Tweezer Clamps

Updated: JANUARY 6, 2017

Tweezer clamps are a type of nipple clamp that are fixed at one end and open at the other like a pair of tweezers. The clamp consists of two lengths of metal attached at one end.

Example of a standard tweezer clamp. (Pictured: Sportsheets Ruby Black Nipple Clamps)

More About Tweezer Clamps

The open ends of the clamp are curved to better grasp the nipple. They typically have a rubber sheath on the ends to protect the nipple from damage and provide a better grip and reduce slippage.

The tension of the clamp is adjusted by moving the handles or rings on the opposite end of the clamp closer together or farther apart.

Tweezer nipple clamps can be used as a part of BDSM play, sensation play, or nipple play practices.



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