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Got a Favorite Sex Toy? Show It Some Love by Helping It Win an Award!

Published: MAY 25, 2019
Some sex toys are (much) better than others. We're on a quest to find out which ones you love.

For the past couple of years, we've teamed up with StorErotica to nominate a sex toy for what we call the Consumers' Choice Award, which is awarded as part of the StorErotica Awards. Last year, the award went to the Rocks Off Ruby Glow. The year before that, the esteemed Magic Wand took the prize.


Why celebrate these toys? Well, the reality is that some sex toys are (much) better than others. And we think sex toy users, reviewers and enthusiasts should have a say in which ones get the spotlight. After all, while many sex toys are marketed as cutting edge or new or hip, the only thing that really counts is that they make you feel amazing. It's all about the orgasms!

So, we're leaving it up to you to tell us which toys you're loving this year. Have you tried something new that blew your mind? Do you have an old favorite that remains in your nightstand year after year? Tell us which toys you like best. We'll compile the top-10 nominated toys for a final vote and announce the winner at the Adult Novelty Manufacturer's Expo (ANME) in July as part of the StorErotica Award Show. We'll also do a little dance over here at Kinkly in celebration. Vote below!


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