Unisex Masturbation

Updated: SEPTEMBER 4, 2017

Unisex masturbation is sexual stimulation which suits both male and female genders. Typically, the term is used as an adjective to describe sex toys designed to give sexual pleasure to men and women. Unisex masturbation can also be used as an adjective describing sexual stimulation techniques that can arouse and bring sexual pleasure to men and women.

More About Unisex Masturbation

Due to the differences in male and female genitals, sex toys and masturbation techniques are often gendered. Fleshlight-style toys are meant for men while vibrators and dildos are targeted at women. However, some toys are meant for unisex masturbation. They target areas where both genders can feel pleasure, like the anus. Some common unisex masturbation toys include anal beads and anal wands. Some unisex masturbation toys like double-ended dildos let couples masturbate together at the same.

Any man or woman can use a unisex masturbation toy to enhance or vary the way they usually enjoy solo play. However, these toys can also make an exciting addition to couples play. Sharing unisex masturbation sex toys can be a lot of fun and increase intimacy.

It’s important to note though that sharing sex toys carries some risk. Shared sex toys can transmit sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and bacterial infections. This risk is reduced when sex toys are cleaned thoroughly between use. However, studies have shown that STIs like the human papilloma virus can still be present on sex toys after washing. Using sex toys with a condom can help reduce the risk further. It’s also a good idea to only share sex toys with someone who you’re monogamous with and who has tested negative for STIs.


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