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Frisky Fridays: KIIROO KEON

Published: MARCH 22, 2024 | Updated: APRIL 12, 2024
It's always a good day to masturbate!

Say "Happy Monday" to Automated Stroking!

Who says Monday has to be the worst of the work days?


What if you could come home to blowjob sensations that would go as long as you wanted?

What if that blowjob could then synchronize to your favorite porn videos, so you're really immersed yourself in the action?

You might even start looking forward to Mondays!


What is This Magical Monday Salve?

What the heck are we talking about? Why, it's the KIIROO KEON!

It's an interactive penis sex machine that makes it easy to lay back while a machine does all the work - and can even do it in tandem with the video you're watching!

Despite KEON's pleasurably advanced technology, the premise is pretty simple: the KEON itself is a powerful sex machine that can move something up and down. KIIROO's penis stroking sleeves can be snapped into the KEON for a match made in orgasmic heaven.


Once you have a sleeve inside the KEON, you can adjust the stroke speed and stroke length to your heart's content - or let the free app do it for you!

It can reach up to 230 strokes per minute on the shortest, fastest mode!

The KIIROO KEON offers a whole host of interactive options. It's part of why we love it so much. Not only do you get a sex toy that does all of the stroking for you, but it also partners with online content in a way that no other toys on the market can provide.


It's pretty amazing!

It's Interactive? Really?


  • Connect with other KIIROO or FeelTechnology-enabled toys.
  • Connect with 2D and VR Interactive Adult content.
  • Synchronize stroking to any online video with a FeelMe AI subscription.
  • Control your KEON from the app.
  • Connect with your partner - and their own KIIROO device.
  • Connect to Interactive webcams and web models for interactive play.
  • Controlled manually by the buttons on the KEON.

Essentially, by using the app, you open up a world of online connectivity with the KEON. Sync your KEON to someone else's toy, let someone else control the toy, or synchronize the KEON's movements to a gigantic range of online videos - including VR options or live webcam models!


6 Different Ways to Control the KIIROO KEON

While you never have to touch the free app that controls the KIIROO KEON, the app really takes the KIIROO KEON from "mmm" to "WOAH!" In fact, that's where the manufacturer, KIIROO, excels. KIIROO has been focused on making "Interactive Toys" for years!

There are SIX different ways to control the KEON. You can:

  • Manually Control the KIIROO KEON (No App Needed!): Easily increase and decrease the stroke speed and stroke length - up to 230 strokes per minute! Two buttons on each side of the KIIROO KEON let you personalize your experience for exactly what you want.
  • Use the App to Control the KEON: Especially fun to let your partner take their hand at the controls, you can give up full control of the KEON with the app. Let your partner choose which area the KEON pleasures and how fast it's going to stroke - all with the slide of a finger!
  • Sync With Your Partner: Using the app's chat functionality, if your partner also has a compatible KIIROO device (even if they're long-distance), you both can connect your devices for synchronization - so that you "share" the sensations together! This can be done with another KEON device - or some of the vibrators that KIIROO has too!
  • Connect with 2D and VR Interactive Content: Certain adult content is made to work with the KIIROO toys - including the KEON! Connect your masturbator via the app, and your KEON will synchronize its strokes to the pleasure on the screen! Toss a VR headset into the mix, and we're pretty sure this is the most realistic masturbation can get!
  • Let your Favorite Webcam Model Control your KEON: If your favorite camsite model uses a platform that offers interactive capabilities, your KIIROO KEON's pleasure settings can control their compatible device - or they might want to control your KEON instead!
  • Use FeelMe AI: A paid subscription unlocks the revolutionary FeelMe AI. This platform uses the power of AI to make most online adult content into interactive content that can synchronize with KEON.

Let's Talk Accessories

No, we don't mean jewelry or bowties.


The KEON has a whole host of available KEON accessories to really elevate your experience.

Do you want a truly hands-free experience? The KEON Table Clamp can hold the KEON in place, allowing you to enjoy the KEON with zero effort on your part. (Pair it with a VR headset and some synchronized VR videos, and you'd pretty much have a masturbation station from the future!)

Looking for a bit of help holding the KEON as you get closer to orgasm - and, admittedly, get distracted? The KEON Neck Strap anchors the KEON around the back of the neck (like a long necklace) to reduce the weight your hands need to carry!

Love penetration too? The KEON Dildo Adapter and Vacuum Lock Dildo replace the KEON's stroking sleeve with a dildo to turn the KEON into a fucking machine in seconds.

KIIROO has thought of everything. They even craft a strap to fasten your cell phone to the KEON's front to ensure both hands are always ready to click on new videos at a moment's notice.

Check Out the KIIROO KEON Review!

With how freakin' awesome that sounds, we know you're just as curious to see if it lived up to the hype. That's why we had to get it into the hands of a reviewer to give us the honest scoop, and honest is what we got:

"Even if the KIIROO KEON had just been mildly pleasurable, I still would have probably loved it. The fact that it's doing something that virtually no other stroker - and does it orgasmically and reliably - is doing would have automatically made it a favorite in my bedroom... (Especially since it automates pleasure in a way that has only existed in fantasy for me before!)

However, KIIROO didn't stop at just "working as expected". The KIIROO KEON does exactly what it claims to do - and it does it FANTASTICALLY.

The sleeve feels so damn good that we have to be careful with the KEON because it's so orgasmic that playtime will be over in 20 seconds. The noise level is there - but it's not distracting to play in the slightest.

The app allows for super-reliable control over the KEON, and I can literally edge him (and even ruin his orgasms!) with the KEON - something I never would have assumed was possible with a sex machine. It's so easy to clean, and it fits in flawlessly with our sex life."

Want to read even more? We're not just keeping it to ourselves! You can read the full KIIROO KEON review right on Kinkly.

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