seconds.

To turn on the vibrator, you have to pick which motor you want to turn on. From there, hold down the + sign on either the Treble or Bass motor for two seconds. The motor will pop on. If you want to use both motors, you can repeat this step on the remaining motor. From there, use the Plus and Minus buttons to increase and decrease the vibration intensity. Each vibration motor has five vibration modes from softer to more intense.

The Minus and Plus buttons exist for each motor on the handle, so you can independently adjust the intensity on both motors. If you want more intensity at the tip but less at the base, you can make that happen. If you want the base to be almost-off but the tip to be at full-intensity, that's totally doable too. That's the entire point of the Hot Octopuss Kurve: you can build your own pleasure.

Aside from these four intensity-control buttons (two "Plus" buttons, two "Minus" buttons), there are also two circular buttons underneath these arithmetic symbols. One of these circles is purely an easy-off function. Hold it down for two seconds, and all of the motors will pop off. While two seconds won't necessarily help you for "emergency discretion" moments, this button makes it much easier to switch off the vibrator when you're done with it.

The other circular button controls the 5 equipped patterns. As long as at least one motor is on and running, you can hit the pattern button, and it will switch into the first pattern. A single button press will move onto the next pattern. Cycle through all five patterns and you'll get back to the steady vibration modes. If you want a quick method back to steady vibrations, just turn off the vibrator. When you pop it back on, the vibrator will default to steady vibrations again.

These two circular buttons are slightly different (the power button is convex while the pattern button is concave), but they can be a bit harder to figure out by touch alone during use. I found that I got used to going "Button on the left side" more than trying to remember which one had the convex/concave design.

Hot Octopuss Kurve sex toy review

The Hot Octopuss Kurve claims that it has "unlimited" customization - that isn't exactly accurate, but there's also enough customization that I don't know how to do the math to give you the exact number. Each motor (Treble and Bass) has five different vibration intensities that you can mix-and-match into your perfect pleasure combo.

In addition, this body-safe sex toy is equipped with five different patterns. Within these 5 patterns, you can fully adjust the intensity. You can turn the Treble on high while the Bass is on low - or just choose to leave the Bass off entirely.

So you have an entirely new set of customizations for each one of those patterns. I think that would put the customization options at easily over 100 different vibration combinations, but again, math isn't my strong suit. (Hey, you're not here for the math, right?)

Materials and Care

The Hot Octopuss Kurve is made from a silicone shaft with a plastic base. Everything about the vibrator is waterproof - which makes it much easier to care for. Warm water and mild soap will wipe everything down - but I'd be careful cleaning around the buttons if you have a washcloth that could get snagged. It won't damage the vibe, but it might damage your cleaning implement. While cleaning, try to avoid any running water into the buttons or charging port on the base of the vibe.

Since Hot Octopuss chose to etch their name into the side of the vibrator right into the silicone, you'll need to do some detail cleaning near this area. The name etching takes up about 1.5" out of about-5" shaft length, so you'll likely be inserting the "name" often. I see the purpose of the etching from a visual standpoint (It does really look pretty), but it's an aggravating and useless design choice from a use standpoint where it just adds more cleaning for no reason.

Hot Octopuss Kurve sex toy review

Depending on how deeply you insert the Hot Octopuss Kurve, you might want to do some detail cleaning around the + buttons near the base of the vibrator. It's very possible they'll get bodily fluids on them, and with their sharp angles, they likely won't clean up as easily with just a pass of the hand or washcloth like the rest of the vibrator will.

The charging port for the rechargeable cable for the Kurve is on the backside of the vibrator with a small light beside it. This small light lets you know when the vibrator is successfully plugged in and charging - and turns green when the vibrator is fully charged and ready to be unplugged. The vibrator needs about two hours to fully charge, and once it's fully charged, you'll get about 2 hours of use out of the toy.

Getting the charging cable into the charging port on the Kurve definitely requires some force. Don't be afraid to push it in; the charging cable is one of those ones that needs to break a waterproof seal in order to charge it.

Hot Octopuss Kurve sex toy review

As the Hot Octopuss Kurve is made from silicone, it's only compatible with water-based lubricant like Wicked Jelle - nevermind the name, it's great for non-anal play too. You can try to go it without lubricant as the silicone is a nice, silky-smooth variety, but your experience will be drastically improved if you just cover this vibrator in some lubricant. Just make sure it's water-based.

After you own the Hot Octopuss Kurve, your vibrator will be covered by a 1-year manufacturer's warranty against defects in the workmanship of the product. In order to claim your warranty, you'll need a proof of purchase (an itemized receipt), so make sure to keep your order information email from Kinkly Shop! If you ever need to claim your warranty, it's as simple as emailing Hot Octopuss with the requested info, and you'll be on your way with the warranty.

The Packaging

The Hot Octopuss Kurve comes in a pretty ombre box covered in shades of purple that match the vibrator. Inside this thin cardboard box, you'll find a plastic-esque tray that houses the vibrator and all of its accessories. The tray provides the backbone and support to the thin cardboard exterior box, so you need to keep all of the pieces if you plan on storing the Hot Octopuss Kurve in this box long-term.

If you'd rather recycle the box, the vibrator includes a drawstring storage bag that easily fits the vibrator, the charging cable, and the instruction manual. It's large enough to fit a small bottle of lube alongside them as well.

The box includes the vibrator, the charging cable, a drawstring storage pouch, an illustrated quick-start manual (pictures only), and a written manual with product specs and more information. Nothing about the illustrated manual was very confusing (the product is honestly pretty self-explanatory), and the product specs were helpful to know.

Hot Octopuss Kurve sex toy review

The Verdict

The Hot Octopuss Kurve excels as a g-spot vibrator. The plushy tip ensures you're never "poking" anything uncomfortable, and when pressure is applied, the plushy tip splays out flat for full-coverage of the g-spot in a way that other vibrators have never really done. The curved design makes it easy to snuggle the Kurve right into the g-spot - though I'd take another inch on the length to reduce how close the buttons get to the vaginal entrance.

The Treble and Bass vibration design allows you to really customize your vibration experience. Regardless of the actual "feel" of the vibrations, having full control between two motors - including with all of the patterns - really allows you to customize the vibrations in a way that virtually no other vibrator allows for. All of the vibrations can easily be felt on the tip of the vibrator - and with the second motor near the base, right at the entrance of the vagina where there are so many nerves.

Unlike some g-spot vibrators that can go between clitoral and g-spot pleasure, I wouldn't necessarily recommend the Kurve for clitoral pleasure. The tip is too squishy, and the vibrations really aren't set up for powerful pleasure at the tip of the vibe. That being said, none of those things matter during g-spot pleasure where this vibrator excels. In fact, the motor placement that makes it relatively "meh" for clitoral pleasure is what makes it great for g-spot pleasure (like a motor placed specifically for pleasure at the vaginal entrance.)

I wish the Hot Octopuss Kurve had chosen a different button design for the buttons on the base as they can definitely get scratchy during use - especially if you're really into what you're doing. It's probably my least favorite thing about the vibrator - especially considering how gorgeous and sexy-looking the design is. (Seriously, I love how beautiful this vibe is.)

All being said, the scratchy buttons and its a-bit-too-short-for-me length are my only real complaints. It excels at g-spot stimulation - and when I say "excel", I mean "excel". It's fantastic and one of the best g-spot vibrators I've ever tried.

Hot Octopuss Kurve sex toy review

Other Options

If you like the Hot Octopuss Kurve, there are also some other similar options out there.

If you like the deep g-spot curvature of the Kurve but want to check out your options, you have the Dame Arc. The Arc is also made of silicone and fully waterproof. Both the Arc and the Kurve have squishy tips, but the Kurve's tip is much, much more squishy. While the Hot Octopuss Kurve has two motors, the Dame Arc only has the one motor. The Dame Arc's vibrations are easier to feel in the tip of the vibe compared to the Kurve's vibrations which are powerful throughout the entire shaft but aren't as strong at the tip. (There's even an entire Dame Arc sex toy review if you want more details.)

The LELO Mona Wave has that similar g-spot curve, but instead of needing to do all the "heavy lifting" of thrusting the toy yourself (like the Kurve requires), the LELO Mona Wave's internal shaft actually moves back and forth in a come-hither motion to stroke the g-spot without any effort on your part. The mechanized shaft comes with a higher price tag, but if the idea of laying back and being pleasured like royalty sounds appealing, it's hard to argue with the LELO Mona Wave. (The LELO Ina Wave is the same g-spot shape as the Mona - but with a clitoral arm too.)

If you like the general curvature of the Kurve but want something that looks more realistic, you have the Fun Factory Big Boss G5. The Big Boss G5 only has the single motor (unlike the Kurve's two motors), but if you want something realistic, the Big Boss G5 has similar functions and features - but with a slightly shallower g-spot curve and a realistic design.

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