Erotica: Sparkle

Published: MARCH 5, 2021 | Updated: MAY 17, 2022
Amaryllis has a vision for what her porn website should be, it just so happens that Luther shares that same vision, and that matching want may just get the best of them.

It was all that she could bear. Amaryllis walked out of the Amar conference room shaking.


Her staff for Amar--yes, she had named her company after herself, why not when her name meant to sparkle--was small, but the addition of Luther was bigger than even her, and she was the CEO.

Amar was a female-oriented porn site that did not have “female-friendly” porn. There was a desire for porn that was softer she felt for women and men. The porn on most of the tubes had scenes that were either bizarrely taboo, or scenes that were so rough that she wanted to vomit like the people on the screen actually were in some cases. But that did not mean that she wanted to see scenes where the actors were touched like they were porcelain. There was a balance in between and that was what Amar highlighted--those encounters that had a little extra sparkle for the ladies.

The site was popular, and its community began requesting that they post their own videos on the platform. Amaryllis knew that this was a popular feature on the tubes, and she wanted to see what her users would contribute on their own.


But to create this adage to her site with Luther was going to be the death of her. He had been hired as a consultant to go over the community porn submissions. Amaryllis knew he was attractive when she met him, but his credentials were too good for her to ignore him. Plus, he was a professional fling--he was only going to be in and out of the office so there was no risk of anything happening.

That was what she thought.

The first time they had a meeting together, they watched a submission that hit all of Amaryllis’ own buttons. The couple on-screen must have come home from a night out. The woman was dressed in a band-aid dress that was up over her hips, her thigh highs exposed, and the man only had on his open shirt and loosened bowtie and was deliciously hard. The woman was walking just ahead of him, he was holding her by her hair. He pushed her onto the bed and straddled her with command. There was no force in what he did, but his command was evident. His stamina. The woman cried out under him, and unlike those scenes where the woman cried out as soon as the man got on top of her, this was not orchestrated. Her enjoyment was evident and the way he looked at her showed that he got off on the pleasure he was giving her as much as she was feeling it.


Luther’s eyes were fixed on the screen, and his silhouette in the dim room was the most attractive thing Amaryllis had ever seen. He looked like the silhouette from the opening of Mad Men of Don Draper. She felt like the person falling from the window in that same opening.

She glanced at his crotch wondering if he was hard. But this was his career, so it probably did not turn him on to see all of this all of the time. She was not even turned on by the porn, she was turned on by him.

After looking at all of the submissions, they would sit as a team and decide which ones they wanted to use and why. The third time definitely was the charm, because she was rendered inarticulate trying to describe why she liked the latest submission.


They had watched a woman masturbate, slowly and deliberately to very rough sex of herself and her partner. It showed the woman masturbating and the clips of her having sex. It was one of the more innovative scenes Amaryllis had seen and it was sexy watching the woman masturbate and watching her have sex concurrently.

“I think it will work perfectly for our audience,” Amaryllis said and got up to go to the bathroom--any room so that she could leave the conference room.

She needed to breathe.


The click of her heels was deafening as she walked into the bathroom. The warm water felt like lava on her hands; her senses were on overload. Seeing him in this environment had been too much, she should not have put herself in that situation that she would lose control even inside of her mind.

The rest of the day was increased sensory overload; she was an overachiever she couldn’t fall behind on her work, but her mind was out of service. She stayed late so that she would not have to see Luther leave--so she would not have to see anyone because she was not in the mood to socialize.

It was almost pitch dark in her office because she had not turned on the lights, just relied on the glare of her MacBook to get what she needed done. When she got up, she opened her door and saw Luther walking out of the conference.


“Late night for you as always,” he said, and she resented irrationally that he knew that about her but who did not?

She nodded an Academy Award-winning smile at him, before replying.

“You too.”

He smiled, and it was almost her undoing. His smile, the way that he looked at her like he knew her. That was what drove her mad, it was not that he was physically attractive, but that she felt like she connected with him. She had always been open sexually, but it was not something that she was able to share with everyone. He walked in as a consultant, and they had the same vision for this new extension of her website. The one that she named after herself.

He shared her vision.

“It is my pleasure that you wanted me to consult here. This is a dream position for me.”

“But you have consulted with so many companies, how can you say that?”

“The passion is not always there, the passion is here. You care.”

“I do,” Amaryllis nodded. “Every time I looked at porn, I would think this could be done better and more tailored to what I wanted to see--what other people wanted to see. Then I realized I could do it myself. I’m enjoying the journey. Amar is more than I ever imagined, and I am very proud.”

“You have a lot of vision,” Luther said standing in front of her. “I am going to be here for a bit longer and am going to order food--do you want me to order for you. Or do you have plans?”

“No, I am going to be working a bit longer too, but it’s fine.”

“Are you getting your own food then?”

“No, I’ll eat later.

“I don’t want to think that you are here hungry while I am eating,” Luther said. “Let me treat you.”

Amaryllis shrugged--what could she say?

Another trip to the bathroom; she studied her face to see if there were any flaws face, if her hair had looked okay while he was talking to her. As if he even cared! She admonished herself in the mirror and walked back to her office. It was there while she was looking at herself in her window that Luther startled her.

“Do you have any dietary restrictions--” he started to ask.

She turned quickly buttoning back up her blouse and he looked at her with the look that she had been expecting to see on his face during any of their meetings watching the submissions they had been watching for the website. He stared at the suggestion of her breasts that he had seen from where she was going to apply more eau de parfum. She pulled down her skirt from where she had been adjusting her delicate pantyhose.

She adjusted herself quickly and it was then that she saw the suggestion of the bulge that she had been thinking she was going to see when she had been in the conference room with him. He turned around, and he walked out of her doorway with a mumbled apology, and she followed him out of her office.

“You have nothing to be sorry for, I should have known that there was going to be trouble when I hired you and I saw how attractive you were….”
He turned and looked down at her.

“You thought I was attractive?”

“You are attractive,” she said, and in the background, she saw another one of the films that they had watched together, and they had signed off on as okay for the website. It was a couple so into each other in what looked like a conference room. The woman was bent over the desk, and the man swatted her bottom with a manila folder. Luther followed her eyes and choked.

“I watched that scene, and I was thinking that I wanted you bent over the desk just like that.”
Amaryllis got impossibly wetter when he said that to her. She had wanted the very same thing when she watched that scene. She had wanted him to bend her over the desk, pull her skirt up over her hips, tear her pantyhose and spank her with a manila envelope with the Amar logo on it.

She wanted him to punish her.

“You deserve to be punished,” he said as he took her arm and whispered in her ear. “You caused all of this trouble. And now I am going to punish you.”

He gestured for her to walk into the conference room first, and then he closed the door and she heard him unbuckle his belt.

She turned to look at him and saw a soft smile on his face that he tried to suppress. He looked into her eyes as he gave her calm commands.

“I want you naked from the waist down. Quickly disrobe, this is not the time for a striptease. I want you to get naked and then bend over the conference table,” he paused for dramatic effect. “And hand me that manila folder.”

Amaryllis did exactly what he asked her to do, with the swiftness he asked her to do it with. She bent over the desk to reach the manila folder and heard an inadvertent hiss when she did. Then she handed him the folder looking in his eyes before she bent over the table again.

He walked over to her slowly and swatted her butt playfully with the folder before he became more purposeful and swatted her with it as hard as he could. It was not terribly hard, but the constant swatting made her bottom very hot, and she soon craved a lot more than just being spanked to satisfy her needs. Just like in the film, she heard his zipper. Pushing out her bottom was a mistake, as Luther slapped her with his hand to make her stop, then caressed it tenderly. She felt new tears over the tears dried on her face from the spanking when he touched her like that.

“Good girl, very good girl,” he said still caressing her and she moaned. He pressed against her backside and she could feel him hard between her cheeks. “Do you want more?”

Amaryllis wagged her backside against him in acquiescence to let him know what she wanted. Reaching behind her to caress his thigh--he needed no more prompting.

The third sexiest sound that she liked when she had sex. The first was when he unbuckled his pants, the second was him unzipping his pants and the third was listening to Luther open the condom wrapper.

The feeling of him inside her was fulfilling not only because she wanted him inside of her, but because it was like something she had always wanted to see when she watched porn. And it was happening to her and she was watching it on the screen as well.

She did have a vision; Luther had not lied to her. It was right in front of her on the screen, and it was inside of her, literally.

F. Leonora Solomon

F. Leonora Solomon is an editor and writer, who lives in New York City. As an editor, she has published several anthologies, most recently TIE ME UP. As a writer, her short stories have been featured in anthologies, including CHEMICAL [se]X and SPY GAMES. She is a bibliophile, and has severe wanderlust...Visit her at, where you can find all of her social media outlets and books.

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