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Hot Octopuss Jett: New Toy to Know

Published: MARCH 22, 2021 | Updated: NOVEMBER 4, 2021
Slip the Hot Octopuss Jett around your penis then lay back and enjoy the sweet vibrations, in bass or treble!

After a long, rough day, you collapse into your favorite chair, exhausted from everything that went on. You just want an escape from reality for a little bit - and your favorite adult content seems like the perfect "cure" for a rough day. You slip a sex toy onto yourself, turn it on, and pop on your favorite video. You lay back, engaged with everything you love about this video, while the toy strapped to your penis pushes you further and further to orgasm - until all of the tension of the day releases in an intense finale, and only the urgency of your super-sensitive skin can release you from your post-orgasm stupor long enough to switch off the vibrator.

This doesn't just have to be a dream; it can be reality - with the Hot Octopuss Jett penis vibrator. Designed to be entirely hands-free, this vibrator is specially crafted to strap onto the penis, provide intense vibrations, and bring you to orgasm without a single movement on your part.


How Does the Hot Octopuss Jett Work?

Think of the Hot Octopuss Jett like super-powered bullet vibrators - except instead of being designed for vaginal and clitoral use, it's specially designed for penises. The Jett includes a silicone sleeve (think of it like a use-it-anywhere cock ring) with two attached loops. This silicone sleeve is designed to be strapped onto the penis - right on top of the frenulum: you know, the most sensitive area of the entire penis. (Lots of sex toys target the frenulum including the Arcwave Ion and the Nexus Eclipse; it's definitely a power-packed pleasure spot! You can read more about those toys on our Arcwave Ion review and Nexus Eclipse review.)
Hot Octopuss Jett
The two loops on this silicone sleeve allow you to slide in the two, thick, powerful bullet vibrators. These bullet vibes are now perfectly positioned to surround the frenulum in serious vibrational power - which you can control at any moment with the included wired remote control. This remote control allows you to control each bullet vibrator separately to truly craft your own unique frequency to bring you the relief you're shooting for.

Of course, everything gets more exciting when you realize these two bullet vibrators are equipped with Treble and Bass Technology - just like the Hot Octopuss Kurve. (You can read our review of the Kurve for more info on that!)

What's this Treble and Bass Tech?

If you've ever picked up a couple of different vibrators before, turned them on, and felt how they feel, you'll probably notice that every vibrator feels a bit...different. Depending on the size and type of the motor and the materials used to make that sex toy, vibrations can feel a bit deeper and muscle-shaking - or more surface-level and skin-tingling.

That's exactly where the Treble and Bass Tech comes in. One of these bullet vibrators is specially crafted for "treble" technology - those surface-level, skin-tingling waves. The other bullet vibrator is crafted with Bass vibes - for deep, rumbly vibrations.

With both of them strapped onto the penis and a remote control that allows you to independently control each one, you can play DJ on your own pleasure and mix these vibration soundtracks to have you singing out with hands-free orgasms.


Hot Octopuss Jett remote control

Jett Fits Into Your Sex Life

The most obvious use for the Hot Octopuss Jett is how it's advertised - strap onto the penis, turn it on, and enjoy the hell out of this body safe sex toy!

But obviously, here at Kinkly, we like to get a bit "kinky" with things - and explore all the pleasure possibilities that any toy can provide. Let me tell you: the Hot Octopuss Jett offers a whole lot of pleasure possibilities:

  • First off, you can use it exactly how it's designed. Strap it onto the tip of the penis and power on the vibrations to pleasure the most sensitive parts of the penis.

  • Use it like a cock ring! Slide the Jett onto the penis near the base for powerful vibrations that leave the entire shaft open for stroking -or for shared pleasure with a partner!

  • Have a favorite dildo that would be better with vibrations? Wrap the ring of the Jett around the base of the dildo - and it'll instantly turn your dildo into a vibrating pleasure toy

  • Team the Jett with your other favorite sexy time accessories. Why not wear it while riding your dildo on a piece of Liberator sex furniture? Or put the Jett on the dildo while you enjoy the vibes and penetration from a different angle.

  • Use it for foreplay. You don't have to be hard to wear the Hot Octopuss Jett - or experiment with orgasming while flaccid! No erection required!

  • Pick up another Jett - or the Hot Octopuss Kurve - and have fun experimenting with Treble and Bass Technology at the same time. Who can find the coolest pleasure combination?

  • Remove the vibrators from the cock ring sling, and you have two powerful egg vibrators at your disposal - perfect for partnered play or pleasuring other areas! (As the egg vibrators don't have flared bases, they shouldn't be used for any anal insertions.)

  • You don't have to use both egg vibrators at once. Just use one - if you want!
    Hot Octopuss Jett full set image

See? The Hot Octopuss Jett goes as far as your imagination goes - and we bet that brain of yours can take it pretty far!


Get to Know the Hot Octopuss Jett

  • Treble and Bass Technology
  • Can Be Used Flaccid
  • 5 Vibration Speeds
  • 5 Vibration Modes
  • Expandable Sleeve
  • Silicone and ABS Plastic Material
  • Control Unit Length: 5"
  • Powered by 4AA batteries
  • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
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