Updated: MAY 15, 2017

YKINOK is an abbreviation that stands for "Your kink is not okay." It is used by BDSM practitioners to condemn those who judge other people's kinks.

More About YKINOK

YKINOK is used by people in the BDSM lifestyle to identify and condemn other practitioners when they judge someone else's kink. It denotes intolerance in the face of activities that someone might not want to practice themselves. Being accused of YKINOKism usually means that you should re-evaluate your openness to sexuality and to BDSM practices.

The heart of the BDSM community is the acceptance of your and others' desires and kinks without judgement. YKINOKism goes against the spirit of both SSC (sane, safe and consensual) and RACK (risk-aware consensual kink) because it assumes that you know better than the person or persons engaging in the act.


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