Updated: JULY 6, 2017

Wood is a natural material used to make a variety of products including sex toys. Wooden paddles have been used within the BDSM community for years, but wooden dildos are also gaining popularity.

Wooden sex toys may be made from a variety of different types of wood including oak, cherry, padouk, olive, mahogany, and wenge.

Wood is also a slang term for an erection.

More About Wood

Wood has become a popular choice for sex toys because it is sustainable, beautiful, and long-lasting. Wooden sex toys that are well-made and well-cared for can literally last a lifetime. Wood is also free of phthalates and other chemicals, so wood sex toys can be a good alternative for people with allergies and sensitivities (although some sex toys are coated with a water-resistant substance that may contain chemicals or irritants).

The weight of the toy will vary depending on the type of wood used, but a wood dildo is never as heavy as one made from glass or metal.

Because wood is somewhat supple, wooden dildos and butt plugs can feel more comfortable than those made of other, more rigid, materials.

While wood retains heat very well, it will not chill, making wood sex toys less suitable for temperature play.

While some people worry about getting splinters from wood sex toys, this is rarely a risk. Professional manufacturers sand and finish their toys with a medical-grade coating to make them smooth and safe for use. Shoppers interested in buying their toy from an independent or local artisan should ask about the type of coating that was used. Without an adequate coating, wood sex toys can swell, splinter, and begin to harbour bacteria.

Wood sex toys should be stored in a pouch made from a smooth, slightly padded material as impact with other solid surfaces may damage the wood’s surface and structural integrity.

Some wood sex toys with medical-grade coating can be cleaned with antibacterial cleansers while others cannot. More care must be taken when cleaning wooden sex toys with “natural" finishes, as soap may remove the coating. The best way to clean a wooden sex toy is with a smooth cloth and just a little soap, but as finishes vary, it’s wise to follow the manufacturer's care instructions for your wood sex toy.


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