Virtual Sex

Updated: FEBRUARY 9, 2022
Reviewed by Kinkly Staff
on February 8, 2022

Virtual sex refers to any sexual activity that doesn't happen in person, but instead occurs in some sort of electronic or digital forum. The activity can occur between two or more people, or between people and a virtual character. Virtual sex can include:

Virtual sex has increased along with digital connectivity and advancing technology. Greater internet access via smartphones as well as increasing ways to interact in virtual environments mean that many people now engage or have engaged in some form of virtual sex.

More About Virtual Sex

Although virtual sex can be very pleasurable and even maintain or increase intimacy in couples, it also carries some unique risks and concerns.

First, different people have different ideas about whether virtual sex is "real" sex. Within the context of a monogamous relationship, this can present a problem when partners disagree about whether virtual sex is considered a violation within the relationship.

Although virtual sex does not present any risks of pregnancy or STI transmission, it can have unique risks of its own to consider. Anytime private or explicit messages or video are being shared, privacy can be a major concern. And, while the risk of physical violence isn't a concern in virtual relationships, breaches of consent and sexual assault are still possible in virtual spaces.

That said, virtual sex can be just as pleasurable as in-person encounters and offers lots of different options for those involved, including the ability to interact with different people, to use app-controlled pleasure products and to explore talking (or typing!) dirty. As with any type of sex, its important to understand the benefits and risks, ensure the consent of all involved and to have fun while still protecting yourself.


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