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Fun Factory Bootie: New Toy to Know

Published: MARCH 15, 2021 | Updated: NOVEMBER 4, 2021
"Up your butt and around the corner" isn't just a playground taunt. When it comes to the Fun Factory Bootie plug, it describes the just-right fit!

Who said a body safe sex toy has to be complicated or expensive to be pleasurable? Certainly not the Fun Factory Bootie! This butt plug gets straight to the point: a comfortable plug suitable for all-day wear.

Made from flexible silicone, the Fun Factory Bootie provides that sensual feeling of backdoor fullness with a shape that's comfortable and pleasurable. The gently sloped tip works with your body's natural curve. The T-shaped base makes this toy anal safe while preventing any uncomfortable poking into your cheeks while moving around.

In fact, the Fun Factory Bootie is designed to be a versatile, all-around butt plug for any time where a little bit of extra booty love is desired. You know, times like:


  • Adding extra sensation to your solo masturbation session
  • Prepping your body for anal sex later
  • Experiencing your first anal toy
  • New toy to play with during sex with your partner
  • Your hands are tied up in kinky restraints but you still want some stimulation
  • Wearing a plug out and about - while no one else is the wiser
  • ...Or just wearing a plug at home while you do chores; chores just got much more exciting

First Time? Bootie is for You!

The Small Fun Factory Bootie was especially crafted as the perfect anal plug for brand new beginners. Its small size, low price, and comfortable shape make it an A+ choice for those who are dipping their toes into their first anal toy.

If you have a prostate, you might love the Bootie even more. Its sloped tip makes for targeted prostate pleasure; we recommend wiggling and micro-thrusting the plug while it's in to really experience some of the prostate sensations.

Even if you don't have a prostate, this curved tip cuddles its way into the natural curvature of your body for a super-comfortable, designed-to-stay-in shape that makes it the perfect companion to the start of your anal adventures.

Small Fun Factory Bootie

Check Out Those Curves!

Standing out in a sea of anal plugs are the curves of the Fun Factory Bootie. Unlike most plugs which are straight with zero curve, the Bootie was specifically crafted to snuggle into your anatomy for a super-comfortable fit. If your body has a prostate, the curved tip presses up against the prostate, but a prostate certainly isn't necessary to enjoy the Bootie's anatomy-focused design. The deep curved tip helps keep the Bootie in place to prevent slipping out - and allows you to focus on all the sensations this anal plug provides.

When an anal plug is slid into your booty, everything about the plug's design matters - including the base. The Bootie offers an unobtrusive, T-shaped base. This means nothing uncomfortable poking into your cheeks - with a soft, supportive silicone keeping this plug safely nestled outside of the body.

Of course, the entirety of the Fun Factory Bootie plug is crafted with super-flexible, squishy silicone for an anal plug that moves with your body - and can be worn all day if that's what you want to do!


The Bootie for your Booty!

When the Fun Factory Bootie was first released, it only came in a single size: small. As the Bootie was designed as the perfect beginner's plug, there wasn't any reason to have multiple sizes.

But those days are over. Today, the popularity of the Fun Factory Bootie has encouraged Fun Factory to release this well-loved plug in three different sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. While the Small is still the go-to option for those picking up their first anal plug, the Medium and Large ensure that those who want a larger toy can still enjoy everything amazing that the Fun Factory Bootie provides.

Fun Factory Bootie

Which Bootie is right for your bootie? Peep the specs below:


Small Fun Factory Bootie
Length: 2.99"
Smallest Diameter: 0.63"
Largest Diameter: 1.06"

Medium Fun Factory Bootie

Length: 3.66"
Smallest Diameter: 0.67"
Largest Diameter: 1.38"

Large Fun Factory Bootie
Length: 4.37"
Smallest Diameter: 0.75"
Largest Diameter: 1.59"

More Details about the Fun Factory Bootie

  • Fully-flexible Silicone Material
  • Waterproof
  • T-Shaped comfort base
  • Tipped for prostate play, comfortable for anyone
  • Designed for all-day wear
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