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Fun Factory Sundaze: Sex Toy Review

Published: DECEMBER 21, 2020
Not too many shafts can claim to be three in one, but the Fun Factory Sundaze has broken the mold!

The Toy: Fun Factory Sundaze

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The latest release from Fun Factory, the Sundaze is a stellar toy that's designed to be your all-in-one toy. In fact, everything about the Fun Factory Sundaze was designed to be a multi-purpose pleasure tool in your bedroom arsenal. From the flat head that's perfect for clitoral stimulation or g-spot stimulation, all the way to the three different types of stimulation packaged into its single shaft.

Named after the "laze around and masturbate" activity of self-discovery that the Sundaze encourages, the Sundaze was crafted as a body-safe sex toy designed for self-exploration, experiencing new types of pleasures and sensations, and finding the best ways that the multitude of sensations the Sundaze provides can be orgasmic for you.

To use Fun Factory's marketing language, the Sundaze provides three amazing types of stimulation in a single toy: tapping, vibrating and pulsing. This is pretty much unheard of in most types of toys - though as technology gets better, I expect to see even more of these amazing hybrid releases.

The tapping sensation is similar to the sensations you get when you have a wild finger-drumming session. These short, distinct pulses are pretty unique in the world of sex toys, and this is Fun Factory's first foray into tapping - joining a "tapping" market that's relatively empty.


Fun Factory Sundaze: Sex Toy Review

The pulsing sensation is a thrusting sensation that you might be familiar with if you've ever looked at the Fun Factory Stronic line. All of these toys have a weighted ball inside the toy that swings from end-to-end of the toy - making enough momentum to thrust the toy all by itself. The Fun Factory Sundaze packages that inside of it as well.

And of course, I'm sure you're familiar with vibrations as those have been the mainstay of sex toys for years now - even going as far to make it into penis-centric toys like the Fun Factory Cobra Libre 2.

So let's explore everything you need to know in our Fun Factory Sundaze review.

How'd You Use It?

The Fun Factory Sundaze is surprisingly fantastic - both internally and externally. I say "surprisingly" because I'm always side-eyeing new technology - especially with claims of fitting so many different sensations into a single toy.

But the Sundaze manages it.

Like the name implies, the Sundaze honestly does take some use to really fit your "best fit" - and it really does encourage exploration. There are 15 different settings built into the Sundaze: 3 vibration, 3 tapping, 5 pulsation, and 4 patterns. That's a whole lot of different sensations built into a single toy!


With that in mind, it isn't as simple as "turn on, it vibrates, use it". It genuinely encourages more exploration of your body to find the best ways to use the included pleasure settings.

For example, I had never considered a thrusting vibrator for clitoral use, but here we are. The Sundaze does a fantastic job of clitoral stimulation, and it's actually one of my favorite ways to use it. I never, ever would have tried that if it wasn't for the Sundaze.

I wasn't expected thrusting or tapping to do much clitorally, but I found that those were the settings I constantly sought out instead of the built-in vibrations. The tapping works fantastically as a great "warm-up" sensation - and it's really effective. Even when my brain and body weren't particularly aroused, using the tapping sensation quickly made it that way. It isn't enough stimulation to provide orgasm (at least for me), but it really provides some focus to the area, great sensation, and gets me in the mood to use the other settings on the toy.

Fun Factory Sundaze: Sex Toy Review

Do you like the sensation of grinding against something solid - or pressing against a partner's palm during sex? That's essentially what the thrusting/pulsing settings can provide clitorally. It automates the sensation, and especially when pressed directly to the clitoris, it has definitely been orgasmic.


I wish it had a couple more intensity levels to explore - because sometimes I wish it had faster thrusts if I'm right on the edge of orgasm and have to resort to moving the vibe manually instead of it doing the moving. But if grinding is your thing, the Sundaze really does provide a realistic sensation and the vibrator does all of the "grinding" for you!

As a note, I really love that the vibrator remembers the last setting that you were using. On a regular basis, I would hit the FUN button (effectively turning it off) instead of the + button. While annoying in the short term, another couple presses of the FUN button, and the toy picked up on the exact intensity where I'd just left off. With more experience with the Sundaze, I'm sure I'd remember the button structure a bit better, and that would get reduced over time.

Inserting the Sun Daze sex toy offers just as many fun ways to use it. I'm really fond of the physical design that Fun Factory chose for the Sundaze. The flat head works fantastically for g-spot stimulation - and offers a broad surface for clitoral sensations too. When inserted, this broad head helps target the g-spot (if you have a shallow g-spot). In addition, as mentioned later, the Sundaze is very rigid. The silicone itself is a bit plushy, but the internal portion of the vibe is extremely rigid and holds its shape.

This means that, if you're getting some lovely g-spot stimulation, the Sundaze won't bend under the pressure. You just hold it in place. Once you have it in the spot you want, you can just keep a firm grip on it, and the Sundaze will repeatedly hit that spot - over and over - without bending from resistance or vaginal tightening. Who DOESN'T like a vibrator that does all of the thrusting for them?

When it comes to thrusting vibrators like this, I'm always worried that the motor will "give up" when pressure is applied (like in a vagina that's getting near orgasm.) That isn't a concern with the Sundaze. The Sundaze thrusts regardless of how tightly you're clenching.

That being said, if you're getting closer to orgasm, it might require a bit more of a firm grip on the handle to make sure the motion keeps happening inside. The vibrator will tend to thrust a bit more through the handle side unless you really show it who's boss. (And also because it's feeling less resistance from the handle than from the inserted end, but y'know, physics.)

Fun Factory Sundaze: Sex Toy Review


While the Sundaze is definitely a thrusting vibrator, it's important to know that it isn't providing huge, giant thrusts. While the Sundaze has longer thrusts than I've seen in most of the handheld thrusting toys, it still doesn't equal the length of a stroke of an actual sex machine. That being said, I'd say it seems to powerfully stroke at about 0.5" to 0.75" in length - depending on the resistance that it's finding. That's more-than-enough to really "feel" the stroking sensation, and the stroking feels worlds apart from the vibration function.

As a note, I almost always just skip over the vibrations. I have vibrators that offer stronger vibrations if I'm after vibrations. But if you're looking to get the Sundaze as one of the few toys you own, the vibrations are a fantastic addition - because it effectively "adds" a whole new type of toy to the sensations of the Sundaze. You don't necessarily need to purchase a vibrator since the Sundaze is one already.

(That being said, I do enjoy the vibrations that are packed into the patterned settings, so I do use the vibrations in some form.)

One of the coolest things about the Sundaze is the patterned settings. As mentioned above, the Fun Factory Sundaze vibrator comes with four of them. There is no other toy on the market I'm aware of that slides between thrusting to vibrating to tapping - all within 5 seconds. If you're someone who loves a variety of stimulation, these patterned settings offer constantly-changing stimulation with a single button press. They do feel a bit repetitive with their short durations (as patterns tend to be), but flipping through the four different patterned settings keeps things fresh for me.

(Now all I'm imagining is an app-enabled variety of this toy in the future that allows you to pre-program your own patterns with three separate sensations. That'd be game-changing!)

How Else Could It Be Used?

I haven't given this a try yet, but Fun Factory also recommends that the Sundaze can be used as a hands-free thrusting vibe - like a DIY sex machine. Prop a pillow against the base of the vibe to reduce it slipping out, and the toy will stay within the vagina as it thrusts back and forth.

I'd imagine you could do this with less-fluffy objects like positioning yourself against a wall as well. All that matters is positioning yourself (and the base of the vibe) against a firm-ish surface that will keep the vibrator pushed into your body while it thrusts.

As the Fun Factory Sundaze is also fully waterproof, it can be used in aquatic environments as well. I'm not usually one for water-based masturbation, but if you are, the Sundaze can head into the bath, the pool, the shower, and anywhere else where water and liquid might be plentiful. (Squirting-friendly sex toy, anyone?)

The Sundaze does NOT have a flared base. It should not be used for any anal play; it isn't designed for that and isn't safe to do so. The instruction manual also reiterates that point.

If you have a penis, you don't necessarily need to be left out of the Fun Factory Sundaze fun. If you love frenulum pleasure, the thrusting/pulsing sensations of the Sundaze are actually extremely pleasurable (and orgasmic!) when targeted on the frenulum.


Of course, you can use the vibrations of the Sundaze as well. Now that I'm thinking about it, I haven't tried it on my partner, but you could try gripping the Sundaze alongside the length of the penis to cause the vibrator to rub up and down the shaft with the pulsing function. That's another option that can make this more of a couple's toy than just a solo toy. (And with the Fun Factory Sundaze's body-safe silicone, you can easily sterilize or clean your toy between uses.)

Just no sticking the Sundaze in the bum-bum.

Product Details

The Fun Factory Sundazeis a standardly-sized sex toy. It has that "not too large, not too small" thing going for it - for mass appeal to as many people as possible. Surprisingly, despite having all of this fun hardware and features built into the Fun Factory Sundaze, it's only slightly heavier than a standard vibrator.

Fun Factory Sundaze: Sex Toy Review


The hard measurements of the Fun Factory Sundaze are:
Length: 6.9"
Diameter: 1.4"
Weight: 0.73 lb

A Fun Factory Sundaze review wouldn't be complete without talking about intensity and noise levels. Let's talk about each one of the three functions including noise level and power level:

The thrusting/pulsing is essentially the same movement as the tapping - but with much more intensity and longer stroke lengths. The thrusting/pulsing is fascinating - both from a pleasure level and even just holding it in your hand. When holding it as it thrusts, it literally moves your hand because the thrusting is so strong. It's strong enough that it shakes the fat on my forearms while I'm holding it. It's a very, very different change of pace

The tapping level is the same movement as the thrusting/pulsing - but with shorter strokes. They both essentially can feel like a "jackhammer" motion - but the tapping is a feather-light sensation while the thrusting/pulsing really hammers it in there.

The vibrations are focused near the lower shaft right above the plastic base-handle. That being said, the vibrations actually can be felt really strongly at the tip of the vibrator as well. I'd say you'd get about 90% of the vibrations at the tip - but if you press down really hard with your fingers, it does seem like the vibrations originate near the base.

The vibrations aren't the strongest out of all of the vibrators I own, but they aren't bad either. They're deep and rumbly - similar to a wand massagers' vibrations in timbre - but they aren't nearly as strong. They're on par with most battery-operated vibrators that you could pick up, and they blow bullet vibrators and other buzzy toys entirely out of the water. If vibrations are your method to orgasm and you can work with moderate vibrations, you'll likely be fine. If you're someone who requires wand-massager power, the Fun Factory Sundaze may be disappointing - but then again, the Sundaze's vibrations are only one of the three modes that this vibrator is equipped with.

Speaking of vibrations, let's explore its noise level. The Sundaze is relatively quiet. I can hear its buzz while I'm holding it, but it gets hard to hear when between my legs. Unless you had an uncomfortably-quiet household, you could likely use this with a door open and someone else in the other room, and they wouldn't hear it. It can be heard within the same room, however, unless you have some good room noise going on. (The other person might not know it's a vibrator, but they'd definitely do that "Do you hear that noise?" without any camouflaging noise going on.)

Surprisingly, both the tapping and the thrusting/pulsing are very quiet. You'd think something that was moving would be louder, but in this case, nope. The tapping and thrusting/pulsing are the exact same noise level as the vibrating - though the timbre of the noise changes slightly.

This means, if you're using the Fun Factory Sundaze on your partner, you likely won't be able to tell if the settings change on noise alone - you'll want to use the movement of the handle as the indicator of what's going on. As mentioned, the noise level is loud enough to be heard in the same room (but barely), but it's not loud enough to be heard in a separate room in a standard home (with noise) even with the door open.

How It Works

The buttons to control the Fun Factory Sundaze are built right into the base of the sex toy. The Fun Factory Sundaze has three buttons at the base - each which very-much stands out from the base with the bubbled design of the buttons. There's a FUN button (power), a + and a - .

Fun Factory Sundaze: Sex Toy Review

Hold down the FUN button to turn the sex toy on or off. Once on, you can single press (or press and hold) the + and - buttons to control the various settings on the Sundaze.

With 15 different settings built into the Fun Factory Sundaze, you have your options ahead of you. The Fun Factory Sundaze has 3 vibration intensities, three tapping intensities, five pulsation intensities, and four patterned options. You'll see a diagram in the instruction manual that specifically shows off what each function was "designed for" - including some crafted for awakening nerve endings, some for thrusting, some for arousal boosting, and more. Fun Factory really put some thought into the sensations each one of the 15 settings could provide!

The Sundaze vibrator also goes above-and-beyond standard sex toy options by offering a "15-Second Restart" and "Save your Fave" setting.

The "15-Second Restart" allows you to "save" your favorite setting. This feature means that, if you accidentally turn it off, turn back on within 15 seconds, and it will pop back onto your current setting. This is super-helpful if you tend to accidentally press the wrong buttons - or in the case of attempting to use it hands-free, if something doesn't quite line up and accidentally presses a button.

The "Save your Fave" setting will allow you to save your favorite setting (as the name implies). Once saved, the Sundaze will start on your favorite setting - every single time you turn it on. If you're someone who tends to have a "tried and true" favorite on most of your toys, you can cut out all of the setting scrolling with the "Save your Fave" setting - which will jump to your favorite instantly.

Materials and Care

The Fun Factory Sundaze is made purely from silicone (on the insertable/use areas) and plastic (on the handle). The silicone feels like a standard Fun Factory silicone. If you're unfamiliar with their toys, the silicone tends to be draggy and very matte. It's a very sturdy/rigid shape on the inside, but the silicone offers a little bit of plush. The toy isn't really "bendable" at all, and it tends to hold its shape exactly how it is - which is fantastic news for those who love constant pressure on their g-spot. The head of the Sundaze does not bend under pressure at all.

(As a note, the Fun Factory Sundaze silicone is also very, very attracted to hair, lint, dust, and anything else it can find. This is one of those toys I highly recommend rinsing before use - especially as it even managed to get some of that stuff on it while being stored in the included bag.)

Like most Fun Factory toys, the Sundaze is also waterproof - which is amazing when you're tired and just want to half-assedly clean it and get back to the warm bed this winter. (This may or may not be how I've primarily used the Sundaze so far.) Just some warm water and mild, silicone-safe soap, and your Sundaze will be happily drying on your bathroom counter.

If you choose to insert the Sundaze, some sex lubricant is definitely recommended. Your body might make enough lubrication to make that unnecessary, but mine certainly doesn't. When using lubricant with the Sundaze, make sure to choose water-based lubes. If choosing silicone-based options, you'll want to do a quick spot test to ensure you don't accidentally harm the material of your silicone toy. (Some silicone toys and silicone-based lubes will destroy each other.) Plus, water-based makes for easier clean-up!

Fun Factory Sundaze: Sex Toy Review

Charging the Fun Factory Sundaze is easy - just use the included magnetic charging cable. As Fun Factory first introduced the idea of widespread magnetic charging to us with their Click'n'Charge system, they've pretty much perfected magnetic charging at this point. The magnetic charging cable snaps onto the ports with ease, and depending on how gently you raise the toy, the magnetic connection alone can support the weight of the vibrator when lifting the charging cable. So, it works flawlessly with no complaints.

Reaching a full charge with your Fun Factory Sundaze will take about 5 hours. I know, I know, that sounds like a lot. But out of that 5 hours, you can get one to three hours of cord-free, wireless play - depending on which settings you use. I'd imagine the vibrations are the least-draining while the full thrusting/pulses are most-draining, but that's entirely a guess on my end.

Not sure if the Sundaze needs a charge? You'll love the low battery light indicator! If the Sundaze is at 30% or less power, the FUN button on the shaft will blink slowly. This means you should definitely plug it in soon.

It's also worth noting that the Fun Factory Sundaze comes equipped with a travel lock. This travel lock allows you to "lock" the vibrator with an obscure combination of buttons that are unlikely to ever get hit unintentionally. This keeps the toy from turning itself on - like if it's in bouncing luggage. Just hit the same combination of buttons (given to you within the instruction manual) to turn off travel-lock and resume regular functions of the Sundaze.

The Packaging

This silicone vibrator comes packaged in standard Fun Factory packaging. The vibrator is snugly packaged in layers of cardboard. This box includes a slipcover that describes the toy. Outside of the slipcover, the included box is pretty minimal and could work for long-term storage of the toy - but it isn't a particularly rigid box that will hold its own if you stack items on top of it.

As a neat addition, the Sundaze by Fun Factory comes wrapped in a little "burrito" of mesh. This mesh includes a paper wrap that makes it very, very clear that your Sundaze vibrator comes travel-locked. This means the vibrator won't turn on or respond to commands until you unlock it. The paper wrap also includes the travel lock instructions. I'm pretty fond of this set-up because it makes it very clear upfront what's going on with the vibe - and reduces some of the confusion when your brand new sex toy won't turn on right away.

Fun Factory Sundaze: Sex Toy Review

The Sundaze Fun Factory vibrator comes with a storage pouch, a full-color instruction booklet, and a charging cable. The storage pouch is very "legit" with a crinkle-surface, shed-free fabric that even zips up - and is large enough to even fit a full-sized bottle of lube alongside the toy and charging cable inside of the pouch.

The Fun Factory Sundaze also includes an instruction manual that's particularly helpful. A full-color booklet, the instruction manual walks you through everything you could possibly want to know about the Sundaze - and bonus extras that go with their theme of "self-exploration on a lazy Sunday" such as relaxing Sunday activities and a Flirt or Dare mini-game to play with a partner.

The instruction manual also includes more important information like how to operate the Sundaze, how to use the memory settings, how to use the travel lock, charging information, and how to hold the vibrator.

The Verdict


I really, really enjoy the Sundaze vibrator. Like other toys I tend to put into the "exploration" category (like the Wildflower Enby, Satisfyer Multifun 3, Satisfyer Endless Love, Lora DiCarlo Filare, and others), the Sundaze really, really excels at providing sensations that are hard to self-replicate with your own hands - and it leaves it all up to the user to how they want to put those orgasmic sensations to use.

FunFactory makes it as easy as possible to make those sensations orgasmic for you with a full-color booklet that explains a bunch of different ways to use the Sundaze - all the way down to different ways to hold this silicone vibrator.

The Sundaze isn't necessarily a vibrator that you're going to pick out of the box and instantly have amazing orgasms with zero effort. It wasn't designed for that. It was designed to offer sensations that are hard to replicate solo - and let you explore what's best for hitting your pleasure centers. Even the design of the Sundaze, with its flat head that works well for multiple pleasure spots, was designed with versatility in mind.

I'm a little surprised by how few "levels" the Sundaze includes. For building in the hardware to make three separate sensations fit into one toy, it's surprising that there aren't more levels for each one of the options (vibrations, tapping, pulsation/thrusting).

I would have loved to see a different control structure that allows for multiple levels of each one of the settings. Right now, it has 3 vibration settings, 3 tapping settings, 5 pulsation/thrusting settings, and 4 patterned options that mix the three. With the hardware built-in, it'd be a great excuse to offer more customizable intensities with each one of the options.

In addition, the control structure of the Sundaze can feel a bit "crowded". If you know you love Pulsation Setting #4, there's no real way to "distinguish" where you're at in the 1 through 15 pattern settings. When it comes to exploration, this doesn't matter at all - all that matters is how the sensations feel and how much you enjoy them.

However, once you're past the exploration phase and know what you like (and hopefully, like more than one setting on the Sundaze), finding your way between these settings can be a bit of a drag - and something that feels like it could have been avoided with individual controls of the three included settings - or just a different control structure in general.

I really, really would have loved to have seen a flared base on the Sundaze. Not only would it have made the Sundaze anal-friendly with minimal extra effort, but it also could have been wide enough to function as bonus clitoral stimulation while the Sundaze was inserted. That's a personal nitpick, though. Hopefully, Fun Factory is going to expand this toy's design into more toys because the internal parts are pretty awesome!

Regardless, I'm really impressed that Fun Factory managed to fit all of these settings into a single toy. It's a pleasurable toy, and it provides sensations that (literally) no one other toy can do. Even the expensive sex machines don't provide all of this within a single toy.

Fun Factory Sundaze: Sex Toy Review

Other Options

While no other toy has all of the same three features packed into the same toy like the Fun Factory Sundaze does, some other toys do provide some similar types of sensations - especially if what stands out to you is the "thrusting" motion of the Sundaze.

If the thrusting/pulsing sensation is what has caught your attention, you might fall in love with the Fun Factory Stronic G or the Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion. Both pulsing toys offer a similar shape to the Sundaze, and while they purely focus on vibration and pulsation (with no tapping), each one could be a great choice if the tapping sensation isn't keeping your attention.

Of course, if you love the thrusting/pulsing sensations and want to play with them anally, I'd recommend the XR Brands Thump-It. It shows as one of the best-selling plugs on Kinkly Shop, and I can see why. I own one, and I love it. It provides the same type of thrusting motions that the Sundaze does in an anal-safe form that's also remote-controlled.

Into the tapping sensations this Fun Factory Sundaze review mentioned? You might prefer the Lora DiCarlo Carezza. Clitorally-focused, the Lora DiCarlo Carezza was built entirely to provide tapping sensations. Considering how many people love tapping sensations on the clitoris - especially to encourage blood flow and as foreplay, I can see why you might lean towards the Carezza! The Carezza is noticeably smaller than the Sundaze - though if you want an all-in-one option, the Sundaze still wins on that front.

Of course, if you love the built-in vibrations of the Sundaze, you're definitely in luck because most vibrators focus on, well, vibrations! If you want to stay within the Fun Factory brand, I'd recommend the Big Boss G5. It features the same easy-magnetic charge system and easy-use button systems of the rest of the Fun Factory line - but it's focused on providing intense vibrations with very-flexible silicone.

If you're open to going outside of the Fun Factory brand for vibrations, I'd go with the We-Vibe Rave. The vibrations are strong, and the Rave's g-spot design means you can use it internally and externally - just like the Sundaze.

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