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Erotica: Date Night

Published: JUNE 4, 2019 | Updated: FEBRUARY 23, 2021
In this sexy story, we get a hot twist on "date night."

Aubrey took another sip of her Manhattan and closed her eyes. The bourbon left a sweet burn, and she needed another sip right after. She wiped her forehead. She was warm from running around in her apartment getting dressed.


Date night!

She did a quick snap for her Snapchat followers of her face up close, asking what lipstick she should wear. She pursed her lips for Magnetism, a deep berry-esque magenta. And for Berryram, which was obviously even more berry-filled than Magnetism.

Berryrama was the winner, and she applied it to her lips as she took yet another sip of her Manhattan. She walked down the hall in her apartment, saw her silhouette against the wall and it made her smile. All of her curves - even when seen out of proportion - pleased her. She started to sashay down the hall. She was not even the slightest bit tipsy. She couldn't afford to be because she was very focused on what she was going to wear, and how she was going to make up her face. She had to look perfect. Nothing could be out of place. She had to look like a bombshell ready to be devoured.


The sound of her heels as they made contact with the floor below had to be perfect as well. She plucked the string of her thong out of her backside, but was happy that she was voluptuous enough to engulf the thin lace. The press of the crotch of her thong made her want to smooth the lace and cotton between her legs but she was not going to now.

There would be time for that later.

As she walked back to her bathroom still warm because she was nervous, she decided that she should pleasure herself - just a little - to take the edge off. She placed the embossed box she had just retrieved on her table, and pulled out one of the decadent chocolates.


Near where she worked there was a tiny upscale chocolatier that she could not resist. Sometimes she got just a few pieces, but for date night she got a large box. As she slowly untied the ribbon, the smell of chocolate wafted up to her. She opened her mouth to let the dark chocolate melt in it, just as it had melted in her hands.

Aubrey licked the chocolate off of her fingers, slowly savoring the warmth of her tongue on them. She sucked her fingers all the more, slowly, to get every last bit of flavor. Biting her lip, she placed the box on top of the hamper. She had to make even the bathroom a sexy place to be so she could focus on being sexy.

Her reflection across from her in the full-length mirror was arousing to her as she sat on the toilet, her lace thong in a bunch at her knees and all of her curves on view. Her breasts gave the illusion of bubbling out of her bra as she leaned on her thighs - not that it took a lot for them to do that anyway. Looking at herself was a turn-on, almost like looking at herself as a cam model. Aubrey looked herself in the eyes as she took off her bra and let her breasts loose.


She was sure if you asked any woman, they'd rate taking off a bra as one of the best feelings. Her bra fell in a puddle at her feet, and she stepped out of the upper part of the matching lace set that she was wearing. Still watching herself closely, she rolled her breasts with both of her hands. She could smell a suggestion of chocolate still on her fingers, so she decided to stretch and pick one of the chocolates from the box, placing it on her thigh. Even though it was melting, she still took a mouthful of her Manhattan and kept her tongue circled around the brandied cherries that she had placed in it.

Since the chocolate was melted on her thigh, she scraped it off of her and licked it from her fingers. The place between her legs pounded - literally pounded - with need for her to circle it, instead of the cherries that she had been circling with her finger.

But she was not going to. She wanted to wait a bit until she could not bear it another moment. She bit her lip because she was not sure that this was not the moment that she could not bear, but she was not going to touch herself - not just yet.


Smearing her nipples with chocolate, she played with them and had to be careful because if she played with them too much she was going to come - and she did not want to come that way. But the sensation of playing with them made her throb all the more. She was desperate for release ... but not yet. It would be so much better if she waited - good things come to those who wait - so she took in the sweet pleasure she was giving herself.

The sweet scent of chocolate and desire were driving her insane. Aubrey felt herself almost slipping off of the toilet seat as she squirmed with pleasure. Between her legs was like lava, because she was ripe at that moment for all of the pleasure in the world that she could give herself.

But she waited.


She took a deep breath and looked herself in the eyes again. She took another sip of her Manhattan, using her tongue to get one of the cherries that she had placed in it to chew on as she finally reached for herself. Spreading her legs wide, she could see all of her mysteries revealed to herself. She was in her domain. Mesmerized by her own motion between her legs, she moved against her finger, grinding - desperately now - because now she could not wait.

Now she needed more. Pulling at her nipple, she bounced up and down on the toilet seat, sweating and sliding. She never stopped looking at herself. She never stopped looking at the circles that she made with her fingers and her hips. She stared at herself as she slipped over the edge, her mouth open in an O as she hissed and squeezed her legs together. She still throbbed even when she moved her finger away.

Maybe she could go again?

But, then again, she had the entire night.The Manhattan, the gourmet chocolates and the sushi that was going to be delivered later. Aubrey got up and kicked her bra aside. She was going to spend the rest of the night alone and naked.

It was date night after all.

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F. Leonora Solomon

F. Leonora Solomon is an editor and writer, who lives in New York City. As an editor, she has published several anthologies, most recently TIE ME UP. As a writer, her short stories have been featured in anthologies, including CHEMICAL [se]X and SPY GAMES. She is a bibliophile, and has severe wanderlust...Visit her at, where you can find all of her social media outlets and books.

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