Erotica: Lovers on a Plane

by Kinkly
Published: JULY 9, 2021 | Updated: MAY 3, 2022
This short story erotica pushes the limits of the Mile High Club. Why get dirty in the lavatory when you have a row to yourselves in business class?

With a squeeze, he slipped his hand out of hers and placed a small object into her pocket.


"Go put this into your panties Bunny," he said with a wink, a mischievous smile creasing his handsome face.

Intrigued, she made her way to the small lavatory at the front of the plane. She passed the only other passengers in business class: a severe-looking woman cocooned in noise-cancelling headphones, consumed by something on her laptop screen. Across the aisle and several rows ahead, a slumberous, Scotch-soaked business type, head lolling against the window shade.

In the cramped bathroom, she pulled the mysterious object from her pocket. It was a panty vibrator, broad and flat, smaller than her palm, gently rounded with a small nub near the top.


She recognized it from her favorite website and knew to position it in her underwear, cupped against her labia with the nub resting against her clit. She affixed it with the magnet to hold it snuggly against the wetness already forming between her legs and reached into her pocket to test the remote.

The remote wasn't there.

Of course, he had it. Her chuckle at his cheekiness was cut short by a slow pulsing thrill across her vulva as the vibrator came on. He must have turned it on from his seat.


She stood up straight and wondered if she would be able to walk back to him with any modicum of dignity.

But, she suspected, dignity was not what he had in mind.

The throbbing between her legs stopped and she began to make her way back to her seat. When she got close enough to make eye contact with him, it began again. He watched her appraisingly as she paused, the waves of pleasure in her body impossible to disguise.


He smiled broadly at her as she sat beside him, brushing a kiss on her cheek and her lips. "Well?" He asked. "What do you think?"

"Bit of a surprise," she murmured. "But I like it."

She moved to cross her legs towards him, but his firm hand stopped her.


"I don't want you to cross your legs until we land," he instructed. "Keep your knees apart for me, or else there will be a consequence." To emphasize the point, his hand thrust up her skirt, grabbing the creamy soft flesh of her inner thigh.

Squeezing harder, she could feel the mark that would soon darken start to form as his grip tightened, the bruise rising to the surface. She loved his strong hands and opened wider to him, imagining how she would summon the dull ache by pressing the tender spot when he was no longer there to touch her.

The grin she gave him made it clear to him she would eagerly accept whatever punishment he devised. "I won't cross my legs, Sir."


They settled in for the long flight, him flipping through the inflight magazine, reading out lines that struck him as amusing, or poetic, or worthy of derision. Occasionally he would dip his hand between her knees to ensure they weren't touching. She worked on her crossword puzzle, delightfully distracted periodically as he played with the remote, pleasure radiating through her body at his will.

Eventually the cabin lights dimmed and the flight attendant delivered thin blankets to them. He arranged the material across their laps and wrapped his arms around her as she crossed her legs comfortably and rested against him.

"I told you to keep your legs spread for me." He scolded.

She bit her lip thoughtfully as she uncrossed her legs. She was often willful and purposely bratty, but to catch her in a mistake meant the consequence would be more meaningful.

His voice took on a husky tone. "Wider." He commanded.

Forcefully he drove his hand between her thighs, pressing the toy firmly against her soaking pussy. He kissed her urgently while he turned the vibrator up to its highest setting. He pulled back to watch her face as his hand pushed it harder against her.

"Tell me when you are going to come," he told her.

She nodded, almost helplessly as it thrummed against her.

He listened as her breaths became faster and more shallow, becoming small gasps until she cried "Now. Oh fuck, now, now."

Abruptly he withdrew his hand and shut the small motor off. It felt like a punch, having her climax so roughly cut short. A hollowness spread across her belly in place of the ecstasy she had been on the brink of.

She grabbed at him. "Put your hand back."

He was enjoying this.

"Baby, you need to let me finish." She almost begged.

"I told you there would be consequences. You agreed."

Frustrated, she put her own hand between her legs and started to grind.

"Stop it." He commanded.

Embarrassed by her lack of self-control she demurred, but stopped.

"You make me crazy." She pouted as she leaned in for a kiss. His hand found its way under her blouse, cupping her breasts, thumb hardening the nipple as he rubbed and calmed her.

She loved his mouth on her, his hands on her body, the way he made her think, and laugh. She missed him on their long stretches apart, and she knew she would do anything for him.

"What if I earned the orgasm?" She asked. "What would I need to do?"

He looked at her thoughtfully for a moment, a sly look on his face. Under the thin blanket he loosened his belt and undid his jeans.

Wordlessly, she reached inside his pants and wrapped her hand around the hard-on growing there.

She passed her eyes through the cabin. No one had given them a second look, they may as well have been alone.

Tentatively at first, then with more confidence, she stroked him, watching his face for clues, making sure he felt good.

"I want you in my mouth." She told him plainly, and he nodded, slipping down further in his seat, easing her access to him.

She pulled the blanket down to expose him and lowered her head. Slowly she kissed and licked along the length of him, teasing in the most delightful way.

With a firm grip at the base of his cock, she opened her mouth and swirled her tongue around the head before opening to him, lips working their way down the shaft, bobbing her head while her warm soft mouth thrilled him. She ran the tip of her tongue up and down the underside of his cock, drawing small figure eights at the frenulum while he struggled to maintain control.

He gripped her thigh as she drew his climax closer with her mouth, skillfully moving her head and her hand up and down in a rhythm that brought him to the edge.

The delicious buzz swelled between her legs as he relented and turned the vibrator back on, wanting her to feel as good as she was making him feel.

Swallowing their groans of release, struggling to stay quiet as they came took all the control they had. They just barely managed to pull themselves together when the attendant made her rounds, dissolving into helpless laughter when she offered,

"Moist towelette?"


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