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Get Sexy on Etsy: Top Shops for Handmade Bedroom Goods

Published: MARCH 2, 2017 | Updated: MARCH 20, 2017
Want some truly one-of-a-kind bedroom accessories? Etsy is your one-stop-shop for handmade kink!

Etsy is tops for all things handmade: jewelry, clothing, custom gifts, and every kind of art imaginable. However, Etsy bedroom accessories have earned a bad rap. In fact, we're pretty sure the #regretsy tag, given to questionably-crafted homemade Etsy fare, was created after users stumbled upon too many Play-dough dildos.

Just like at any craft fair, it takes a bit of digging through piles of re-sale junk and gingham quilts to find the good stuff. A bit of browsing reveals on Etsy stellar lingerie, BDSM accessories, and funky, body-safe sex toys made by passion creators. We've taken the guesswork out of Etsy bedroom shopping with our list of the best shops for one-of-a-kind sexy goodies.


Lovecrafters Toys

Indulge your geek fetish with silicone creations straight out of a sci-fi novel. Taking her shop name from famous British horror and science-fiction author H.P Lovecraft, toy maker Chae specializes in nerdy works of insertable art. Colorful, bumpy Cthulhu tentacles and Daleks a la Dr. Who are Chae's signature pieces. You can even buy your favorite dessert in dildo form. Ever dreamed of getting it on with a delectable piece of cake, or popping a chocolate-covered strawberry between your cheeks? Neither did we, until we stumbled upon the adorableness of Lovecrafters' blueberry cake dildo and strawberry butt plugs.

Get Sexy on Etsy: Top Shops for Handmade Bedroom Goods
Strawberry butt plug from Lovecrafters Toys

LVX Supply

BDSM accessories have become the new bedroom basics, but there's nothing ordinary about LVX Supply's stunning creations. Their hand-crafted leather cuffs, collars and body harnesses bring an air of gorgeously rugged-yet-modern design to the bondage arena. Meticulously fine-line engraved wooden paddles, decorated with ancient swirls, crescent moons, and mystical creatures, are absolute game-changers. Your fuzzy cuffs will hide in shame next to these works of superior craftsmanship. We dare you not to drool over LVX's incredible art pieces, even if BDSM isn't your thing.


Get Sexy on Etsy: Top Shops for Handmade Bedroom Goods
Sunflower Spanking Paddle from LVX Supply

JANMAR Beds and Bondage

Quality, high-end accessories have been a staple of the fetish lifestyle community since long before "Fifty Shades of Grey" brought them mainstream. Master woodworker Jan Maartensen's BDSM furniture and kinky beds are a nod to high-end fetish play. Classic dungeon staples, like the St. Andrew's Cross, are brought to life in lush, dark stains on solid wood. The bondage beds even feature an incognito mode, with hidden drawers and removable restraint pieces. However, don't blame us if your guests figure out the real use behind that bench with the head stock you stashed in the guestroom.

Get Sexy on Etsy: Top Shops for Handmade Bedroom Goods

A queen-sized bondage bed from JANMAR


Restrained Grace

Just because you're a lady in the streets doesn't mean you can't be a freak and a lady in the bedroom. Restrained Grace crafts super-girly objects of submission for the modern femme. Shop owner Miss Annie has a knack for adding a touch of class to collars of slender leather, pearls, and 14k hardware. Her day wear designs blend seamlessly with this year's brushed metal and rectangular charm necklaces. Annie's tiny Kitten and Princess bracelets make the most adorable additions to your jewelry collection. Pair them with the Slut necklace and a Daddy's Girl ring for a secretly submissive statement.

Get Sexy on Etsy: Top Shops for Handmade Bedroom Goods
Locking leather collar by RestrainedGrace

EXES Lingerie

Unleash your inner nasty woman with some of the most gorgeously raunchy lingerie, club, and festival wear. EXES is all about empowerment for shop owners and designers Madeline and Mario. We're pretty sure any babe who laces up a pair of their Cheeky panties is about to unleash some sort of tigress-siren creature within. Madeline wasn't impressed with cutesy mainstream lingerie, so she dreamed up her own creations. The results are like a Lady Gaga/Bad Bitch hybrid, making her way to Burning Man on a flaming chariot. See-thru mesh, curve-hugging straps, and shiny fabrics make sure you dominate in the bedroom or under the flashing lights.

Get Sexy on Etsy: Top Shops for Handmade Bedroom Goods
Black Crochet Lace and Faux Leather Bustier Top by EXES Lingerie

Swoon Kink

We thought we'd seen it all in the world of sex toys and kink goodies. Swoon Kink owner Susanna proved us wrong with one of the most unique and yet rather obvious materials for masturbation sleeves: cashmere. Soft sweaters have long been a not-so-tall tale of teenage (and let's face it, adult) masturbation. It might seem a little weird to get it on with a sweater, but Swoon Kink's silky sleeves have piqued our curiosity. The best part is that Susanna up-cycles her cashmere from second-hand fabric, making these adorable (and washable!) penis sweaters eco-friendly and super plush.

Get Sexy on Etsy: Top Shops for Handmade Bedroom Goods
One of Swoon Kink's unique and adorable masturbation sleeves.

My Favorite Kink

Leave it to the fetish community to turn the most boring, practical items into McGyver-style impact play and bondage toys. Paracord doesn't exactly sound sexy, but My Favorite Kink proves that even the oddest of materials make for BDSM greatness. Designer Nikki Rose hand-braids and wraps each of her sturdy floggers with radiant colors. She also crafts braided cuffs, hog ties, and whips to round out her funky collection. We seem to be sensing a pattern of the kinky and the geeky going hand-in-hand, but either way, Nikki's flogger homage to Harry Potter is definitely on our Favorites list.

Get Sexy on Etsy: Top Shops for Handmade Bedroom Goods
Harry Potter Flogger Set from My Favorite Kink

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