Erotica: Open Your Mouth and Read Me a Story

by Kinkly
Published: APRIL 8, 2022 | Updated: JULY 21, 2022
When she tells you to open your mouth, you obey.
"You may come in, boy," I announce, and you open the door to see me sitting regally in an armchair. My feet rest on a low stool in front of me, my skirt pulled down primly over my knees. I am wearing a black bra and a smile that indicates I am really going to enjoy what comes next.

On the table beside me is a large double-ended dildo and a bottle of lube with an inoffensive taste. Your interest is immediately piqued.

"Take off your clothes and sit."

I push the footrest out towards you with my shoe and throw a sheaf of paper down in front of it.

"Read me a story." I command.

You strip down and settle your long naked limbs on the low seat at my knee and look down at the pages.

It's a story you are familiar with, one I had written for you a while ago. A dirty hotwife fantasy I know will turn you on. You know I am building up your desire, torturing you in the most exquisite way.

"I want you to ache for me, boy. I am going to make you sore with wanting."

"Yes, Mistress." You are ready. The yearning is already building in you.

"You may begin reading."
As you read the sex-soaked words aloud, I pick up the toy and lick the length of it, swirling my tongue around the head.

Your eyes dart up from the story to watch me hike up my skirt. A thrill goes through you when you see I am wearing a harness instead of panties. The straps and clips circle my thighs and waist. It is open at the crotch, an empty silver o-ring centred just above the jewel at my clit.

You start to breathe faster, struggling to focus on the page, images of me fucking another man overwhelming you when you hear me pop the lid of the lubricant open. I stroke the slippery liquid down the length of one side of the toy's shaft.

I reach down and wipe my hand off across your aching hard-on. You pulse at my touch, shifting your body towards me in response, wanting more.

"Oh no, boy." I chuckle. "The pleasure is for me, not you." Sitting back, I use two fingers to spread myself open. Slowly I push the long end of the toy inside. I moan as it stretches me, distracting you from your task.

"Keep reading." I pant, thrusting it harder as I work the toy inside me, rubbing my clit while it presses against my g-spot from inside.

"Suck my tits while I come," I tell you, mirroring a line in the story that you have now put to the side in order to concentrate on me. You are on me quickly, pulling the satin fabric of my bra to the side and pulling my nipple into your mouth greedily. You lick and suck while my climax builds and explodes, a deep satisfied shudder moving my whole body.

"Oh yes!" I moan.


"Alright. Back to your spot." I instruct once I have composed myself.
You do so slowly, reluctant to let go of me. Your precum is flowing, cock pulsing. You crave the release of an orgasm as powerful as the one I just had. But more than that, you want to obey me, and make me happy.

I stand and unzip my skirt and pull it off. I pick the toy back up and turn it around, pushing the one end inside myself. I push the other end, still wet and glistening with my juices, through the ring of the harness.

I adjust the straps and stand in front of you, the head of the toy brushing against your lips.

"Open your mouth honey," I coax you. "Taste me on this cock."

You obey, opening wide and closing your lips around the tip. Slowly, I start to thrust while you fellate me. You grip the straps of the harness, controlling the speed, revelling in the smell and taste of my pleasure, excited to be experiencing this new sensation.

The intensity of the scene puts me over the edge. I come loudly, gripping the back of your head while the toy vibrates against my pussy.

I gaze down at you, breathless. "You turn me on so fucking much, my boy. Are you ready for your treat? You've earned it."

I reach down and let the tips of my fingers trail down your abdomen. I feel you tense in anticipation. I grab the base of your cock. "Let me take care of you now." I murmur.

I work my hand slowly up and down your shaft, twisting my wrist gently. You are so hard, so ready to let go after the long build up, I know it won't be long.

"Mmmmm, that's it baby, so nice." I smile at you, moving my hand at an inexorable pace. "Beg me to let you come."

"Please Mistress..." You gasp. "Please may I?"

I contemplate letting you hang on the edge a while longer. But you have done such a good job and I am ready to hold you against my breasts in the post-orgasm bliss.

I move my hand faster, rubbing my palm across the head of your cock with each stroke. "You sucked me so good baby. Tell me while you come."

"I sucked you so good Mistress" you repeat as you release your cum in my fist, crying out with the effort.

"Yes my boy. You did." I smile.


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