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Sex Stories We Love: Gotta Get It Right, the Low Down on Low Drive, & Egads! Women Fantasize!

Published: JANUARY 10, 2018 | Updated: FEBRUARY 14, 2022
This week, we look at the lowest teen pregnancy statistics, low sex drive, and the top fantasies women have about sex.

We’ve just started a new year, the perfect time to clear up some lingering sex-related misconceptions and outdated lines of thought. We’re still finding our way when it comes to sex talk. We’re getting better at discussing sex, but, all too often, it can still be a game of broken telephone. Often unintentional, sometimes not. Let get our wires connected!


Gotta Get It Right

Let’s just get this clear: the “morning after” pill and the “abortion” pill are two different pills. They perform two different medical functions to produce two different biological results. The morning after pill is emergency contraception, to be taken as quickly after having sex delay ovulation. They cannot prevent an existing pregnancy. There are different forms of emergency contraception (beyond different pills) and you should investigate which is best for you. The abortion pill, or medicated abortion, is a two-pill process to end early pregnancy. It can be taken up to 70 days from the first day of your last period and causes cramping and bleeding to empty the uterus. Now, from these very brief descriptions, can media start understanding and identifying each medication properly? Fuck your dramatics for storyline effect. This is too important.

Education Up, Numbers Down

Curiously, maybe misconceptions about sex-related medications are only for older folks, because new data suggests teenagers might be understanding some of the complexities of sex at an earlier age. In the United States, fewer teens are having sex and teen pregnancy rates continue to go down. This flies in the face of conventional thought that teenagers are balls of walking hormones who can’t control themselves. Instead, as more teens have access to social media and more funding was made available for sex ed, preventing teen pregnancy. and sexually transmitted infections, it could be suggested that teens have become more savvy and understanding of how their bodies work and relate to others. Informed choice...whodathunkit?

The Low Down on Low Drive

Hopefully, as young people come of age with a greater understanding of the many different stages of our sexual lives, they won’t struggle with situations such as understanding low sex drive. Everybody’s body wants, craves, and desires sex in different ways, at different times, and for different reasons. It is rare that two people can couple up and have libidos that match up completely. If you find that person and things outside the bedroom work as well, then, you’re in good shape for something magical. Yet, even if you and your partner(s) aren’t always on the same wavelength when it comes to the when of sex, you can still have a great relationship. The key is being open and communicative about your different sexual options.


Egads! Women Fantasize!

Options. That’s a word a lot of people do not really associate with sex. Recent generations have been brought up with the lights out/under the covers/making babies idea of what sex should be. Well, no, this isn’t true. Men have been afforded the luxury of fantasy and exploring sexual interests. Not so much for women. Hell, it wasn’t that long ago that people thought women just didn’t or shouldn’t have differing sexual thoughts than what her husband wanted to desired. Of course, that is utter bullshit. Of course women have sexual thoughts. Of course women want different types of sex. Women have many different fantasies, and here are just 25 of them.

Don't Eat All the Data

One thing, I hope, people get out of Sex Stories We Love every week is that we present to you a wide variety of topics relating to sex—with the links to the stories. You are encouraged to read the original information and, ultimately, make up your own minds about the thoughts shared. There’s a fair bit of opinion in these lines, but I try to imbue those opinions with facts, particularly from sex research. At the same time, I’ll say it loud and clear right here: be wary of instantly accepting sex research. It cannot all be measured with the same yardstick. I mean, I was intrigued by this article suggestingmeat eaters have more sex than vegetarians, but the source of the data is, I’m just guessing, somewhat biased. Now, there might be some interesting medical suggestions to follow up, but just take care in what you read and accept, lest we get more telephone game.

In the Stars?

Finally, everybody masturbates the same, right? Right? No we don’t. But can our astrological signs indicate our self-love stylings?

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